Gaijin Gunpla

After the skirt it’s time for the legs and these frame parts.

This design is not surprisingly similar to the legs of the AGE-1 Normal. Start by inserting the poly-cap.

Put the frame parts together then make the movable knee cover frame by clicking two parts together.

The knee is then assembled using a couple poly-caps which enable it to bend.

And at that time I noticed this!

Is this a mistake in the mold or what is this? It has no effect on any of the parts for the kit but it seemed so odd that I had to show it.

Now for the lower leg. One fairly sizable frame piece holds a couple smaller parts.

Include a poly-cap and a part to hold it in place.

Now for some armor.

These parts are used for the lower leg/ankle armor.

Then add the armor to the back of the leg.

Here are the frame parts (and poly-cap) used for the feet.

Then attach via a poly-cap the front armor pieces.

A couple more parts.

The ankle joint is different from what I’ve used to seeing.

A double ball part is first inserted into the poly-cap on the top of the foot and then covered by an armor piece.

And here are the parts that comprise the hip joint.

So with a foot and the leg frame sections done it’s time to put the armor part on the upper leg.

Then connect the knee joint and hip joint to that assembly.

Then armor the lower leg and attach it and the foot to the upper leg/knee assembly.

Articulates nicely.

So the body parts are all finished. But we’re still not done! I’ve got to build a couple of these (side skirts).

And they involve some very small parts.

These then are the main ingredient in an armor sandwich.

Rather than attach the armors to the torso and then the torso to the skirt and legs I opted to attach the torso first leaving the arms until later.

Plus side skirts.

Then I added the shoulders/arms.

With the suit done I move onto the weapons and the Dark Hound has some unique ones.

These claws attach to the large shoulders.

Then you build two of these babies for each shoulder.

Just pop them into place.

And there he is.

(Gai-Gun Jr. in the background watching her favorite anime on youtube on Mrs. Gai Gun’s ipad.)

I’ve still a rifle to build.

So the first step is to put together this… thing.

Then jab a poly-cap onto the end.

This then gets put into its place in one of the rifle’s armor parts.

A second poly-cap is also put in as well as the handle before closing up.

Then tiny clear green parts are put into place in the armor parts meant for the top and bottom of the main rifle body.

These are quite small and I felt really clumsy trying to position them properly.

Then this thing!

For some reason, it reminds me of a pen.

The final parts are then assembled by putting a frame piece into an armor part.

And then onto the rifle they go.

The beam saber handles consist of three parts each.

Now to play around with this guy and its transformation. Once I figure that out I’ll post it so others can see.

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  1. Tony says:

    It reminds you of a pen because it looks like the actual writing part of a pen… I’m sure it has a name but all I can think of is that it looks like the inside of the crappy pens we had made for my workplace that come flying apart if you click them too hard… anyway…. nice kit, I really like the looks of it. Gonna have to watch AGE so I can get a feel for which suits I really like. I tend to not really want to build/buy kits from series that I didn’t watch.

    • Bocalt says:

      Ah you will fall in love with a couple of kits after watching that show, sure start and end were not that good but seriously, even the double bullet which doesn’t look like much transformed and all will look ridiculously sleak, aggressive and cool while fighting in part 2, while parts 3 and 4 got some crazy fights from Asemu Asuno’s MS above. Even the Spallow will look dangerously cool as its pilot goes berserk. Designs will grow on you and some of the hg released are really good.

  2. Shaid says:

    RE: the photo of the ‘molding error’ on the runner.

    That little bent thing is what they use in the injection moulds to open up or close off sections of the mould. When they produce a mould for a particular design, it’ll generally contain all the extra bits for the variants of the kit they might release in the future.

    If you compare that runner to the same one from the AGE-2 kit, it’ll probably be closed.

    It looks funny ’cause whoever set up the mould for this run didn’t put it in perfectly. 😉

  3. Trevor says:

    Great work, Syd! What’s gonna be next? 🙂

  4. Bocalt says:

    Hey there, where’s the review?

  5. Phuongus says:

    hi, does the dark hound include pieces/leftovers to be able to make it into the Age 2 Normal? like the double bullet did.

  6. Manpig says:

    Did you forget about the Dark Hound’s transformation and review? XD

    I would’ve liked a review. ;-;

    • Bocalt says:

      Three years after – was pretty satisfied with my hg and never got those Part 2 and 3 MGs :/

    • S2 says:

      I didn’t forget. To be honest I was taking pictures for the review and going through the transformation and the thing started falling apart on me. When I tried to put it back together a piece of the leg broke. I was so frustrated that I just threw up my hands and walked away. Review fail!

  7. Papiyoh says:

    Hi! Can you have the review for this kit? I know it’s kinda late but I’d like to see your thoughts on this kit. Thanks!

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