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On Saturday my wife was teaching an English lesson in our home while Gai-Gun Jr. had a play-date with the English student’s daughter. I stayed out of the house and out of everyone’s hair for the early afternoon and returned home when I thought everything would be finished. Upon my arrival it was evident things were very much still under way. To stay out of sight and mind I went upstairs and sat on the floor with the Sinanju Stein. It was a beautiful day so the sun streaming in through the windows provided me all the light I needed for photography.

In the box for the Stein you get the frame runner from the Sinanju Ver Ka, the K parts, but you also get a second frame runner designated as G2. Here’s a shot of the new skirt frame parts.

You can see that they are of a slightly different shape.

But that doesn’t mean the assembly is any different.

Here is the hatch which opens to hold the Sinanju rifle.

The rifle for the Stein is much larger so I doubt this will be able to hold the new one.

Front armor parts.

One for the back.

The front skirts are simple. Really simple. Only two parts!

That’s half the parts used on Big Red.

The rear skirt frame has a slightly wider, shorter shape.

The white piece is placed inside the frame part while the tiny frame part fits into a groove on the underside of the frame part.

One small part for this vacant space.

Again, a simpler design using less parts.

When I put the rear skirts on I noticed that they have little movement because the underside of the rear skirt comes into contact with the skirt frame.

The Sinanju Ver Ka on the other hand had more play in this area.

The feet start the same way as on the previous Ver. Ka Master Grade Sinanju.

But here is the difference (Stein on left, Ver Ka on right).

This appeals to me. If I had any real issue with the look of the Sinanju Ver Ka it was those long toes. The Stein’s are much better in my opinion.

The armor for the rear of Stein’s foot is smaller?

Vote now for your favourite…

The legs also start the same as the Sinanju Ver ka.

Oh, but one part is different here.

Building a MG Sinanju leg is one of the best Gunpla experiences you can have.

Thruster for rear of leg.

Much different from the one found on the Sinanju Ver Ka.

And the parts for the lower leg are different.

The Sinanju Ver Ka has the layers of red armor at the bottom of the leg whereas the Stein’s design is much more simple.

(Yes, that small part on the bottom front was put in backwards. I realized that later.)

Leg frame comparison.

Now for some armor.

Again quite a difference.

A couple parts for the front.


Front and back lower leg armor.

Notice the difference in the mold of the vents.

Front armor.

The frame part that goes into the armor for the lower leg is the one that is used on the Sinanju Ver Ka.

The fit is actually quite odd. At the bottom it is flush while along the sides and at the top there is a gap.

Armor for the thruster.

Then you build two of these.

On the inside of the leg plug the gap with one small frame part.

Then the armor.

The gap on the outside of the leg holds this thing.

It’s the same one as found on the Sinanju Ver Ka.

At this stage I noticed the moldings on the inside of the lower leg armor.


Might as well give it a try while I’m here.

Compare that to this.

That gap there is big and ugly when you compare it to how the Sinanju Ver Ka’s section fit right in there.

Nice movement, thought.

It was at this time, when I had just attached the legs, that the play date/English lesson concluded and I was allowed to come out of self-imposed exile. I kind of wish I could have stayed exiled just a little longer.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    I vote sinanju ver ka

  2. Victor says:

    Those Zeon engineers really know how to design their suits. Maybe they thought that the gaps were ugly and so they decided to fix those and voila…behold the Sinanju (Big Red)!!!

  3. Josh says:

    Mmmm, gap aside, I really dig the hole Prototype look of the Stein. I am kind of.leaning over to the Steins legs more than Sinanju. But, I vote Sinanju Ver Ka.

  4. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Natural lighting on a build, so nice

  5. Michael says:

    Sid, the K runner from Sinanju ver. Ka – what plastic this one is made of? The new flexible plastic or same as before?

    • syd says:

      The K runner for the stein is the new plastic.

      • Michael says:

        Thanks for the reply, syd! Unfortunately in my case the broken peg is stuck in K21 with no way to pull it out. I hoped that getting Stean might allow me to fix the Sinanju as well, but I see that K21 is used by Stein as well. Whoops.. I guess I’ll get the OVA version.

      • Jeff says:

        Drill it out.

  6. Darth Mingus says:

    You should be able to drill the piece out of K21. Just find a drill bit roughly 3/4 the diameter of the peg and drill into the peg.

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