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Yesterday while at the Gunpla Expo (will write more in-depth on that later) I spend some time in the RG section which was heavily promoting the Zeta which was to be released the next day. Well, today is one day after yesterday and release day and because it’s a holiday here I grabbed Gai-Gun Jr and we headed off to Toys R Us where I went right to the Gunpla aisle and grabbed myself one. Gai-Gun Jr took advantage of my good mood and asked for a certain toy she’s been pining for and so she got what she wanted as well.

Box art is the standard RG style (which are always awesome).


Looks good on the cover but the inside is what interests me particularly the

So how do they make this thing transform? That’s what I wanted to know. Well, it’s like 4 pages of instructions for that!

And the back shows what to do with all those decals.

Box Contents

As was mentioned at the All Japan Model Show the first releases of the RG Zeta come with a special ‘Real Grade -from birth to the future.’ booklet.


Also inside the box is a paper promoting the Zeta head kit that will come with the January edition of Gundam Ace.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some building to do.

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  1. Zenstrive says:

    Too bad no mega particle launcher….hopefully the HG one fits this one….

  2. RigShokew1000 says:

    Yup Hyper Mega Launcher is Zeta’ best weapon but this kit failed to provide it…

    But I still can’t believe this unit can transform directly from MS to MA since it’s too tiny..

    Also the beam rifle can be turned into bayonet?

  3. Shaid says:

    Surprised you bought it at Toys’R’Us. You don’t just take one (or two) home from work, Gaigun?

    • Shaid says:

      Oh, and yes, I saw it was a holiday today. But I’m sure they don’t just turn up at the warehouse at work the day they’re released. 😉

      • syd says:

        It’s been on order stop because Bandai indicated they would be limited at initial release. Rather than take one that someone else had preordered and was hoping to get I decided to pick one up somewhere else (and not wait until I got back to work on Monday)

      • Paul Emical* says:

        Well, if that’s not commitment (to the gunpla cause)… 😀

  4. Syberio says:

    one doesn’t simply walk into a toys’r us with a kid without buying them something

    • Tony says:

      One does not simply walk into a Toys R Us WITHOUT a kid without… well, looking quite suspicious.

      • Tony says:

        (So you’re in the clear Syd. Well played, well played indeed.)

      • ClayCannonII says:

        I go to toysrus all the time in the states without a kid. Can’t an adult still buy toys without being judged 😛

      • Tony says:

        Hahaha, if you play it right I guess 😛 I haven’t been to one in a long time, but I usually swing by the aisle with Transformers stuff in it at Walmart if I’m there. I miss seeing Gunpla in “normal” US stores.

      • Agent_Chooster says:

        i go to toys r us all the time without a kid! gotta get my figure collecting fix. i do get questions from the cashiers if these are gifts for kids though. ;P.

  5. Bocalt says:

    Oh god i hope its the best rg so far, i haven’t read or had any feedback on the kit yet so yours will likely be the first, have a nice build!

  6. Bocalt says:

    Your opinion on the RG Destiny? I like the lineart shame that the Gundam can only like hold so little at any one time unlike the other final destiny MS design.

  7. spardin says:

    Maaaaan I wish Toys’r’Us in the UK sold Gundams 🙁

    • ClayCannonII says:

      And in the US

    • Tony says:

      I was pretty bummed when 00 didn’t get nearly as much mainstream attention as it deserved when it ran in the US on SyFy. Hopefully Toonami can pick up the rights and rerun it.

      • Dan says:

        I hope that Bandai releases the remastered SEED and Destiny series on blu-ray at a reasonable price. It is currently $100 for 10 episodes. I love gundam and the remaster is great but that is ridiculous.

  8. Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

    Gunpla isle in ToysRUs? Golly.

  9. Samuel says:

    Finished building mine yesterday, and I find the MS form doesn’t feel as solid as previous RGs, more towards a ‘hollow’ feel, I suppose because of the transformation gimmick.

    The transformation itself was a bit tricky for me, reminds me of the Bandai 1/72 macross units in a way – gotta get things aligned properly and snapped into place or it won’t transform. Managed to get mine into waverider mode but it doesn’t look quite right, I suspect I’m missing a small detail or two. Looking forward to your review to compare notes, Syd!

  10. TimmyJ2814 says:

    So I’m here at work, and I had a thought. Then I had a thought pertaining to Gunpla. As far as the Real Grade line goes, Bandai has gotten me to buy the kits from the Seed series twice, in regular mode and in deactivated mode. Heck, I’ve bought the Strike three times because of the Rogue. If I were crazy I’d get the metal finish Freedom. But seeing as how Bandai likes to release variations of kits, do you think its possible we’ll be seeing the pink Amuro Zeta Gundam as a variation in the future?

  11. Kikomachi says:

    To all Zeta Gundam fan, I have a question.

    What’s so likable about Zeta? I mean, I want to like Zeta but I can’t find any reasons to like it. Yes, the MS form looks great but… what else? I already pre-ordered an RG Zeta to find out for myself but I don’t want to feel regret after building it and end up selling it on eBay.

    • Bocalt says:

      Good question, I remember thinking the same about the popularity of the MK 2 Titans version. I think the charm of the MS is that unlike the MK 2, this one has an entirely revolutionary design for the time as a real robot, the fact it was piloted and designed by one of the strongest newtype(s) while still screaming Gundam, that it was featured in ZZ too. The first upgrade for a gundam pilot, the first gundam to be featured in two shows for two different lead pilots, and those legs…

  12. GunplaFan says:

    I like the Zeta and all, but I really want to find out the MG Nu’s secret that was supposed to be revealed at the Gunpla Expo.

  13. Jasonps3 says:

    the frame also make it taller than before.

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