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Your wish is my command. Anything to leave the word ‘erotic’ out of my plastic model posts (though I would probably get a lot more traffic if it was in there…)

Erotically speaking, the Tallgeese is not.

On with the build! This little segment will show the arms and shoulders.

Here are the first parts you snip off the runner when assembling the arms. With these you will assemble the elbow joint.

Interestingly, the joint doesn’t open fully but stays bent slightly as you see in the picture.

Try to get a shot showing the angle…


Try again…

Hmm, nope. Please refer to first picture…

The next step is to slide a poly-cap into the bottom of a frame piece and then slide that piece onto the assembled elbow joint. Once again grooves are in fashion here.

For armor, the lower arm uses three pieces which are all placed on by sliding them on from below.

Then the armor for the elbow is attached. You can see there are actually four parts used in this step.

Elbow viewed from the back.

When assembling the first stages of the arms, unsurprisingly, both right and left arms are done at the same time.

The upper arm is actually one frame part with a poly-cap inserted into it, which is then placed inside one armor part.

The shoulder joints.

The little peg jutting out of the bottom of the shoulder will click into that poly-cap in the upper arm. This reminded me of the AGE-1 Titus with the similar bulky arms.

It’s here we get to bust out the dark blue runner.

Make sure your piece is not upside down.

Very much like the Titus, ne?

Now for some yellow. Sandwich these big boys on either side of the shoulder ball.

Then place in one of the white armor parts before sliding the large armor used to cover the majority of the yellow.

Two very small blue pieces are then joined together making a hinge.

This is then placed into the side of the shoulder.


One of those blue pieces has a gate right on top of a small protrusion. The manual makes it clear that the protrusion should not be cut. So why place a gate there?!

Now for this thing.

Be sure to remove the little nubs on the inside. For this you will probably need to use your hobby knife if you want to be sure to get those gate marks removed completely.

This then squeezes into the inside of the top of the shoulder.

And then is swung downwards into place.

So here are the different sections of the arm.

Just clip them together and you’re good to go.

Notice how the armor moves when the arm bends.

Very nicely done. There is a lot of movement here.

The hands are your standard Wing hands that I’ve personally seen enough of.

There they are.

But I still have some time so let me show you the feet starting with the frame.

Just put that poly-cap in there, close it up, and then move onto the armor and other parts.

Here is the ankle joint.

When you’ve got the frame parts together you take a couple of parts off that off-gray runner and slap them on either side.

And here is the Tallgeese very not-tall foot.

These are the smallest feet I’ve assembled in some time.

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  1. Dan says:

    Thanks for the post Syd!! Thanks for the warning about the peg piece with the gate mark.

    I am liking the part separation on this kit. Seems like it would be easy to paint with minimal masking. If the feet are small I wonder if it’s going to have stability issues? But it sure looks better than the 4 inch stiletto they put on the Rozen Zulu!

  2. Agent_Chooster says:

    This kit is pretty revolutionary! Inner frame everywhere! and the choice of bandai to make ridges for armour pieces is a nice touch. should make for easy dis-assemblage in paint prep (i hope).

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    Wasn’t surprised with the hands, however, i wonder if you could swap them with the new hands from the Nu

  4. cipher says:

    i love that feet

  5. Ryan says:

    Having the yellow as seperate frame pieces in the shoulders rather than simply stickers is a good indicator of the kits potential quality. If i can find it for the right price i will definetly get it asap.

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