Gaijin Gunpla

I’m an hour and some into the RG Zeta Build and so far I’ve got this.

Still a while until dinner time. Gotta keep up the pace.

To finish up the torso I need this thing.

It’s part of the bendy frame and yes it has movement.

Attach some frame pieces.

And then some armor.

It’s worth noting that this piece is supposed to look like this when in place properly. It doesn’t go parallel to the frame piece.

Now these four pieces.

I like that there are these grooves molded on this part.

Once those four frame parts are combined you add the red armor pieces.

That then slides into a blue armor piece.

The fit is very tight. You have to line it up just right to get it in and then you have to press down firmly to set it in place.

Add the yellow vent covers.

Now the arms. ‘But, wait a minute. You’re not done the torso’, you’re probably thinking. That is true. Nonetheless I’m supposed to be working in the arms. Here is the frame.

The piece at the end is unnecessary so just pull it out.

You’re meant to unbend the arm into a straight position.

And while doing that I put the arm joints through some motions to loosen them up.

Here’s the armor that will be used for the arms.

Take the smallest piece from that runner…

Speaking of small stuff (that’s what she said) now’s the time to apply some stickers.

Then the small blue piece and friend.

Repeat for the other arm the combine them using this middle part.

Then you attach the upper torso section you built not long before.

You have to make sure everything lines up on both sides in order to slide it fully into place.

Add a rear armor part. That too must line up.

Now you this strange looking pile of plastic.

Now to put that on your armless Zeta. Slide it on from the top…

…but be careful of the antenna!

Once you clear the antenna and swing the front armor down you slide the head upwards.

Starting to look awesome.

ooh baby.

Now the smallest bendy frame part I’ve ever encountered.

This is for the front skirts.

And here are the side skirts parts.

Attaching the front skirts involves sliding that tiny bendy frame part to the main skirt frame.

You can’t really see from this angle so let me try to get closer.

As this slides into place and kind of grips it there is a chance this front skirt can come off but we’ll have to play with it a bit and assess it.

The side skirts pop into a hollow that are actually part of the leg frame.

Now for the back skirts.

See that red part? There is a specific way it must go into the armor part.

I need a magnifying glass.

Rear skirts.

These slide onto the frame from the side.

Then follow it up with the rear center block.

Confession time. I didn’t know the rear of the Zeta looked like that because I always see it with its Wave Rider attached to its back.


Okay, that part wasn’t that complicated.

Now back to the arms. Seems I’m jumping all over the place with this build.

I put these two armor parts on with the kit standing but from there laid it down and proceeded to finish the arm.

One frame part goes on first.

This little guy.

Goes in here.

If you look carefully at the lower left of the arm armor, you can see the tiny spikes that are kept behind the tiny swinging door.

Put those on either side of the arm then add the hand.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

Can I finish before dinner?

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  1. Tony says:

    Again, first reaction is just WOW. I’m detecting a very high review score coming up… should the MkII’s be watching their backs? (I’m assuming you’re digging the looks of this suit and it has the extras, etc to keep up its scores across the board).

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    So awesome

  3. Dan says:

    Very awesome! Those parts are ridiculously tiny! I know you are busy Sid, but if you wanted to do a test build for painting purposes, how hard would it be to disassemble this kit? From the readings it looks like alot of things interlock.

  4. ChexGuy says:


    Had mine preordered but I won’t be getting it until the end of the month!

  5. Tony says:

    “The fit is very tight. You have to line it up just right to get it in and then you have to press down firmly to set it in place.”


  6. Striker says:

    Hey syd, would you recommend the RG Zeta to beginners like me? From what I read and saw, it looks pretty complex.

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