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The numbers game? Which one? I like games but also love numbers. My first exposure to a game involving numbers, not surprisingly, was Bingo. I’m sure everyone has played that at one point in their lives. When I first played it, even though it was a game of random luck, I started wondering about the chances of the numbers I needed showing up so I could win. As I got older my interest in numbers and mathematics in general grew, heavily focused on Geometry, though I’ve dabbled in statistics still wondering the chances of my old bingo numbers coming up. I’ve recently started playing Bingo with Gai-Gun Jr. to try to pass on this love of numbers and have rediscovered a lot of the affection I have for them. A lot has changed since I played Bingo as a child and in this modern era there are Bingo Apps and internet bingo sites and why wasn’t this stuff around when I was a child!? Instead of playing around with paper cards and stamps I can now be playing things like FoxyBingo. Truly the internet has everything.

But I digress. While I could write a lot about my fascination with mathematics that started at a young age, the numbers game mentioned in this post actually refers to the Reviews section of this site and how I calculate the scores for kits I review. I was inspired to write something in reaction to some comments I received on my most recent review for the MG Aegis.

Kikomachi wrote: “At 77.1%, seems kinda low. I was expecting somewhere around 80-85%. ”

While flamerounin contributed: “yeah, seems to a bit low for me too. maybe has to do with the rifle and the shoulder parts.”

Followed by LaserBeam who added: “I’m really surprise the review for the kit is at 77,1%. Feel like, almost hestitate to buy this kit because the rate ha ha.”

When I read these comments I thought to myself, ‘maybe I was too hard on the Aegis?’ so then I looked at the main Reviews page, which lists all kits by order of their scores, and saw that the Aegis received the same score as the MG Sandrock and MG Heavy Arms which are both solid kits. It is just under another popular kit, the MG Qan[T] while scoring slightly higher than the MG Shenlong. Looking at it from this perspective I think the Aegis score is fair, but I think all my scores are fair. 😉

When I sit down to write a review I spend some time thinking back over the build process and the experience and will also read the WIP posts I have for the kit and even look at some of my previous reviews for kits that are similar. I then proceed to write the text for a specific section (overall look, colors, build design, etc.) and after I’ve written the text, I reread what I wrote before assigning a number. I do this for each section of the review and afterwards enter the numbers into the chart which calculates the final percentage score. This way, even I don’t know the final score for the kit until after the review is completely written.

After seeing the final score I’ll consider whether the score accurately reflects how I felt about the kit and then I will once again read through my review and if I discover I’ve missed something I’ll add it to the review while adjusting the score as necessary. When I’m satisfied with the review and the result I’ll publish the post. At this stage I’m eager to see the response from you guys, the people who, like me, are interested in the kit. For the most part, I think I’ve been pretty accurate in my kit assessment. People agreed wholeheartedly with my reviews for the MG Sword Impulse and Infinite Justice, for example, while occasionally there is some contention, most notably in the review for the polarizing MG Delta Plus.

I hope this post has given some insight to anyone who has ever wondered how I go about reviewing a kit. And speaking of reviews, there are quite a few kits I built before I even started a Review section here on Gaijin Gunpla. Would anyone be interested in reading reviews for kits I’ve built some time ago? I was thinking it would be good to have the reviews if only so that the kits would show up in the rankings on the Reviews page. What does everyone else think?

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  1. Syberio says:

    hey, it’s YOUR score, something subjective even if calculated in a chart…

    the score depends on your own feeling.

    take the colors for example, it’s more than enough to drastically lower or increase a score.

    it’s like in video game reviews.

    I don’t think a reviewer has to justify it’s scores (except when he’s clearly a fanboy of something and lowers other games scores for that :P)

  2. Bocalt says:

    I would love to read reviews of former kits, did you build an Acguy, if yes what’s the score, shame you don’t build all the “popular” kits because you are my only stop if i want to have a score and reading material on a gunpla kit (dalong is a pain to read with the translator).

  3. Numbers Guy says:

    Syd what other number games do you play other than bingo? I like Sudoku.

  4. NoobSauce says:

    Suggestion: Put up a poll of all the past kits you’ve built without reviews and do a review only for the top five or so to begin with.

    I imagine it might take up a lot of your time and effort from your regular work and the other parts of the site that you update. For example the painting of the Sabres Blitz.

    Or another way to do it would be to post the reviews of the past kits in an abbreviated version so you can knock em out one after the other relatively fast. 🙂

  5. Tony says:

    I’d totally read reviews of older builds… for one thing, older kits are generally a bit cheaper, so for me at least that’s often a pretty strong factor when I shop for kits… If I know an older kit is good, why not save myself a few bucks and buy that instead of paying a bunch for a brand new kit?

  6. flamerounin says:

    yay! Syd mentioned me, tee-hee-hee!

    anyways, for my part, i based my comment on how he assessed the kit. just thought it would be higher. still doesn’t diminish my interest in the kit since the review convinced me that it’s still a good buy/

  7. spardin says:

    The same problems with scores also happen in my other hobby video games.
    If you think about it 50% is average so anything above is better then average so 77% is a good score.
    To me anything above 50% is worth a look and 80%-100% is mostly a must buy for me.
    Also reviews arnt the end all EDF scored very low in reviews here in the UK i picked it my on a wim as it was cheap and me and my mate play it none stop.

  8. Derringer says:

    Syd what would you have given the weapons score if the hand fit in the gun?

    I think either your Aegis’ hand or the handle of the gun has a part defect. Yours is the only review I’ve seen where the gun does not fit in the hand.

  9. Tony says:

    Actually, can we request a build? Because I loved the suit designs from Gundam X, and would be very interested to hear your opinion of the new HGAW Gundam X kit. Knowing you, it would take like a half hour to build the kit 🙂 Even I can build an HG in about a day and a half, so frequent Gunplars must be lightning fast haha.

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