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I’m being facetious of course. Buster is too manly to be beautiful.

After I completed the build I set the Buster aside while I pondered what I wanted to do with it. The Buster was too good of a kit to be put back into its box and forgotten.

While out for a night in Akihabara with ASM we hit the Yodabashi camera and they had a painted MG Buster on display and it looked so good I knew right away I had to get back to that kit.

(image courtesy of ASM.)

But what to do? Well, I did have a can of a very exclusive Tamiya paint known as Metallic Forest Green waiting to be used. It was released for only a short time, apparently something Bandai has done before as I discovered when going through a box of old paint left to me by one of my retiring co-workers and finding the exact same color. I figured it would look good on the already green Buster and so I busted it out.

And it does look pretty cool.

But what to do about the orange/reddish color that accompanies the Metallic Forest Green? Well, it had to have the same color effect as the green otherwise it might look odd and I did wanted it to be dark like the color used on the Yodabashi Buster so I came up with a combo that I think worked really well.

Lavender base with a layer of Mica Red.

The Maroon had a tendency to go on thick and I was a bit concerned but that smooth Mica Red over top cleaned it up.

And how do the green and red look together?

(In my opinion) Very nice, indeed.

And some other touches were added.

This isn’t much of a post but I wanted to explain what the colors were before making a gallery as I anticipated many people may ask what exactly I did to get Buster’s color combo. The main kit has been done for some time but I haven’t finished the kit because I’ve actually been working a bit more on the weapons. I wanted those large weapons to have some personality and that’s where I am now.

But as soon as everything is done I’ll throw up the gallery.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Oooo shiny

  2. Napalm_God says:

    My prrreciuossssss…

  3. Mick says:

    “I’ve actually been working a bit more on the weapons. I wanted those large weapons to have some personality and that’s where I am now.”

    Brace for awesomeness impact?

  4. Tony says:

    I thought ASM had sort of retired from Gunpla blogging? Or is it only the blogging aspect he no longer does? Either way, good to hear he’s still around the scene.

  5. ASM says:

    I’m still around it is just between work, business trips(Tokyo, USA, Switzerland), and my son I have absolutely no time to blog or build. Still you may see more of my work coming through gaigun in the somewhat near future. 😉

  6. Kyle says:

    Nice choice on paint Syd, your Buster is gonna look sweet.

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