Gaijin Gunpla

With the main suit finished it’s time for the weapons and the Fin Funnels. In that order. Yes, the manual has you build the weapons before the Fin Funnels.

So it’s time to start.

For the weapons you use these two runners (I and E if I remember correctly).


Close up shot to show the fit of the handle. It is very tight so the handle doesn’t move at all.

Add a couple more parts.

Including this tiny one to the handle.

This little tab is key to making the rifle stay in Nu’s hand.

Now for the Nu blue.


Start with these three parts slapping a sticker on the green part.

Now for the barrel.

The handle slides onto to the bazooka thanks to this part.

Again there is the tiny tab for the hand.

Then end of the bazooka uses these parts.

There it is.

The shield is huge!

I saw this kit at the All Japan Model Show and again at the Gunpla Expo but having it in your hand it just feels bigger. Insert poly-cap then add the back part.

Then these little parts

Here is what will attach the shield to the Nu.

In all its shield glory (minus the decals of course).

Beam Saber #1

Add one final part.

Beam Saber # 2

That does it for weapons. What’s the time? Only 26 minutes. Not bad.

Now to play around.

There’s a little gimmick involving Beam Saber #2. Slide up the armor on the back of Nu’s left arm and tilt outwards the tiny peg.

Slide the Saber handle onto the peg.

Swing it into place.

And close the armor again.

The Bazooka clicks into place on the middle of the backpack.

And the shield clicks on the back of the left arm.

While this is a simple design and for the most part it works, it means that if you want the shield to be pointing roughly the same direction the Mecha is you will have to rotate the arm quite far making it look unnatural. (Can it be said to be unnatural when the object is a giant fighting robot?)

Then I went to put the rifle into Nu’s hand. Maybe that was a mistake.

The design is great. The tab on the rifle handle and the one in Nu’s hand don’t get in each other’s way but instead work together to hold the rifle in place. Getting the tab to swing out on the hand of the Nu was a bit tough. ‘I’ll just take the hand off the kit, stick the rifle on it, then put it back’, I thought. Well, it didn’t work out that way. When I tried to pull the hand off the kit the grip of the ball joint on the hand and the poly-cap in the wrist of the kit was stronger than the joint molded into the hand on the runner. So the hand came off leaving part of the wrist section still attached to the kit.

I put the rifle into Nu’s hand and tried to unattach the hand part that as still stuck in the kit’s wrist. The hand part came part leaving the ball in the poly-cap in the wrist and a little stem in my hands. So I attached the stem part back onto the hand and then tried to insert the stem back into the ball, however it just pushed the ball around.

This was starting to get frustrating so I decided I would just disassemble the lower arm of the Nu in order to get access to that ball so I could reinsert the stem of this ‘molded-in-one-part’ and get everything back together.

Upon trying to remove the lower armor part surrounding the wrist…

Breakage. Well, after it broke I was able to get the arm frame apart, take out the poly-cap, reinsert the stem, and fix the hand. Sigh. Interestingly, the break doesn’t show as the white armor part covers it up but I think there could be some issues when I try to to do the Psycho-frame-showing mini-transformation.

How long did all that take?

Almost 20 minutes.

Then I found this in the box.

Ah yes, that lower backpack armor part that I felt wasn’t really secure…

Fin Funnels

You’re to assemble six Fin Funnels and each is the same. This kind of reminds me of the Dragoons on the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom. Time for the assembly line!

Here’s what I started with.

You attach a tiny frame part to the back of the center Fin Funnel piece and then put the front on.

Now for the upper half of the Funnels.

Secure the long blue part in place with this yellow piece.

Then place in a small frame part.

A similar part goes on the opposite side but I didn’t want to mix parts up so I did all one side first then cut out all the parts for the opposite side.

You finish that end of the Fin Funnel by putting on the white armor part.

flying in formation.

Now repeat the process for the other end.


Now it’s time to get these together so they can go on our buddy, Nu.

First step.

Swing up the right side frame part on five of the funnels then bend four of them in half.

That was easy.

Now to get them into that Fin Funnel configuration everyone is familiar with. These tiny extensions on the right side of the Fin Funnel are meant to click into these openings on the left side of the next Fin Funnel

Easy enough… In theory.

Because these parts are so short they don’t really grip the next Funnel. I got the first five together fairly easily but for some reason the sixth proved a lot more difficult.

Eventually I succeeded.

Ready, Nu?

As I mentioned before the Fin Funnels connect to the kit by this part on the backpack.
So I picked up the Fin Funnels… And they promptly disconnected and fell back down.

So I put them back together and held them carefully as I clicked them onto the backpack… Then the last two disconnected and fell down.

So I fixed it.

Once you get these things sorted out they do look pretty great.

But all that took how long?

The work on the Fin Funnels concluded Session 4. Wanting to see the Nu in all its glory the next day I slapped together the stand.

The extensions are constructed using four parts.

They have three points of articulation.

You build three for each side.

Now the base.

Looking closely at the connections you can see that the peg isn’t round but instead is multi-sided.

This means that you can’t really just move the connection around to arrange your pose but you should take apart the connection and put it back together at the angle you want. This ensures that the joint remains strong enough to hold the Fin Funnel.

The connector to the Nu looks like this.

Part of that is for the opening on the underside of the backpack.

It connects like so.

Manual states ‘For the purpose of this explanation the backpack is shown taken off.’ You shouldn’t take it off when you are connecting your Nu to its stand.

Just change the configuration of each Fin Funnel.

And plug ’em in.

And that concludes the WIP. For my thoughts on this kit be sure to read the coming review.

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  1. GunplaFan says:

    Looks amazing. I can’t wait for the review for this guy.

    • syd says:

      Pics for the review have already been taken. I had in mind to do something a bit different, a bit extra, for this review so I’ve got to get that finalized first before the review goes up.

  2. Tony says:

    How’s the end of the world thing going over there? Any meteors or monsters or black holes yet?

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    You should do a WIP in the decals

  4. Kyle says:

    Looks good Syd. I am surprised with some of the problems. I thought the connections for the backpack and funnels would be better, but still can’t wait for mine to arrive in the mail.

  5. Dan says:

    Very nice Syd. Do you know of any solutions to tighten up the fin funnel connections? I was thinking of applying one or two layers of clear paint to the pegs.

    • syd says:

      Hi Dan,

      I’ve already thought of a solution for the Fin Funnels. I am just waiting for some time to try it. If successful I will do a detailed post here.

  6. Bocalt says:

    Can’t wait enough for the review, i’m still not that convinced on the kit…

  7. Jasonps3 says:

    Something tells me it’s gonna be a low score than the Impulse due to the end of WIP. I hope it don’t people not to buy it because of the couple of hiccups.

  8. Jasonps3 says:

    Sorry, I mean I hope it won’t push people who want this kit to not buy it because of small hiccups like these.

  9. ClayCannonII says:

    The Stein will improve where the Nu lacked

  10. Dennis says:

    Oh, I swant to build mine…. It came yesterday, but it’s part of my Christmas gifts :0, but I’ve been bugging the person it’s from to let me open it up and build it.

  11. NoobSauce says:

    You should do a part 6 about the paychoframe gimmick. 🙂

  12. Jasonps3 says:

    Hey Syd, can you do a size comparision between the Nu Gundam Ver Ka in destroy mode and the Unicorn in destroy mode?

  13. Paul says:

    Like to share how i approach the Fin funnels problem.

    The problem here is fin funnels ideally need TWO points to hold one onto another.Bandai only provided instructions for one, the Top side on each funnel. We need a bottom grip to get them firmly attached.

    For folded funnel 3, 4 and 5, just use the K10/11 on the back-folded funnel on each other for bottom grip and these 3 will stick.

    For 1, 2 and 6, you will need something else since the k10/11s will be in each others way. I removed the bottom k10/11s, slot in a square flat plastic (cut from the plate label), taped it so that there’s a tight fit and got my bottom grip.

    Now my fin funnels stays on firmly. Hope this helps.

  14. Huey says:

    Hey Syd, I noticed some pegs inside the fin funnels when you have them deployed, so I thought “hey, looks like you can put effect parts in”. Then I watched part 13 of rrobbert184’s MASSIVE review of this guy and he said that the double fin funnel expansion has them. Kinda weird that you put that in the expansion and not out of the box…

  15. Damian says:

    Hi syd, this might come off as too late, but I just got my Nu Ver Ka with an extra fin funnel set. With two Amuro Bases, is there any way for other gunpla kits (other than Nu) to use the base? Thanks!

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