Gaijin Gunpla

I’m just over a couple of hours into the build and I’ve still got the fire and Gai-Gun Jr. is still occupied with her new toy which may turn out to be more value for the money than the toy I just bought for myself.

Here the first three parts that make up the stabilizer unit. The little poly-cap looking pieces fits perfectly inside.

Now for a touch of red. How christmas-y

Now to construct something that will allow this to attach to the Zeta.

Now this slides through the previously-shown poly-cap-like piece.

And here is how it connects.

It slides into the back of the Zeta from below.

Now for the Right Armor Unit.

I think you can see how this works.

Then put the two sides together and then a long, slender red piece slides into place.

Taking the largest part of the entire kit you put frame and connector parts into place.

Then attach the previously built wing and put the last black part in place.

We then return to the funky frame runner and this rather diminutive piece.

Before putting it onto the Armor Unit you must first move it into this position.

Then move the ball joint…

…and turn it downwards.

This ball joint then clicks into place on the underside of the Armor Unit.

Notice the little tabs that stick out of the side of the unit.

These will be mentioned again and in more detail later.

Oh, did I say that we were done with the black parts? There is one left.

Here’s the shape of the connection that fits into the back of the Zeta.

It slides into the lower rear part of the Zeta torso.

Then you are supposed to push the Armor unit into place but I found the connector kept coming out of the back of the Zeta so instead I detached this frame part, connected it to the back of the Zeta, and then clicked the Armor Unit into place.

Repeat that process for the Left Armor Unit and you’re done the suit!

Though I will continue on to show the weapons I want to note here that after finishing the Zeta Gundam I stopped. I had been at it for about 3 hours and I was starting to wear down and needed to rest and refuel my body. I had some dinner, played with Gai-Gun Jr. who told me all about her new toy, then took a bath. It wasn’t until the next day that I got back to finishing the Zeta. All that was left to do was the weapons.

The main part for the rifle is one large piece into which you place some moving (and non-moving) parts. Then you build the barrel of this weapon.

The barrel then fits in the grooves in the main body.

There is a little bit of motion forwards and back.

Add a part to the back and the movable handle.

Now for that distinct Zeta shield!

Starts simply enough.

Click a small part into place.

You can see how it moves up and down.

Then the big red parts.

That large piece slides into place around that movable frame piece.

Now back to the B frame!

Man, that’s small. But it still features joints.

And now for something completely different (that you’ve likely seen before.)

Continuing on…

Once everything is in place there is a small red piece used to cover up some frame.

Then you can make this.

Ya, it’s just two pieces. But it fits on the underside of the shield.

And I’m not done building yet! I’ve got a couple of these things.

They just fit onto the back of the arm when the shield and/or rifle isn’t attached there.

And there he is.

There are still more Zeta posts coming. I’ve got the review to do and I’ve also got another In Depth post showing the transformation which I’m sure many are keen to see. Stay tuned.

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  1. Striker says:

    That Zeta looks sexy.

  2. Tony says:

    Its not a real Gunpla build until a cat sits in the box… or tries to and fails.

  3. Ryan says:

    Not even the MG 2.0 has those misses in the shield, nice touch RG peeps

  4. Hansfire says:

    Hi G-G, I just want to let you know that the link for RG zeta review is broken. I tried to open it and it showed A line saying the page is not here. Please fix it if you can, I need to view it ?. Thanks in advance

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