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I first learned about the January 1st release of the next Korean SNSD (Girls’ Generation) album when some pictures showed up on facebook showing the girls attired in clothing unlike anything they’ve previously worn accompanied by very colorful make-up and even hair dye (and not the blonde hair dye that Sunny sports too often). Sweet. 2013 starts on a good note, I thought to myself. (get it? Note? music?)

Not long after a series of videos, each featuring one of the members started appearing on SMTown’s Youtube page with the header, ‘Comeback’. Comeback? What do they mean?, I wondered. The last Girls’ Generation album released in Japan in November and the previous Korean album released in the summer if memory serves. What are they possibly coming back from?

The pictures they released seem to indicate it’s not a comeback but more of a reinvention.

The girls all now sport different hip-hop style outfits showing lots of skin along with the previously mentioned hair dye and makeup. It seems this is a reinvention of themselves but is it permanent or a one time thing?

Until now it seems they’ve been very careful with the image they have cultivated. The girls, or women rather, are all gorgeous (it goes without saying) but other than showing a generous amount of leg (for which I thank you) they haven’t gone over the top and have appeared consistently rather wholesome if I could use that word. This new look changes that image and I don’t know if it fits after seeing this group in numerous videos over the course of a couple years. Are we really to believe that Taeyoon dresses like that or acts in a way that corresponds to that attire? Some of the girls, like Jessica, seem out of place in the outfits they are wearing. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this, so instead I’ll just talk about the song.

Hmm.. Well.. it kinda sucks. In my opinion it’s trying to be too many things at once, rap, hip-hop, k-pop, and because of this not only is it overly long it lacks direction. I’m not giving up on them, of course. I’ll still give the new album a listen and be watching for the next video (and there’s a possibility that a Gunpla blogger or two may be seeing them live in Tokyo in April) but it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Idk maybe its a comeback to America seeing as gangnam style.has mads kpop a hot over here

    • Tony says:

      While I know absolutely nothing about this band, or any sort of similar massive Asian girl bands, I…. don’t really know if this would work over here. The era of girl bands is kinda past already, and a k-pop girl band just doesn’t seem like it’d be able to find much of a following in the US. Again, this is based off of nothing.

  2. NoobSauce says:

    Comeback is jargon in the Korean music industry for when a group that isn’t ‘rookie’ releases new material. And the last Korean release by the girls was I think, ‘The Boys’ in December ’11 (not counting the release by the TTS sub-unit), so its been a while.

    I agree with Syd. Frankly I’m not into this new look and music for them at all. I’m much prefer the songs with the catchy hook and much simpler choreography. (like Tell me Your Wish or Gee. ) this is a bit Too much of A Departure.

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