Gaijin Gunpla

With a Stein top and a Stein bottom complete there were only a few things left to do. The backpack and the weapons. But before that, I had to assemble the side skirts I had neglected during the second session.

That was easy enough.

Quite different from those found on the Sinanju Ver Ka.

When you go to place them on you have to tuck them under the rear skirt otherwise they won’t line up properly.

The first step in the backpack assembly is to put together the large fuel tanks.

Bandai molded the Stein’s with the main portion of the fuel tank being one part. This means there is no seam line such as the one that can be seen on the Sinanju Ver. Ka.

I wonder if Bandai will go with this type of mold for the MG Sinanju OVA version. Here’s hoping.

The tanks for the Stein are shorter but still look massive compared to parts you’re used to on other MG kits.

The next step is to put together all six thrusters.

The red parts fit inside so nicely I wonder how I will get them back out later when it comes time to paint.

Now for this thing…

This ‘thing’ is placed inside the main frame parts for the center of the backpack.

Follow that up with the two armor parts.

The top part fits on by a large rectangular block instead of the pegs we’ve seen in the past.

While the bottom part slides into grooves in the frame.

Now for this.. um.. thing.

And these parts.

With all of those…

You get this watchamacallit.

Being a ball and socket connection there is a lot of movement.

Now to slide a frame part into the top armor piece. The angle is kind of awkward but it fits nicely when done properly.

That then clips onto the ball on the top of the thruster assembly.

And there is one wing.

The wings connect to the center assembly by these little frame parts.

Unfortunately, you can’t connect the wings from the Sinanju Ver. Ka to the Stein’s backpack.

I like the look of the backpack even though it lacks the Sinanju Ver. Ka’s majesty.

And the tanks from the Stein don’t fit onto the Sinanju Ver. Ka’s backpack.

So I will just put them where they belong.

But before I put the backpack on the Stein I’ll just play around a little.

Okay. Okay. Back to business at hand.

The rifle for the Stein is much bigger than that of the Sinanju Ver. Ka, but doesn’t seem as complicated.

Add armor.

I like this armor piece for some reason.

Then this very large, but very hollow, piece.

This piece takes a sticker, apparently.


Add the barrel and you’re good to go.

Now for that bazooka which was very sought after the first time it came out packed in with a Gundam UC comic.

I spent a lot of time on the Bazooka back when I was building the Yellowbird but I’ll gladly build another.

First this.

Then add these.

Which gives you this (can you tell I have no idea what the individual sections of a fictional Giant Robot bazooka are called?)

Then build the main body.

Followed by the barrel.

The end of the barrel has some ‘trimmings’.

Here is a shot comparing the handle which was on the runner and is used on the original Sinanju Ver Ka and the new handle for the Stein which features the tab.

Then the shield. Despite looking very plain compared to Big Red’s shield it still is pretty cool and very large.

After getting the blue parts in place I flipped the shield over and was glad to see that it should be easy to remove the blue parts when it comes time to paint. I’ll simply need to push on the blue parts from behind.

Then add the frame parts to the back.

Look familiar?

The beam saber handles.

The handles fit into the Stein’s arm from below.

While, if you remember, the Sinanju Ver. Ka’s went in from above.

And we’re finished! Oh wait. The manual for some reason has you build the ammo for the bazooka last.

And the big question which I’m sure many of you were wondering about, ‘Is there any problem with the skirt peg used to connect the torso?’

I’m happy to report there is no problem at all. In fact, I put this connection together and took it back apart several times without any hint of trouble. The lighter, less dense, plastic used for the frame on the Stein makes sliding these kind of connections together very simple and risk-free. If you had a problem with your Sinanju Ver. Ka and this connection you could use the extra parts on the Stein and fix your Ver Ka!

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  1. Jeff says:

    That’s a big relief with the skirt peg and extra parts. Now if only I could figure out how to remove the super glue without damaging my Sinanju much….

  2. EluciaDeLuteIma says:

    Sweet, those extra parts are really handy considering I haven’t built my old ver. ka yet.

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    Do you think you can use the extra polystyrene hips on the ver ka?

  4. Bocalt says:

    Gosh I’m really looking forward to the review, right now I can opt for this kit which is cheaper than the Nu and the Sinanju ver ka. If there are any improvements that carry on to the OAV version of the Sinanju, could that new Sinanju get a higher “score”?

  5. neo says:

    I’m really happy to see that it comes with both handles for the bazooka. I’m definetely getting this kit. Thank you so much for this review!

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