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Now that I’ve got myself a completed RG Zeta it’s time to look at what makes this RG special; the transformation engineering. I’ve tried to get as many pictures as possible, but there’s always a chance I’ve missed something. I’ve also followed the manual when it comes to listing the steps so when you see ‘Step 1, Step 2’ that’s how it is detailed in the manual. Let’s see how it goes.

Step 1:

Pull out the red part on the helmet and bring the Vfin ends together.

Then swing cockpit up 90 degrees

Follow that up by swinging out the little catch that is inside the cockpit.

And then push the head down into the torso.

Step 2:

Swing up the front of the torso while being mindful of the Vfin.

Then push in the lower side torso armor pieces, pull the shoulders outwards,

and push the back torso armor downwards until it clicks in place.

Step 3:

Bring up the back skirt armor.

Step 4:

Now it gets tricky. You are supposed to swing out the leg joint at the first swivel, then swing it back down at the second swivel.

Basically this moves the position of the leg up slightly.

Step 5:

Swing the shoulders inwards so the arms fold in in front of the torso on either side of the head while repositioning the side and front skirt armors to the outside.

Tuck in the flaps on the shoulders.

Step 6:

Extend the shield to its longest position.

Swing up the connector piece.

Then connect it to the Zeta at two positions, the top being the underside of the cockpit hatch.

Step 7:

Detach the large side pieces from the backpack.

Move them upwards slightly, swing them towards the back of the suit so the flexible frame parts are straight.

Then swing them out to the sides.

Step 8:

Rotate them 180 degrees.

Step 9:

Extend the wings.

Step 10:

Position the front skirt armor out of the way so you can bring in the large side backpack pieces to connect to the shield.

The manual shows how you are meant to position the flexible frame joint so to allow the piece to reach the shield.

Top states ‘View from above. Before movement (top), after movement (bottom)”

You are then meant to move up the side skirt armor but I had taken them off to allow me some room to move so I will show that later.

Step 11:

Swing the foot downwards, then the front lower leg armor flap, then tuck in the little piece that extends from the heel.

Bend the legs forwards at the knees.

Then bend the top of the knees towards the back.

Step 12:

Rotate the side skirt armor 180 degrees so they go alongside the torso.

Step 13:

Tuck the hands in.

Now attach the large backpack side assemblies to the shield.

This proved quite difficult. I found the arms/shoulders to be in the way and had to push them downwards and use a bit of force to actually get the tabs into the hollows on the shield.

Doing this I felt a little anxious because I was clearly pushing forcefully on the flexible frame joint and those have been shown to be weak in the past. I think I even saw a little bit of the ‘white line of death’ meaning the place where the plastic is stressed and turns white. Hmm.

Step 14:

Swing the Stabilizer Unit towards the back.

Swing in the rear attachment on the rifle and stick that the rifle on the top of the Zeta.

And there he is.

And if you don’t want to use the stand you can set it on the landing gears Bandai included.

This was quite a tricky transformation but still in the range of the MG ReZEL transformation design as they share a lot of similarities. Of course, the ReZEL being an MG you have a lot more space to work with.

Next up; the review!

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  1. Mark says:

    Wow, it’s so confusing @__@

  2. ChexGuy says:

    GERWALK Mode Zeta!

    How exactly did you break the arm (as you mentioned in Gunpla TV, where I was half asleep and barely paying attention and also too lazy to go back and check)? Was it swinging it forward, or pushing the wings in?

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    Sorry to see that it broke

  4. Zenstrive says:

    So it’s basically the same as MG but miniaturized.

  5. spardin says:

    I dont think id want to paint it and transform it looks like not alot of room to move the parts and the extra thickness of paint might be a problem.
    (might have to buy 2 then XD)

  6. Ryan says:

    Only difference between the MG 2.0 and the RG I can see is that the front skirt armor folds into the space left by the leg joints rather than into the boosters

  7. Rigshokew says:

    Zeta’s transformation will take me time before I memorize how to do it without checking the manual (and be able to transform it…)

    but in the anime this MS does the transformation in less than a second (I mean the series.. Zeta’s transformation in the movies are slower ~ less than 2 seconds) 🙂

  8. Ludo says:

    I gave up trying at step 7, the kit was a pain to build then transformation is so complicated I was scared to break parts.

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