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Though I am not very familiar with the role the Tallgeese played in the Wing series I am not oblivious to the popularity of this Mobile Suit. Gunplars have been bemoaning the lack of a Master Grade version of the Tallgeese for years. 2012 was the year Bandai informed everyone the kit was under way and in this first month of 2013 the 1/100 MG Tallgeese I EW kit is finally in fans hands.

This is where I confess to not being particularly fond of the look to the Tallgeese. To me it seems really bulky especially with the thunder thighs however even I can admit that this suit looks badass on the box art.

Box Contents

You can already pick out in this photo the very Tallgeese-y parts such as the shield parts and some of the leg armor. There is a little surprise in one of the runner bags.

What’s in that little yellow bag?

Why it’s a little yellow spring? Any guesses? The rifle? The head?

Here are the included stickers including a rather large set of foils.


Same cool artwork.

“Gundam W Another Aspect” Love it.

And here’s the guide for all those markings.

If the Tallgeese turns out to be as good as the Heavy Arms and the other recent wing kits there should be many happy Gunplars out there. I’m sure everyone is like me and can’t wait to get started.

edit: And the day after the Tallgeese arrives in stores Bandai announces the limited edition Tallgeese II. They don’t waste any time do they?

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  1. Mike says:

    Guess for the spring hey… 20 $ down on for the rifle

  2. Mike says:

    Any plans for this one after building it Syd ?

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    The marking guide sure looks alot like the front of the manual……hmmmm still cant wait

  4. ClayCannonII says:

    And just to let you know the Tallgeese is like the Char suit for wing

  5. ClayCannonII says:

    Are you getting the tallgeese II

  6. spardin says:

    yessssss have waited so long for this kit
    can understand why you dislike the look its very different from other gundams. i love it though the head looks like a roman helmet.
    Also the tallgeese is the prototype to all the gundams in gundam wing.

  7. Tony says:

    As far as Tallgeese’s role in Wing – in the history of After Colony, it is sorta the equivalent of the Zaku I: The first mobile suit in that universe.
    In actual usage, as Clay mentions, it is a Char-suit. There’s even a 3x as fast mention thrown in – although things get really Char-y when the Char gets a red Gundam in the later half of the series that only he and one other better-than-everyone pilot (*cough*Newtypes*cough*) can handle.
    Its an antique that was so powerful it had to be watered down to be made into the grunt Leo, and was the predecessor to everything MS in the series.

    And I want to build it so freaking bad.

  8. Ryan says:

    Tallgeese was always my favorite suit from wing, i quite liked zechs story from finding the Tallgeese, putting it back together. Learning how to handle it (infact one pilot died from the G forces he endured piloting it) using it against the gundams and later enemy’s. In fact Zechs story begins to make less sense after he parts way with it.

    There is the Blue Tallgeese II as well Syd that you already know of and it is identical in performance and armament. Merely cosmetically different.

    Finally there was the upgraded Tallgeese III which had minor cosmetic changes but a drastically more vicious armament. The story behind the 3rd unit was that it was intended for the pilot of Tallgeese II but wasn’t ready.

    Interestingly tho and never explained is when the original Tallgeese was siting in its hangar in disrepair, it was holding its own detached head. It’s never mentioned why.

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