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So I’m in the middle of painting a Nu Gundam Ver. Ka (actually two of them) but I can only paint on weekends which leaves me free most evenings to work on other projects. One of those projects just happens to be the MG Strike Freedom Full Burst. Having built the Perfect Grade and hearing good things about the kit from other Gunplars I wanted to give the Master Grade version a try. So sitting down at the warm kotatsu the other night I started ripping open the plastic bags. And what do I find?

Lame gold?

I dubbed this Lame Gold when I first encountered it while building the Perfect Grade Strike Freedom and while it’s understandable that it’s on the Master Grade version this being the Full Burst version it would have been nice to have all frame parts as extra finish. But that would mean a much higher price so I’ll live with the lame gold. Apparently you can paint Gundam model kits.

So I grab my side cutters and the lame gold runners and gold poly-caps and away I go.

Starting the torso I seal this poly-cap into a frame piece.

Then get the main torso parts and install the smaller parts.

Here are the cockpit and the two parts which will make the neck joint.

Now for the shoulder assemblies.

Putting all of that together you then slap on some blue armor.

Before putting on the large chest piece you first install the vents.

Then the cockpit hatch.

When I saw this I had a deja vu feeling.

Now for the cool bits!

Well, just one for now.

In your face!

Again a deja vu feeling. Very much like the Perfect Grade. Or should I be saying the opposite. The Perfect Grade is very much like the Master Grade.

Two small extra finish parts are used for the vents. Nice play on Bandai’s part.

The V-fin

What does everyone think of the Strike Freedom’s V Fin? Too overdone?

Great looking head, though!

So with the torso and head finished I can start on the arms.


Before you assemble the actual arms you first assemble these units which can hold the Beam Shield.

The actual arms start with the parts.

The small part above is for the upper arm while the two below make up the lower arm.

Now for more bling!

Using these parts I put the arm together but encountered a bit of a problem.

The fit didn’t seem tight and when I bent the arm the gap opened even more.

Then I realized why that was.

Undergates! There are some undergates on the extra finish runner. That’s great but it made me think of something. Why did Bandai redo the manual to list the Extra Finish runner parts but didn’t include the information that they were undergated? Hmm.

Now for some armor.

The large part slides down from above while the smaller one meets it going on from below. Into the hollow of the arm fits the previously assembled units.

You then finish the shoulder joint pieces by slapping on one small part.

Why didn’t Bandai include this step during the shoulder assembly? Hmmm.

The hands use the extra finish parts as well and look really good.

That also means I can use the non-extra finish parts for a second set of hands. Hmmm.


Very much like the experience I had with the PG except these shoulders don’t open.

With all that done I was having such a good time I wanted to keep going but it was time for Gai-Gun Jr’s bath but she wanted to keep watching TV which means I had to put my side-cutter down and put my foot down. Hmmm.

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  1. Agent_Chooster says:

    V-fins of the Strike Freedom? AWESOME! The design of all three strike’s are very unique. It’s as if they sort-of…evolved over each iteration.

  2. Kefka says:

    I dunno the FB version isnt really worth it too much exposed lame gold and it wont be as shiny as mekki parts

  3. thecrowpw says:

    I just recently purchased this kit and the MG 00 Raiser. I am in the process of finishing the 00. I can’t wait to start on the Strike Freedom I plan on painting the lame gold parts. So far it looks awesome, can’t wait to see it finished, keep up the good work.

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