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It’s January 15th which means it’s time to pick the winner of the contest which I announced back on January 4th when I cleaned my room. (Actually, it’s January 16th so it’s time to announce the results of my picking a winner for the contest which I announced back on January 4th when I wrote about cleaning my room which I did on January 1st. Semantics)

A random number generator gave me a number which corresponded to one of the 112 comments in the thread. That comment wasn’t an answer to the question that was posed so I hit up the random number generator again and it gave me a number which turns out to be Stephen’s comment.

As you can see he was one of the many who wrote MG Blitz Gundam! (complete with exclamation point). That is one of the correct answers to the question posed so he is the winner. I’ve already emailed Stephen and am just waiting to hear back from him so I can send off his prize.

So that this post won’t be devoid of any Gunpla let me just post a few pictures of the work I’ve done so far on the GAF Nu. It was a three-day weekend last weekend so I got quite a lot of Gunpla work done which will be shown here in great detail. The first two days I did a lot of painting, but the third day it snowed so I lamented that I didn’t paint more. Anyways, here’s the Nu’s backpack all painted up.

And I reconstructed the Fin Funnels with the brass rod cut down to the proper size. I actually broke one of the blue parts when taking them apart for painting so had to take care of that before I could put everything back together.

I think there is no yellow on my MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka.

Now for a topcoat and some decals.

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  1. Bocalt says:

    Congrats Steven indeed, btw what was the full list of correct answers?

  2. Mick says:

    Syd, have you had time, to take a look at 2oldfortoys video on youtube, about fixing mg nu’s backpack? Because on your picture, there still is a small gap on your backpack. I just finished mine yesterday, and I was able to also fix the backpack. All it takes is a small push and it gets a stronger friction hold.

  3. ClayCannonII says:


  4. Stephen says:

    At first I was excited, and then I realized it was a different Stephen/Steven. D:

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