Gaijin Gunpla

It’s Sunday. It’s 3:46 PM. What better time to get back into the Nu Gundam?

For the skirt you start with these very large pieces and a couple of poly-caps.

It’s an odd feeling handling frame parts that large that are light and flexible. Definitely not what I’m used to.

After clamping those pieces together you click in the small parts that will attach to the hip joint.

Then this piece is dropped on from above.

Nice detail, ya? This detail is actually the bottom of the part. The top of that part looks like this.

And the view from way below if you are looking up Nu’s skirt. ahem.

The front skirt flaps are pretty standard fare.

These take stickers.

I pushed down on it with my thumb to get that panel line to show through.

The rear skirts.

Slide the yellow part in place and then put the armor part on over top.


Next up are the center blocks.

The red part goes onto the frame first followed by the yellow V emblem piece, then the white armor piece goes on holding everything in place.

Snap the flaps!

Now for the backpack and to start this section you first build the thruster assemblies.

Click those onto the large frame part then apply the first armor parts.

It’s here that the manual first talks about the Double Fin Funnels.

If you are building the Double Fin Funnel set up you skip to Page 18 step 9-3. I’m just going with the normal Funnel configuration for now.

Now this.

And this.

Put those on what you’ve got for a backpack so far.

Now for this small, yet key, assembly.

This turns out to be what is used to attach the Fin Funnels to the suit.

That’s it?

Apply armor.

Then the final parts go on.

Those large parts go on around the thrusters from below.

They just slide on, there is no clicking in place, which to me seems odd. The largest part of the backpack is hold on by friction? They face straight down making them susceptible to gravity.

You can see from this angle that the fit it tight. Yet when viewing the backpack from the side/front you see gaps.

This made me wonder if I had the part on correctly, and apparently I did. Frame does show through on many other parts of the Nu so viewable frame on the backpack is no surprise, but those large frame parts seem too loose and they were moving around. To secure them in place I tilted the thrusters upwards to their limit, using them to press on the armor parts.

For reference, here is the instructions for the backpack for use with the Double Fin Funnel set up.

And the last step is the side skirts.

Note the funky-shaped sticker that tends to bend/warp when you’re trying to put it exactly into its intended position.

4:41 PM. 54 minutes. Not bad.

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  1. Kefka says:

    I think those parts are supposed to fall off since they are removed in the transfomration

  2. Sonar says:

    Seems like about six more stickers than I’d have ideally liked so far. Very interested to see if the construction for the funnels is any different. The sagging is really quite off putting. It seems all the joints from the waist down are a vast improvement on the old MG Nu and that’s a big positive. Still I’m ultra excited to build this kit.

  3. Tony says:

    Hrmmm… this kit seems to not be living up to its hype… lots of very odd seeming issues popping up throughout the build. Now that I’m reading through your build, I’m kind of glad I passed on this one… seems like some confusing directions and if you’re having any issues with it I would sure as shoot have some issues myself. I’m keeping busy with some HGs – btw Syd you should check out the HG Mr Bushido’s Ahead – very different seeming kit, great colors and fun look. Me likey.

    • Sonar says:

      Passing on this is like passing on the Sinanju: You’re doing yourself a disservice! 😉

      • Tony says:

        … haven’t gotten that one either. Next 2 kits I’m getting are Epyon and Tallgeese. Might get the HGUC Sinanju, the MG is too pricey for a suit that I’ve never really cared about. Looks great, but gotta get my favorites first, you know?

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