Gaijin Gunpla

What’s this? A review of a kit that is now four years old? Yes, I’m writing a review of the 1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver. Ka due to a variety of reasons.

* I always mention it as one of the best Master Grade kits around and I want to rank it and put it in its proper place in the MG hierarchy.
* I’ve compared the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka prior to release to the Sinanju and I would like to see how close the comparisons are.
* I wanted to build it again (Cuz it’s great).

You’ll notice that I haven’t done any of the decals/stickers for this kit prior to reviewing it. That is for a couple of reasons.

* We all know what a fully-stickered Sinanju looks like so I thought it would be worth showing the kit without the stickers to bring attention to the large difference in the look of a completely done kit
* I probably will be painting this kit again so I have to leave those stickers off until the end.

Overall Look: 10/10

This thing sure is a beauty. Yes, it’s monstrous and exudes power but it’s also unorthodox in the Gundam universe thanks to all those curves. As you discover when you’re assembling the kit, it has layers of armor on top of layers of armor.

Tucked into the undersides of the wings and legs are also thrusters. Thrusters everywhere!

And it’s got spikes!

And just enough of the armor collars to remind you it’s a Zeon suit.

And the Sinanju can also lay claim to the coolest Gundam head of them all.

The layers of red all but hiding that beaming mono-eye is accented perfectly but the lone blade jutting upwards from the center of its forehead. Gawd, it’s gorgeous.

Colors: 9/10

I guess there are two ways to react to the score here.

1) Such a high score for an almost all red kit?


2) Wait, not a perfect 10 for this brilliant kit?

Unfortunately, I can’t give it the perfect score for this category though I’d like to. I love the red accented with the black and white throughout the suit, but the fault here lies in the yellow. The yellow seems too blah compared with everything else and it’s mostly noticeable on the skirt.

For a kit like this, a highly-touted Ver. Ka, with the price it demanded I think Bandai should have given that yellow runner to us as an extra finish runner. That surely would have highlighted how special this kit is. The flip-side of this is, because it’s a small runner with only a few parts that are hidden throughout the suit it is not a problem to paint it yourself.

Weapons: 10/10

Standard to any Gunpla kit are the rifle, shield, and beam sabers but just look at the Sinanju versions of said weapons.

They’re incredible looking right down to the way they molded the beam sabers. As if that wasn’t enough the shield and rifle are designed to accommodate attachments and come with gimmicks which will be talked about more in the Build Design segment of this review.

Articulation: 8/10

For such a big kit the Sinanju articulates really well. There is a lot of movement in the hips and knees and the only thing that hinders the movement of the lower body are the ankles. They flex forward quite far.

However, it’s the flexing backwards part that prevents you from splaying out the legs more.

The arms articulate very well but of course will be hindered by the spiky armor part underneath the shoulders. With all that said, you can still get some awesome poses without the need for an Action Base.

And that enormous backpack does not make it lean backwards! Fantastic!

Build Design: 9/10

This is probably the most solid Master Grade kit I have ever assembled. I really can’t find any fault in the design. The decision to do away with poly-caps for the Sinanju’s frame and go with tight-fitting ABS can’t be overlooked. This kit is massive and poly-caps wouldn’t have been able to hold the weight of the arms, weapons, backpack, etc. After I finished assembling this, my second MG Sinanju, I was reminded just how solid everything is with this kit and that shouldn’t be taken for granted. The Sinanju is huge and needed to be solid and Bandai did it. Even with that enormous backpack the poly-cap-less design means Sinanju will stand straight and tall.

Though designed without poly-caps there are a lot of gimmicks/moving parts on this kit which can be found on the back of the legs,

the thruster housings on the outside of each leg,

and the armor on the back of the lower arm, which opens to give Sinanju access to his Beam Sabers.

They’ve also included a gimmick allowing you to easily expand the wings on the backpack.

The hands are the older 2.0 style hands that I prefer and use the little tab to attach to the weapons.

While this may seem insufficient based on what we’ve seen with this design in the past, because there are no poly-caps the wrist connection stays in place so the weapon does not droop. It’s often the weapon drooping that leads to the grip coming lose but you won’t find that with the Sinanju.

And Bandai even molded the black pieces for the wrist, chest, knee, and shield with upraised sections to not only make it easy to see where the stickers are meant to go but also to give a better effect overall.

And Bandai didn’t stop there. They also included gimmicks in the weapons. The shield and rifle can both mount an grenade launcher.

The shield also equips the beam axe handles and they change position for use with those giant effect parts.

The handles can actually slide up or down to give you more or less length when using the giant blades.

Like any kit though the MG Sinanju is not without some controversy. Some builders report problems with the pieces used to attach the giant wings to the backpack as well as the peg connecting the lower half of the body to the upper half. I didn’t experience any difficulty in these areas however I can understand how it happens. Because the sections of the kit are so large and also irregularly shaped it’s easy to apply pressure in a direction slightly offline which will put pressure on the wrong area of a part leading to stress and or breakage. If you’re careful you should be fine.

The only aspect of the design I think is lacking is how Bandai opted to attach the shield to the Sinanju. They give you two connections which is more than most kits. The first being to hang it from a piece that flips out from underneath the shoulder armor

While this works it means that the shield will always remain more or less vertical. If you want to be able to move the shield around when posing your kit then you’ll have to use the connection that clips onto the back of the lower arm.

You have to clip it to just the right area in order to get it to stay secure and it will work if you’re careful, however for those wishing to paint the kit using this connection will most likely see you scraping off paint whenever you remove the shield. I would have liked something different, however with no poly-caps Bandai’s options were probably severely restricted.

Fun Factor: 10/10

Everything about the construction of this kit is a great experience. Watching the different areas of the kit come together as you apply armor part after armor part is not something you’ll experience in the same way with other kits. Building a poly-cap less frame is also a unique experience and then, once you start playing around with the kit and realizing how great it works is icing on the Sinanju cake. At no time did I experience any sense of frustration when building my first or second Sinanju even when my clumsy fingers were losing armor collar parts. I really love this kit and am glad I built it again.

Extras: 10/10

Yes, the ‘extras’ that come with the MG Sinanju are only beam saber parts but just look at the size of these guys. If Bandai had opted not to include these parts they probably would have also not bothered with the gimmick for the shield which would have been a shame. So those parts are pretty important and as mentioned you do get a grenade launcher that can swap between shield and rifle and Bandai also designed the rifle to be able to connect to the Sinanju Bazooka which they released later which can be viewed as preparation for an extra.

As we reach the end of the review I want to take some space here to compare the MG Sinanju with the MG Nu Gundam Ka. I love the MG Sinanju and I also love the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka, however building the Sinanju again really exposes the problems with the Nu Gundam. Leaving aside the Fin Funnel Fiasco (that’s trademarked, by the way) the big issue I have with the Nu is that it has problems standing straight with the backpack and funnels on. This is somewhat surprising to me because I thought Bandai had dealt with that issue with the design they used for the MG Sinanju. If Bandai had designed the Nu Gundam’s frame the same as the Sinanju’s it would have no problem holding up the backpack and fin funnels. When I realized Bandai had opted for the poly-caps that I became worried about the Nu Gundam’s stability and, to be honest, somewhat disappointed. The Sinanju’s excellence in this area points to Nu Gundam’s biggest deficiency.

Those of you who have built an MG Sinanju understand why I feel the way I do about it and those who haven’t built one yet shouldn’t waste any time. Get this kit. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Moog says:

    I want a Sinanju, god knows I do, but I am not yet worthy.

    • syd says:

      Not yet worthy? Do you mean you’re not skilled enough. Actually, despite it being pretty intimidating it’s not a difficult build. I actually built this kit and weapons in 4 hours.

    • Woodfish says:

      It was my first MG, right after I’ve built my first HG, Cgue. It was my first painted model, to be honest. I’ve went through all of it. Painted it, decaled it, and finally assembled it without any huge problems. The gold is a bit tough but it can be done. I’m a living proof of that and as my first MG I was hardly a master at painting. I was using airbrush. Spray paints/airbrush will help a LOT here. Though if you don’t want to mask the shield and everything else for hours for painting those golden details get yourself a fine brush. Final words, I had FUN and a lot of it while building this guy. Pick it up yourself, you won’t regret it! 🙂

    • Amberlynn says:

      Actually despite this image not having them, it came with all stickers for the crests and arms! And he’s right not a tough build at all! 🙂 The Unicorn, thats the hard one

  2. Victor says:

    Now that you have a review for this MG, I’m getting more excited in getting this kit. Syd, have you heard about the MG Sinanju OVA ver. to be released?

  3. Zenstrive says:

    And Bandai has just announced MG Sinanju OVA version…

    • Michael says:

      And now I lost any incentive to repair my Sinanju – the torso peg snapped when I was disassembling it to paint the frame. Actually, it appears this would have happened anyway if I kept rotating the torso – the peg jammed shut in the receiving part.

      • Ole says:

        Yes. That thing actually happened to me also. The torso peg snapped. And now dusting in the box. (ノД`)・゜・。

      • Evan says:

        Happened here as well. It snapped when assembling it. I cut a length of brass tube and glued it over the remainder of the peg, then drilled out the torso connection until it fit and glued.

      • Jeff says:

        This has happened to me as well. I tried super gluing the peg to the waist, tried using a Lego piece to allow for it to keep the swivel waist. They both failed. Finally I got my dad’s help and he just jammed the two halves together with more super glue and it worked. Unfortunately the waist is at an odd angle and there are streaks of white from the super glue. I’m hoping the Sinanju Stein comes with polycaps like Nu Ver. Ka did to get rid of the waist problems. If not, I’ll just have to be careful.

  4. ClayCannonII says:

    Cant wait to get mine. It should be in next week

  5. Evan says:

    Assuming the OVA ver will have the bazooka?
    Will you be getting the Stein Syd?

    • syd says:

      Yes, I’ll be getting the Stein, but I’m not sure the OVA version is worth picking up after building two of these.

  6. Dead2death says:

    It’s not an OVA version. It is the ‘manga’ version.

  7. Jasonps3 says:

    And the nu gundam score keeps going down into the charts. Man, that sucks. I really want the ver ka to do good. I don’t know why i feel bad about that kit, i usually never do care.

  8. Ryan says:

    I am currently building this kit for the first time. It really is one of the most solid feeling kits I have ever built. Painting all of the crests isn’t nearly as daunting as it seems. I’ve been brush painting tamiya gold leaf acrylic on the yellow vent covers and black parts. It takes about 3 coats to work on the black, but it looks really good, and the detail being raised up helps immensely. The hardest part, as has been mentioned before, is the long gold border on the large red part of the shield.

  9. Kefka says:

    They actually announced an OVA version and as for why it was not gold I think in some of the lineart it’s yellow and only the sleeves are gold

  10. Adrian says:


    Can you show us how to paint the crests using various methods (reverse wash, hand painting, spray painting, etc.) on HL TV? I have the Sinanju but have held off starting it simply because I don’t know the proper way to paint this kit.


    • Michael says:

      Yes, please. I quite interested in that as well – there are a lot of Neo-Zeon/Sleeves suits that use similar decorations.

  11. Evan says:

    So I see conflicting reports as to rather this is OVA or Manga version. Could it be from the Unicorn Bande Dessinee series? It would be kind of lame if we get an OVA ver. with the bazookas, when OVA ver Unicorn (which is a nice kit) didn’t have the gatlings.

    As for the insignia and trim on the Sinanju, I found painting the raised detail in Tamiya gold leaf to be effective.

  12. OniZai says:

    This might be off-topic to the Sinanju and Nu Gundam ver. Ka, but I would recommend building the MG Turn A Gundam as it also uses no polycaps and its design will bring in something different than the other Gundam model kits. Very good too.

  13. Bocalt says:

    Thanks alot for the review, with the upcoming oav version and possible fixes of some of the issues, I have been convinced I need this one in my collection along the hguc I bought ages ago due to the brilliant review of the latter. Cheers

  14. Dear Syd,

    Im a Newbie modelers here in Malaysia, ive been working on several MG’s and RG’s in this 2 years well yet im scared of several things, like Decals, seals and stickers, thats why all my kits are kinda boring so im tuning to your shows on youtube so indirectly u are My Yoda

    ive been drooling over by looking at your yellow Sinanju and ive been thinking on Getting the Sinanju Myself,

    so Syd, Between the Sinanju and the new Nu Ver Ka which one do u recommend and do the HLJ do shipping to Malaysia so i can order them from u guys?

    say hello to Scotts from me,

    From Malaysia

    • syd says:

      Hi Rico,

      Thanks for your comment. If I had to choose between the Sinanju and Nu Ver Ka I would probably go for the Sinanju, but that’s mostly because I like the look of that suit more. Both are great kits. HLJ does ship to Malaysia. They ship to almost everywhere.

      • Hello Syd,

        Thks for the Reply, now i know which kit i should get this february, might as well paint my model (my very first Try) and if i succeed, ill share u the picture,

        and if i die trying, please remember me syd, haha


  15. Dhanie Dewanta says:

    Hi Rico,

    I am newbie modelers (for MG) also from Indonesia.
    before i was working on HG and RG.
    Now that i am able to work and trying to purchase some MG’s.
    However, maybe not much, but i just purchased MG Ver.KA Sinanju.
    The thing is the Sinanju is harder to built than Unicorn or RX-93 (on the same grade).
    It has more complex structure inside it even looks simple from outside.
    in my opinion, the red cloured plastic is inducing plastic-like than “gundarium-alloy-like”.
    That is why i am looking forward to learn paint.

    Overall, sinanju is worth than the same MG version.


    • Hi Danie, Salam,

      i can no longer find joy in HG, well not saying i wont cause i havent try the newer ones 2011 production and up

      but im so into RG and i have a full set of it an even preoder Destiny, well the stickers? i havent put any coz im so clumsy

      MG however, im ordering both SInanju and Unicorn with Their respective action base from HLJ,


      • Bocalt says:

        The HG has really improved, there so much more details with some big ms from Unicorn while some of the Age kits have amazing level of articulation+great posability as well as smarter build experiences… Keep an eye out 😉

      • Tony says:

        I agree 110% with Bocalt – HGs just aren’t what they used to be… They’re SO much better! New HGs are, in my opinion, reaching, if not surpassing, the quality of old-ish MGs.

  16. fury-s12 says:

    ive always wanted this kit, mostly because it lends itself to bright gaudy colors so well , now i really want one

  17. cipher says:

    syd,,,i got a bad news for you..
    shinanju … is not a gundam…it’s a MS

  18. Bocalt says:

    Hi there Gundam Unicorn “spoiler alert”:
    Seems the Sinanju(amazing choreography btw) won’t be the final MS of Full Frontal and we have to wait one year to see what see what Sunrise has come up with. So what are your expectations, views?
    Moreover that updated Banshee made a great debut and I can’t wait to see the new destroy mode. Would you get a new Banshee(hguc/mg)?
    And finally that FA Unicorn from the OVA which misses some weapons from the ver Ka kit(still looks imposing in the OVA), do you feel its still worth getting as a HGUC?

  19. Bocalt says:

    Oh ho, not sure but it seems the oav will either get the gold parts as waterslide decals or seperate stickers… that’s pretty good news and a real improvement 😀

  20. Alessandro Vadalà says:

    Hello Syd,
    don’t you think that the VER. KA. version it’s absolutely better?

    Bufu ikkan

  21. Zetaone71 says:

    Hey Syd! I just built the Titanium Version and I love it. I agree with you that this is an epic kit.

  22. tinbore says:

    Am I the only one here who feels the sinanju is a slight bit overrated? I mean it is a very good looking kit but I personally feel the colours(especially the inner frame) isn’t too right. Like what Syd said the yellow wasn’t that spectacular, but I have to say I like the red on this kit. Now I love the articulation and build design of the inner frame A lot but I just feel the colour is too light. I would give this kit an 8.5/10 but this is just my personal opinion.

  23. Ryan says:

    Now im going to wait for the 1/100 neo zeong version of this.

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