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A lot has been said already about the MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka and the issues people are having with the Fin Funnels. To put it bluntly, they don’t attach to each other well and tend to flop forward. While this is definitely a source of frustration I’m happy to report that (one) method of fixing it is rather simple. I did a quick job to see if there was some merit to my approach and it worked well enough that I don’t need to go in and fix anything else. Here’s how I did it.

Here’s a shot of the Fin Funnels without the top armor part. You can see the connection to the next fin is done using only the tiny prongs on the gray frame part.

The first thing I did was to put them into the position I want them to stay when finished.

You can see how the frame parts on the left side aren’t used at all. Well, we don’t need those then

So what’s my solution?

Brass rod, of course. This thing is the equivalent of Gunpla Duct Tape. For the Fin Funnels I laid the rod across the fins in the position I wanted it to be in and marked it with my design knife so I would know where to work.

The rod I am using is 1 mm in diameter (maybe 1.5?) and as you can see fits perfectly into the gap between the blue and white armor parts. No need to do any cosmetic damage to get it inside.

So basically what I did was to remove the plastic allowing the rod to sit inside the Funnels.

I actually used my pin vise and drilled a hole however the hole is so close to the edge of the plastic that it just broke open. If you’re careful and take the time I think you’ll be able to use drilled holes rather than carving chunks out of the plastic.

With work on all Funnels complete:

Now I will just push the rod into the place I’ve carved for it.

From there it was just a matter of putting the white parts back in place. However, at the last one (the left-most) the white part wouldn’t go on completely. Turns out there’s a little bit of plastic that has to be removed.

And after that quick test I’m happy to report hat it works great!

I posted a pic on the Gaijin Gunpla facebook page right after I finished showing the result, exaggerated a bit by metal rod sticking out both ends. Once I trim it down it will be unnoticeable.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Thats quite the sneaky ninja fix Syd, your a smart smart man.

  2. Sonar says:

    Great, simple fix for fixed display pose. This is the one thing that has always bugged me about the Nu and I’ve been whining about since the announcement of the Ver. Ka. Why on earth they didn’t fix it completely evades me.

  3. Chopper Dave says:

    So, is the plan to be able to remove the rod when you want to pose the funnels separately , or is this gonna be a permanent addition? I suppose you could buy the double fin funnel add on, but I am very interested in finding a solution that won’t render the funnels immovable.

    • syd says:

      Well, with this method it’s very easy to remove the rod at any time. If you want the funnels to pose separately, you can unattach the funnels as per normal, remove the rod, or use a smaller length of rod if, for example, you want to only have 3 funnels on Nu’s back.

      • Chopper Dave says:

        Ah, Excellent! Here’s hoping I get that MG Nu for Christmas then! Thanks for the good ideas as always.

  4. Bocalt says:

    Nice, very nice, shame though i don’t think i’ll buy this kit for the price i’m getting MG Aegis and RG Zeta, those issues you met kind of discouraged me, I’ll still wait for you review before making a call…

  5. estilo says:

    Nice idea, already bought one today so can start by tomorrow.. lucky my holiday until next week so this entire week i can build this kit.. thanks for the idea bro!!

  6. Busterbeam says:

    very clever. im not at this stage yet but this a great and subtle fix. will keep this in mind going forward. i use metal rods in my work more and more these days.

  7. meganekun88 says:

    from what i’ve seen and experienced so far, the grey arms of those fin funnels lack the gripping teeth on one side. Really wish bandai would address this, by say, a double sided version of the said part. but i’ll stick to your solution for stability’s sake too

  8. ClayCannonII says:

    What do you use to cut the rods

  9. Thomas says:

    I just did the fin funnel mod, and wow, it makes a HUGE difference. Even though you can have the folded fin funnels peg in on either side, they’re still nowhere near stable enough. It takes a bit of patience and just being careful to get the holes in the right place, and the rod fitting correctly, but once done, it’s pretty much perfect. I didn’t even have to trim any of the white parts.

    I used a 1.2mm brass rod (it was that, or a .8mm, which I decided was far too thin), although my pin vise only has a bit that’s about .875mm, so I had to use a little force to get the brass rod through each hole (but it fits a lot more comfortably now).

    I really appreciate this tutorial, Syd. It makes such a difference!

    • syd says:

      Hi Thomas,

      I’m glad to hear it worked for you! You used a thinner rod than I did so your mod is probably lighter than mine.

      • Thomas says:

        Yeah, my local model shop didn’t have many sizes to choose from, but it turns out that 1.2mm is pretty much a perfect fit, and I only had to put holes into the plastic inside the back of the fin funnels, and not modify any of the other parts.

  10. fire says:

    Wow that’s a pretty hardcore fix u had there! I just used some clear tape and it wasted me about 1 months before I had to change a new tape.

  11. DRX777 says:

    Thanks so much for this. Works great!

    Happy to report that even the pin vise is not strictly necessary – I used my regular gunpla snips pliers to cut lil’ triangle wedges out of the plastic, after measuring and marking where to cut. Works great, maybe a little less precise and tight than if it were drilled holes, but still. Feels so much more secure than before.

    Now if only I could acquire 3 spare Fin Funnels to ‘fill in’ the black spaces on the back side!

  12. iczer01 says:

    crazy thing is I built the 1/100 nu gundam or I guess back then V gundam in about ohhhh 1990, 1991 and the funnels back then worked fine I was 15 just turning 16 and let me tell you it was a major operation to get that model here to the united states very few people knew what chars counter attack was or gundam for that matter. I am 46 now and I just bought the newest version of the model. oh how the world has changed. I dont have to have a “contact” in japan just to get a model and bootleg vhs tapes of anime hahahahhahahahah.

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