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As the year winds to a close Bandai brings out their bigger guns and the Master Grade Aegis Gundam could definitely be considered one of the heavy hitters as it brings to the table something its previous MG SEED Brethren, the Duel, the Blitz, and the Buster don’t have; transformation. Something like this is always tricky and the big question is whether Bandai can pull it off.

Overall Look: 8.5/10

The Aegis seems to occupy a place in Gundam all its own. Though it looks similar to the other SEED suits, particularly the head, with all of those sharper angles and jutting blades at times I felt I was assembling the YZR-8004/R FB Myzr Delta IV Type R Fair Bianca Virtua On kit. I feel the Aegis as a suit looks a little too bulky up top but it’s understandable why it does so. It needs to transform into the awesome Ma form.

Ma form is sexy!

Colors: 8/10

The pink isn’t as cool as the colors found on the Infinite Justice and other than the sparingly used dark blue and even sparser yellow the only other color that works to break up the kit is the gray from the frame. Sure there’s some white there but it’s hidden at the back and doesn’t really impact the kit unless viewed from behind.

All that said, it’s not unpleasant to look at. There’s something to be said for symmetry in both form and color. And Ma form looks sexy.

Weapons: 6.5/10

I really like the shield and think it might be the best part of this kit. I am considering ordering parts from bandai for another shield and using that on some of my other kits.

It attaches easily to the Aegis by the small holes found on it forearms but is solid and doesn’t fall out.

I also really like the look of the rifle and consider it one of the best looking rifles of any Gundam.

I especially love how Aegis’ model number is molded into it.

But… and this is a monstrously big but, I cannot get the rifle into Aegis’ hand.

According to the manual I can use the hand parts found on the D runner (which is found in all recent MG SEED kits).

However, it doesn’t work! Trying to get either D-13 or D-3 into the rifle’s handle is impossible.

That little plastic tab that sticks out from the palm of the hand in no way fits into the hollow in the rifle handle. I even tried other hand parts on the D runner and met the same result, which is to say, no result at all.

Short of using a knife or sidecutters to remove a lot of plastic from that tab in the hand I don’t see a way of getting the Aegis to hold its rifle and this perplexes me. Did I miss something simple? It’s not like I’ve never encountered this kind of set up on a Master Grade Gundam before. Fortunately (if you’re an optimist you would think it fortunate), Bandai has included an adaptor for the rifle so it can mount to the shield and also to the side of those large skirt like things.

So that’s how I had to mount the rifle to make it of any use.

Articulation: 7/10

When you think about how this kit is meant to transform into the Ma form the articulation in the suit form is actually quite passable. I was able to get it to stand in a wider pose than I originally thought it would be able to handle. Of course, the monstrous backpack tends to cause it to lean backwards but the massive side skirt thingies actually counteract that if positioned properly.

I think the arms function well and articulate well even when you consider that the main joint for the arm is actually down near the waist.

Build Design: 9.5/10

First and foremost this is a transformable kit and what Bandai has engineered to pull off the transformation is pretty impressive. One could even say outstanding. Not only do the arms and legs have to look identical but they also have to extend the same distance when in its Ma, or face hugger as we’ve dubbed it, form. I’ll write more about the transformation in detail in another post, but let’s just say Bandai nailed it. The transformation design of just the head is pretty elaborate allowing it to tuck into the body. And that’s just the head.

And the one thing that had me most concerned was would this kit suffer in Suit form because it’s meant to transform into an alternate form and the answer to that is, no! Unlike the horribly disappointing MG Delta Plus this kit can stand on its own and actually be played with in its suit form, though if you want to have it mostly in the Ma form I do suggest getting a stand.

I do have one little gripe, though it’s a small one. Like the other MG SEED kits the design for the knee joint frame, and on the Aegis the shoulders as well, involves a very small figure-eight shaped piece that is meant to move when the joint bends.

This works well on the other kits but because of how the Aegis’ joints are designed many times that little piece will come detached from one of the two connections leaving you with this.

In this case you have to fish inside of the joint with a knife or tweezers to pull out the part and fix the connection. Bandai could have left out that little piece and the joint frame gimmick without creating any problem for the kit, as it is only cosmetic.

Fun Factor: 9/10

Even though it felt like I built four legs (or was it four arms?) I still enjoyed the process a lot. Building something in one form knowing it is meant to transform into another means you pay a lot of attention to little details looking for hints as to how the transformation is done. The torso being so unlike any Gundam torso I’ve built before was probably the most enjoyable part of the build but playing around with the Ma form had me giggling at times (as I chased Gai-Gun Jr. around the house with it saying ‘Spider! Ahhh!’)

Extras: 7/10

With the Aegis you get the effect parts meant for the blades on its arms and feet and you get a stand adaptor for the Ma form.

I consider that sufficient considering what the Aegis is and what it’s meant to do. The kit delivers in so many ways when it comes to the design that extras are unnecessary. (Maybe some functioning hand parts, perhaps?)

If people were hesitant to pick up the Aegis after the difficulties in the previous transforming MG, then I can put your mind at ease and say that the Aegis doesn’t offer a frustrating experience, but instead swings heavily the other way and provides quite a lot of enjoyment in both the construction and the playing around with it afterwards. Anyone on the fence should give it a try and those who didn’t need the push probably already have theirs. 😉

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  1. Kikomachi says:

    At 77.1%, seems kinda low. I was expecting somewhere around 80-85%. He he.

    Now that all GAT-X series is complete… I wonder what’s next after Aegis?

    • flamerounin says:

      yeah, seems to a bit low for me too. maybe has to do with the rifle and the shoulder parts. am guessing the providence might be the next mg for the seed series.

    • Jeff says:

      Strike 2.0 please!

    • ghostdeini says:

      with gat-x done, hopefully bandai is cooking up a PG Sinanju? one can only dream. that thing would sell like hotcakes!

    • joaquin says:

      the GAT-X isnt completed, there are still the raider, calamity, and forbidden.

      • NoobSauce says:

        Does anyone seriously want MG versions of those 3? And I think we’re all in agreement that when we say the GAT-X series we are referring to the original 5 mobile suits in the SEED series.

      • Shaid says:

        I would kill for a MG Calamity Gundam, personally.

      • Kyle says:

        I think the Calamity and Forbidden would make interesting MGs. Both have a different colour scheme than most kits and I’m sure Bandai could come up with some cool gimmicks. The Raider on the other hand sorta just looks like the Blitz so I wouldn’t be excited for that one.

    • rob says:

      Three answers: strike dagger ginn m1 astray

  2. LaserBeam says:

    Hi Syd,
    I’m really surprise the review for the kit is at 77,1%. Feel like, almost hestitate to buy this kit because the rate ha ha. Agree with the pink color, not good as justice gundam, maybe you can repaint it to another color Syd (like you do with the Blitz). Yup the top of the body is really really bulky, and it looks got a small leg. Anyway the ma form is great.

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    Looks like the Buster wins the series. Nice review though

  4. NoobSauce says:

    GAT-X group photoshoot?

  5. Jasonps3 says:

    It’s funny. In all of the four gundam seed kits this year, everybody wanted the aegis gundam more than the other three and when that i look at syd’s scores, the aegis scored the lowest of the four.

    • Bocalt says:

      The score is as low as I expected though it clearly seems like a good kit and a real leap in term of engineering, so it is a win despite the score.

  6. numagus99 says:

    The beam rifle can mount to the underside of the shield (wing gundam style). That provides some easy way to bring the rifle to bear without having to mount it to the skirt.

  7. Tony says:

    Is the plastic bit in the hand maybe supposed to be pushed into what looks to maybe be a slot in the gun? It looks like there’s a place for that little tab thing to go into the gun’s handle. Could be wrong.

  8. joaquin says:

    its kinda low..

    but it is quite fair that it is.

    in the anime, the aegis is quite slimmer and more agile looking, but in this kit, it looks more chubby.

    and yeah syd, we both have the rifle-in -the-hand problem =.=

  9. Buddy says:

    Just looking at the build you did makes my head hurt already. I’m thinking of getting one myself but after seeing how overly complex the whole thing is, I think I’m having second thoughts…

  10. Kikomachi says:

    Hi Syd,

    I just finished building mine and I think the 77.1 score is pretty fair. Hehe. I was surprised at it’s pinkness, it’s too vibrant unlike IJ’s.

    By the way, does the front skirts were really loose and it doesn’t have any lock when in MA form? B’cause mine tends to fall back when in MA form because of that skirt! Weight issues, maybe? I have no problem when in its MS form and I don’t know if I missed something in the instructions.

  11. RAive says:

    Do you paint or apply top coat on the gunpla?

  12. Bocalt says:

    Just finished building mine, the thumb provides the support to lock the gun in place, position the thumb as pictured and it will hold as it should. Didn’t transform mine at all, afraid of snapping something, it just stands there looking edgy

  13. Walrus says:


    I could get the gun in the hand. With the thumb supporting it, a scary amount of force and a little luck, I got mine in.

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