Gaijin Gunpla

Okay, remember this is a timed build. (I’m not reminding you the reader, I’m reminding myself. Gotta keep track!)

4:31 PM is a good time to start.

So now I’m building the shoulders and on the Nu Gundam they are the same so I just have to build two of these things, starting with these pieces.

Add some armor.

With that little assembly finished I need two large frame parts for the next step.

The little vent assembly snaps into place and can pivot.

Now for more green, psycho frame!

And the very precise foil stickers that go with it.

After getting the center foil on you then do both sides.

Here is a close up shot I took trying to show the effect the foil sticker gives.

Drop that down onto the frame then cover it up with a piece of armor.

Notice that the color is slightly different.

Two more somewhat large armor parts are then put on each side.

I opened up the armor to show the pyscho frame but it seemed a little off.

Noticing this I took it apart and found that I had left a little bit of gate mark on the psycho frame part which prevented it from dropping fully into place. I rectified that and carried on.

Now for some smaller armor, darker armor parts.

The last thing you do is snap in the frame connector piece.

31 minutes for the shoulders. Not bad.

Now the real fun begins. The lower half of the suit, starting with the feet.

Into that very large frame part slides the poly-cap.

Then the front frame parts attach from either side.

Looking from the back you can see the opening for the poly-cap.

It is not where you normally expect to find a poly-cap on an MG foot.

Turn the foot frame over and drop in a yellow part then cover that up with the heel armor.

Then the front gets the same treatment but the piece you drop in is blue like the rest of the bottom of the foot.

Then this again!

This foil part is even smaller!

The sides get the foil treatment, as well.

For the toes, first drop in a yellow piece, but from above.

Now for more stickers. This time the blue ones.

Add some more armor to the back of the foot.

And another blue sticker.

Next you put on the final blue armor part then drop a white armor part down onto the foot. It doesn’t click into place anywhere but instead just sits there.

Now for the verniers/thrusters.

Looks like a subwoofer to me.

The manual is specific about how it must go on the foot.

Boom! Boom! Buh-Boom-boom! (repeat chorus)

Now for the ankle joint and it is huge!

Before plugging in the ankle joint put on the top armor part.

This part has to be put into place very carefully. You have to press in on the ends to get them to slide into place inside of the blue armor parts.

Both back and front.

You can then slide the white armor piece forward to close the gap and cover the psycho frame.

Now plug in that monster ankle.

And now for my favourite part of any build. The legs. It’s usually the legs that take the most time, use the most parts, and just plainly, look the coolest. For the legs you will be busting out the L runners.

So cut off a frame part and insert a poly-cap.

Then insert more poly-caps into more frame parts.

Drop one into the other.

They don’t snap into place but instead just sit there. You will be securing them later.

Now attach that to the first frame part, grab its counterpart and the piston piece. Snap the piston piece in place, slide on the housings…

…then snap that housing part into its place.

Now for more frame for the upper leg.

Next up is this little assembly.

If the big one is a subwoofer is this a tweeter?

Now use that little tweeter assembly in the next step.

View from the back.

The vernier can pivot.

Now for another large frame part, a poly-cap, and a smaller frame part.

Sandwich onto that some large frame parts.

I do notice a little gap here at the front but the front armor part should squeeze those together when it goes on.

Moar frame!

Drop the Y-shaped part into place and attach the outer frame piece.

Now you’ve got these sections.

So let’s put them together.

Man, that looks nice.

Shot of the two legs so far.

Now these again!

The foil sticker goes on the inside like all the other pieces, however with this particular piece being so thick the effect doesn’t seem to be the same. I guess we’ll have to take a wait and see attitude on this one.

Drop it into place.

And its twin as well.

Now for this one.

This one is a little more difficult than the previous foil stickered parts because the sticker has to go around the piece instead of just on one side.

Also, I’ve noticed a few times when taking the foil stickers off the sheets that there is a tendency to take the backing away as well.

If this happens you will need to take your very sharp design knife and try to separate the foil from the backing.

Put it on wrapping it around.

Push that up into the bottom of the frame part.

Then slap that on the lower leg.

Raise the thruster up out of the way and snap in this small piece.

This is actually the part that acts as a lock holding the lower leg in place.

Now for another thruster assembly.

Now the manual shows the next steps.

1, 2, 6.. wait, 6?

Looking at the next block in the manual clears things up.

There are steps 3, 4, and 5. Thought I’d missed you guys.

So here are the parts I need.

(before step 6…)

Look how nicely the thruster assemblies work together.

With the final part on.

Here’s a shot showing it’s range of motion. It drop only a little bit.

And again.. .this time with funkier shaped parts.

Because of the odd shape of the parts you have to be careful to have everything lined up before pushing the sticker on. It’s quite adhesive and can be a pain to move.

Slap those into their grooves on the frame.

Now add some yellow.

Attach a white armor part at the top, then swing it down.

This acts as the lock for the upper leg.

Once you’re at this stage you have the pleasure of putting on the large number of white armor parts.

First batch.

Second batch.

Then we get around to the blue.

Like the feet, they take some blue stickers.

That one was easy enough.

That one was a little tougher. Due to its shape, with that narrow section in the middle, it takes some concentration and control to get the whole thing into the proper spot.

I put the stickers on first and then put the armor on the leg.

Another batch of armor goes on.

That front part which surrounds the knee armor actually uses stickers too.

This sticker wraps around the part at the bottom.

Then another batch of armor!

Notice the color of the sticker next to the molded-in-color armor

Leaving the leg there you put together the hip joint.

That part at the top is a poly-cap.

Click the joint into place and add the final armor part to the back of the leg and you’re done.

Before snapping the foot into place you first slide a small frame part onto the foot peg.

But I had to stop there as it was time to start cleaning up the large mess o’plastic that the table had become so we could prepare for dinner.

127 minutes to build two feet, two leg frames, and armor one leg. Wow!

After dinner I jumped back in and armored the other leg. Took me 30 minutes.

I dig how the piston are exposed when the leg bends.

Next session is the skirt!

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  1. Asian1skill says:

    wow looks really good with the new psycho frame parts and dang cutting those silver stickers must be a pain haha

  2. Mick says:

    Compared to the sinanju, what are your thoughts so far?

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    That’s the sexiest leg I have ever seen

  4. Syberio says:

    i’m starting to understand why those silver stickers, and it’s a smart move from bandai.

    for the color stickers, i think they look quite good finally… but real parts would have been better

    • ClayCannonII says:

      You have to remember bandai is just starting to intragate the RG color theme into MG while also trying to keep them at reasonable prices. So going with stickers is a good call

  5. ace says:

    hey sid does the clear parts for the psychoframe have glitter inside they sure looked that way in your pictures

  6. Sonar says:

    Super complex build process. I can’t wait to sink my side cutters into this!

  7. Mathias says:

    So are these grey and blue stickers for that “RG effect” in any way special? Do they stick better than other stickers?

  8. kotomo says:

    I’m waiting for the Funnel review. They said there’s a problem with the fin funnel,dammit… i’m a bit worried now

  9. kotomo says:

    I think this this nu ver.ka really have problem with the funnel, try watch this link (nu gundam at NY comic con); ,
    at 5:58 the masking tape was clearly visible on the funnel.. i think they use masking tape to stick all the funnels..

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