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The latest Girls’ Generation album titled Girls’ Generation II – Girls and Peace released last month and like everyone else in the universe (right? right?) I picked up a copy. I’ve given it a few listens now and still can’t decide how I feel about it.

I picked up the slightly more expensive edition that comes with both a CD and a DVD containing four videos: Paparazzi, All My Love is For You, Oh!, and Flower Power.

The booklet features a new logo for GG (different from the one that showed up on the Flower Power video that had an alarming likeness to the Singapore Airlines logo). You know, that new logo may look kind of cool as an emblem in Black Ops 2.

I currently, and have since Black Ops I, rock the Heartagram on my weapons.

Time for a switch?

It also came with a bunch of offers for stuff

Here’s a little card allowing people who purchased the album to get tickets to their upcoming 2013 Arena Tour. I scanned the QR code and looked at the site and tickets seem to be 9,500 yen. 9,500 yen!? I didn’t even pay that much when I went to see the Static-X, Slayer, Pantera tour. That was a good tour!

This promotes the Official 少女時代 Fan Club. For only 5,000 yen, blah blah, you get access to limited stuff and blah blah.

And this is for.. well, I’m not quite sure. I scanned the QR code and got taken to a website that said the campaign offer was finished. Wait? I just got this CD.

So how is it as music and how is it compared with their first Japanese release? Well, it’s not as good. And you know, I didn’t expect it to be. When they released the first Japanese album they had a wealth of material already written and recorded for their Korean releases, complete with dance choreography and everything else. It was just a matter of taking some of their most popular Korean tracks and rewriting the Japanese lyrics. That gave us Genie, Run Devil Run, Gee, and Hoot. That provided four very solid songs. They then added what could be their best song, Mr. Taxi, and from there added some new tracks to fill out the album. With the five songs they had the remaining songs on the album could be of lower quality without really affecting the quality of the album as a whole. Fortunately, for us there were some good tracks among the new stuff like You-Aholic and Bad Girl.

But for the 2nd Japanese release, they don’t seem to have mined much from their previous Korean stuff aside from Oh!, which turns out to be the best track on the disc and possibly one of their best songs overall. In the 2nd album you get the previously released singles, Paparazzi, All My Love is For You, and Flower Power to go along with Oh! but what about the new songs? Well, there are some decent ones but some misses as well.

Probably the best of the new stuff are Animal and the title track Girls & Peace. Both feature catchy melodies that you’ll find yourself remembering after the music has been turned off. Then there are some you will remember probably for the wrong reasons. I’m a Diamond is rather bland and until I read the booklet I thought they were singing “I’m a Divebomb”. The last track, Not Alone, is bad enough you just wanna skip to the beginning of the album again so you can hear the good stuff.

But how’s the eye-candy?

Well, of course they all look good, but I want to take this opportunity to state something I’ve been considering for some time.

Does Sunny officially take over as the cutest/sexiest girl in the group now? Even with her changing hair styles, some questionable outfit decisions from her handlers, and maybe too much of the black eyeliner sometimes she still looks good and then in the videos, like Oh!, where she looks more natural she’s quite the bombshell.

But don’t tell Tiffany or Jessica I said that.

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  1. cipher says:

    “But don’t tell Tiffany or Jessica I said that.”
    don’t tell your wife you said that too

  2. NoobSauce says:

    Slayer & Pantera. That must’ve been a damn good show. Good to mention that you posted that a day before the anniversary of Dime’s tragedy (12/8). I really hate Sunny’s hair recently especially when it was purple. Thank heaven’s they never tried anything like that on my dear Seohyun so far. 😀

    • syd says:

      It was a fantastic show! Way back in the day, I would always hop into the mosh pit at metal concerts but the pit for Slayer scared me. I stayed in my upper deck seat.

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