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I’ve got a standing mecha but the Tallgeese still isn’t complete until those giant pods are slapped on his back. That is where today’s story begins.

Here’s the frame runner for the backpack. There are two of everything here. So the first step is to remove a couple of these parts.

And place one inside of the other.

It actually just settles in there and is not secured in one place but is left to move around.

Follow that up with a frame parts, a thruster, and a small part to put it all together.

The thruster lays inside of ridges on the frame part and will be able to move. For now the manual shows this position.

Now build another just like it.

These both then go onto the larger frame part you’ve already prepared.

Looking at the manual you can see how they are meant to be laid inside.

This looks about right.

With these in place you then close it up with a couple more frame parts.

Now we come to the armor and two pieces are placed on from opposite sides meeting in the middle.

When it comes time for this piece…

You’re meant to put on the large yellow foil sticker.

I will pass on that step for now. Stickers? on an MG? Hmmm… This is actually a bit of a surprise. Having just built the RG Zeta, there was a part of the waverider which featured a small red piece that fit around one of the smaller wings. It worked really well and I am kind of surprised we didn’t see something similar here.

When the Tallgeese wing is in place it looks like this.

View from the underside:

Now I’ve got to add a small frame part that will be used to connect it to the suit.

The opposite side has you using these three parts.

The yellow part slides into place in the hollow of the frame.

And the final covering piece is put on leaving you with one complete pod/wing/whatever this thing is called.

And it opens!

Once you’ve finished one, you do the same thing again for the other side and then attach them to the peg on the back of the Tallgeese.

And here he is.

So with the Tallgeese completed I move onto the weapons.

This large piece is connected to the handle using poly-caps.

Then you cut off this part.

But you don’t just slap this on there. First you need this:

That’s right, the spring. I first put it in place on the large frame part.

But the angle of the other end of the spring was off so it couldn’t connect to the tiny peg on the smaller frame part.

So I reversed the order and put the spring on the smaller frame part and then put it in place on the large piece.

Looks good.

Now for this tiny piece.

The manual is very clear how it should be put in place.

It nestles in just in front of a ridge on the smaller inner frame part.

How’d I do?

Then everything is closed up. The fit is very tight and it’s worth noting that the connection is the male/female type rather than the grooves I’ve seen all over the Tallgeese itself.

Then add stuff.

First, this little guy.

You can see the little openings on the inside of each arm. That is meant to slide onto the end of that tiny peg resting inside the rifle.


Then you add the front grip.

The scope uses a small clear part but I left that off the build for the time being.

This then clips together with this cylindrical piece and is placed on the front of the rifle.

A tiny part is even added to the side of the rifle clipping into the smaller piece that moves inside.

Now for the barrel. Three parts are used.

With the barrel assembled you slide it into the body of the rifle.


And then… well, nothing really happens. When I first saw there was a spring, I was under the impression that the spring would allow the barrel to elongate by releasing a switch, however that’s not how this works. The manual shows one small diagram which states that by pushing the barrel various parts of the rifle body will move, but for myself the only thing that moved was the bolt at the back. The small lever piece, which I first thought was the switch, is supposed to move, but didn’t. So I took the rifle apart to see if I missed anything. Once I’d double-checked that what I’d done matched the manual I put it back together and still didn’t get the result the manual stated I should expect. Once more I took the rifle apart and had a look inside. When I couldn’t locate anything I’d done wrong I put it back together and then, somewhat unsatisfied, moved onto the shield.

The shield is much simpler than the rifle (thank goodness). Just put the yellow piece on the white piece and then cover it up with frame part. Then you get to add the handle and small pieces that are used to hold the beam saber handles.

To secure the shield to the kit you build this little contraption.

It’s very similar to the design of the shoulders on the Zaku II 2.0 which allow you to connect the rectangular shield to one side and the spiked shoulder armor to the other.

There is also one for the rifle which acts in the exact same way.

Once I’d done all that it was passed my bedtime so I quickly cleaned up after myself and got ready for bed. The next time I show the Tallgeese will be in its review!

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Back to the SF burst

  2. Tony says:

    Here’s hoping for a good review. Lots of us clamoring for this old beast. I know in my case I’m more excited for this I was for Nu Ver.Ka (though my bias runs rather heavy towards anything Wing).

  3. Thomas says:

    This Tallgeese looks fantastic, but I’m torn between getting this, or the Tallgeese II (which I believe is a gentei kit only), OR hoping that they’ll release the Tallgeese III. I’d say they’re probably all too similar to bother with building all three (provided we get the third), so I want to build the best version, but I don’t know if I should go with the Tallgeese I, the cheaper and easier to obtain kit, or spend a bit more for the Tallgeese II which looks to be even better.

  4. Regalia says:

    Earlier this afternoon when I attempted to view the blog on my mobile device, it was unsucesful. I googled the blog then google warned me that the blog was a “dangerous” website. I hope that this was resolved seeing as I can view it again xD

  5. spardin says:

    the spring on the gun lets the barel move a bit like the recoil on a large cannon im sure the bartel is not spos to lock and then flick out.

  6. Trevor says:

    I like the barrel gimmick (thing). 🙂

  7. Tony says:

    Finally putting my Tallgeese together, having trouble with the dober gun. The polycap in the front of it seems to not be fitting in snugly, and I’m trying to get the gun apart now to try and fix it. Did you have any problems like that or was it a tight fit on the first try? (sorry, that sounds inappropriate)

    • Tony says:

      Got it. The polycap had rotated a teeny tiny bit I guess. 15 minutes of prying apart the gun to move it a tiny smidge. Won’t be getting those 15 minutes back.

      • syd says:

        Glad to hear you sorted it out, Tony. I have found myself many a time battling with poly-caps.

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