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Knowing that a lot of Gunplars out there want to see any Tallgeese related info that they can, I decided I would wait on the Strike Freedom Full Burst posts (great kit, by the way) in favour of the Tallgeese. Like most everyone else, I don’t really know what to expect with this kit despite having built all the recent Wing MG releases. So join me on a tall adventure!

Here’s the poly-cap runner included with the kit. A quick glance at it seems to indicate it is pretty standard.

And the first thing you do uses a couple of poly-caps.

The two poly-caps fit inside the small frame part and I should mention for those who were wondering that the frame seems to be the Poly-styrene that we saw the the MG Nu.

The pilot and his seat are next along with the cockpit hatch.

Place the pilot and hatch in one side of the torso frame and then close the cockpit up.

Slide an armor part on from below and then a frame part on from behind.

The part that slides on from behind fits onto some grooves on the side of the torso frame. When I stopped to examine the parts in more detail I noticed grooves all over the surface of the frame parts.

Now for the shoulders joints, a very simple construction using one part and one poly-cap.


Onto the grooves you slide in the yellow chest vent pieces.

Now these two pieces…

combine to make this.

And then it slides into its groove.

The lower part of the torso is quite simple with only three parts.

Now it’s time for the large armor parts. Now we’re getting somewhere.

And to complete the torso construction you fit this very nice circular part in the back.


Now for the head and you start like this.

Seems simple enough, right? Just sandwich that poly-cap between the two yellow parts. Well, that’s not quite correct.

You actually slide those parts into a larger armor part.

So… these three parts.

And what do I do with them? Well, let’s see.

Wait, what? Oh, I have a choice.

You can choose to build the Tallgeese I with its face flush with the brim of its helmet or set it back a bit. I prefer the latter so that’s what I went with, but if I want to change it I can do so at any time. Cool!

Now for the armor part with the vents and…

A tiny foil sticker! It’s okay. I can do this. After doing the Nu Gundam Ver Ka I have lots of experience.

That actually wasn’t the hard part. After attaching the sticker you have to put a tiny piece of clear plastic in front of it, and if that didn’t sound tough enough…

You’ve got to make sure you put it in facing the correct way. Get out your tweezers and magnifying glasses!

With the helmet and the face mask done you just need to slide the face mask into place from the front.

Now for the only red parts on the entire kit.

I can guess you know what these are for.

Ya, they’ve come to snuff the rooster. Looks odd from this angle.

That’s better.

And there you have it. A Tallgeese Torso!

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  1. ClayCannonII says:


  2. Fermar says:

    Can’t wait to have mine…

  3. Josh says:

    Haha nice Alice in Chains reference. Really wanting this or the Sinanju Stein!

  4. Dan says:

    Syd, I would like to thank for posting the tallgeese build first. I have been looking forward to this kit since it was announced. I really enjoy your in depth blogs and look forward to seeing more on the tallgeese!

    Can’t wait to see what the spring does in the weapon! Thanks again!

    • Tony says:

      Agreed. We’re all about ready to whore ourselves out for any Tallgeese info, and its nice to get it without having to do that (unless someone beat me to it). Dalong’s stuff is handy, but the google translate can only do so much to get the points across. Oddly high amount of awkward words get in there somehow… pretty sure “erotic” showed up once.

  5. Kyle says:

    Oh man mine finally shipped from HLJ, can’t wait. The Tallgeese is pretty much my favourite Wing suit. Looks good so far Syd, thanks for answering the question about the frame. After the Nu Gundam I was wondering if the MGs were going to go with a poly frame or not. Pretty interesting, I wonder if any other new MG releases will have the poly frame as well?

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