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Poor Dark Hound. We were about halfway through the build when the release of the RG Zeta arrived pushing the shadowed canine to the rear of the Work Table. And just as the Zeta was being completed the MG Nu Ver. Ka arrived and commanded all of our attentions. I’m still working on those two later kits. I’ve got the RG Zeta stickered and am just waiting to paint the rifle parts and put on top coat while the Nu Gundam is waiting to have the yellow parts painted and the back pack and fin funnels painted. Fortunately for me it’s a long weekend here in Japan starting tomorrow.

Because I can only paint on weekends I found myself mid-week wondering which kit I should work on. Do I start prepping the fin funnels or Zeta rifle parts for painting. No, the Dark Hound has waited long enough. Let’s finish that guy up.

Torso and head were shown in the last Dark Hound entry so this one starts with the shoulders.

Frame! (And some tiny poly-caps)

This top shoulder assembly is then attached to the large shoulder parts.

The arms are really simple and straight-forward so let me just provide a picture.

When it comes to the hands you get the hand runner complete with everything you need.

So let’s just put these together.

The design of the part that actually connects to the torso is the same as that on the AGE-1. It worked so well why change it?

When you click it into its place it holds the shoulder on.

Now for the skirt.

These parts are quite large and easy to understand, but what are these?

They click onto each side of the skirt.

Slide on a large cover.

Insert some small poly-caps into a frame part then attach it to the skirt assembly.

Then it’s time to start armoring.

The rear skirt armor is very large.

That’s not even all of it. You add even more parts.

Attach it to the back of the skirt frame and realize how long it is.

Now onto the legs!

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Im building an age-2 normal and am going through these same motions. The kit is so slick

  2. Kefka says:

    Problem with the hands is that they didn’t give a set of sword holding ones so you’ll need to use the trigger finger set if you want the pegs

  3. Zenstrive says:

    Wait, the beam saber holster is actually movable on the MG? Interesting!

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