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Way back on December 28th (feels so long ago) I mentioned that I had picked up the MG Strike Freedom Full Burst kit to keep me busy during the holidays. It turns out I didn’t need the model because I was plenty busy without it, but now that things are winding down I took a moment to open up the box to see what was inside.

So what is inside the Full Burst version of the MG Strike Freedom?

A lot of stuff!

Including an action base?

So what do I do with this?

You also get effect parts for when you want to do the ‘Bursting’.

You also get two runners distinct to this kit.

Extra Finish!

These will replace the normal parts found on the frame runners. Because of this Bandai has given the Full Burst its own manual.

Often Bandai just adds an insert to the current manual but because this version of the Strike Freedom comes with extra parts, extras, and the ability to go all burst crazy Bandai redid the manual. That makes it much easier for me to assemble so I’m thankful.

Now that I’ve found the time to open the box I’ll have to set aside some time to actually start building it.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:


  2. Michael says:

    The downside of this kit is pretty much the same one you mentioned in Courage build – “lame gold”. Not all visible frame parts are gold-plated. Quite a lot of them use this ugly yellow plastic – I’d say proportion of yellow vs gold visible is the same as for PG, so I hope you still have some Tamiya Gold spray paint.

    • solowing666 says:

      IMO the gold plating is closer to Titanium Gold than standard Tamiya Gold (Gold Leaf?)

      Btw, I’ve seen my friend got its inner frame painted but he didn’t pay attention to mask off connection points and holes, and first time he tried to bend the knee, the frame snapped.

  3. Mathias says:

    This was my first kit ever… Such great memories 😀

    Oh and Syd, do be careful with that action base! Clear plastic tends to be more brittle. The connection between the Gundam and the base itself snapped on mine after about a year. Luckily I saw it, otherwise my Strike Freedom would have fallen down from the very top of my shelf…

  4. Trevor says:

    I’m really looking forward to your assembling of this, Syd!

    funny, i’ve been building gunpla for nearly 10 years, and i’ve never had an mg before LOL.

  5. Dan says:

    Looking forward to reading about the kit as you build it. Has anyone built the MG Destiny Gundam with all the extras? I was kinda interested in it.

    Good luck Syd!!

    • spardin says:

      i have the destiny kit with the flashy extras the burst parts that are added to back pack “wings” are super sexy they realy add to the look of it.

      • Ryan says:

        Agreed, the MG Destiny full burst is a excellent kit, the wings alone are worth the extra money, the boomerang hand pieces are delightful

  6. Agent_Chooster says:

    I didn’t get the gold plated version (wanted to paint my own gold), but i thought this kit was DOPE! I really enjoyed the gimmicks they had for this kit. The backpack, the dragoons, the waist guns, and how he could store all his weapons. Can’t wait for your opinion on this excellent kit.

  7. TimmyJ says:

    I should get to work on my Destiny Extreme Blast Mode in case the need to do battle or something.

  8. Qja says:

    i totally screwed this kit.
    nah actually i screwed the wings so all left is the kit without its wings….
    the mechanism broke. so i did custom this kit. looks good tho but it would be better with its wings..

    the wings are sooooo fragile T.T

  9. Kyle465 says:

    What type of decals are in this kit?
    Dry transfer, waterslides, and/or the other kind of stickers whose name I just suddenly forgot?

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