Gaijin Gunpla

I’ve got half a Tallgeese (a half-geese?) already done and am now working on the section of Gunpla kits I like the most; the legs.

Using these three pieces I start on the build.

This turns out to be part of the knee construction.

You can see how it is meant to bend and hold the white armor piece in position.

With that little section done you then move onto the large frame parts and accompanying poly-caps.

This part is for the upper leg. For the lower leg you use this long piece.

Interestingly, this is the only frame part for the lower leg. You simply slide it onto the peg on the knee joint and that’s that.

Here’s a shot to show the range of motion before that big armor is put on.

But before you put the armor on the bottom you’ve first got to put on this yellow piece and its poly-cap.

And before any armor is put on your build the hip joint.

Be sure to put the hip joint in place before putting the thigh armor parts on.

While it doesn’t state that specifically in the manual, if you do put the armor on it will be difficult to put the hip joint in its place.

The armor part slides on easily resting up against some little ledges found on the frame.

Once the upper armor is on you do the same with the lower armor.

This opening is totally intentional.

And looks cool as well.

After the upper and lower leg are armored you then focus your attention on the knee and ankle.

The armor parts clip on either side of the knee meeting in the middle.

While the ankle area armor just pops on from below but there are no pegs or grooves to hold it in place instead it relies on its tight fit. The knee is then covered with the final armor piece.

The back of the knee shows a lot of frame, which is understandable. If you were to cover more of it up it would directly impact the degree to which the knee could bend.

Now for the skirt and these parts.

Another interesting thing about the Tallgeese design is that the pegs to hold the legs onto the skirt are molded as one part instead of molding one peg onto each of the large skirt frame parts.

This piece then fits onto the grooves on the underside of said frame parts.

The the top frame part is put on as well as one of the blue thrusters which is placed quite low on the front.

The front skirt armors are a simple design.

The side skirts just clip on the center piece similar to an HG design.

The front skirts then clip onto an orange part that was placed on the frame.

Now for the rear skirts and here is where it gets interesting.

There is no frame part which is placed on first but rather this large armor part that clips onto the balls found on the back of the skirt frame.

But this area is by no means done. There’s still a lot of work left to do starting with these parts.

Not the grooves found on the frame part.

The frame fits inside the large armor part and then the thruster is clipped into place.

Repeat this for the opposite side and you’ve got the rear skirts finished.

Before we continue we need to break out these runners as they weren’t needed until now.

Here are the parts for the first step in the side skirt assemblies.

Here is a shot showing how the two frame parts connect.

The last step on the side skirts is to put this peg into place.

That peg is meant for this little hole.

Next up, these two parts.

It’s here that that manual mentions the use of the foil stickers.

Foil stickers on an MG? Hmmm.

That last side skirt section clips onto the first, larger one.

Before I put the legs onto the skirt I thought I’d show this area of the skirt. You can see a sort of guard half surrounding the peg for the legs.

To put the side skirts on you first clip them onto the ball found on the frame.

Then the peg fits into the hole. (giggity)

There you have it.

Despite having a fully formed Humanoid fighting machine complete I feel only half done. I still have the backpack to do and it is quite big. That’s for next time.

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