Gaijin Gunpla

A WIP Post! It seems like it’s been forever but in reality it’s only been a week since I wrote the last WIP post. A lot of stuff has happened in that week some of it good (bought parts for a new computer!) and some of it not so good (got hacked). While attempting to get all that stuff sorted out I still managed to sit down and do some Gunpla such as doing more decals on the 限定 Zaku II Black Tri-Stars Custom as well as the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka. Just so everyone knows, the decals on the Tri-Stars are more difficult than those for the Nu. But the Nu is done and a gallery will be up soon, and the Zaku II should follow not long after. But wait, this post is about the MG Strike Freedom Full Burst so let’s talk about that instead.

I’ve gotten the upper body, legs, and rifles finished but I can’t attach everything together until I do the skirt. So away we go.

This starts the skirt assembly; two halves with a poly-cop inserted into each. After which a small movable part is snapped on either side.

Then this rather oddly shaped frame piece and an accompanying armor piece are put on from the top.

The front armor clips into the front via a ball and socket design and then is held in place by the front center block.

The rear skirts will attach the same way but they connect to this movable piece.

This is all very reminiscent of my experiences with the PG Strike Freedom. I guess good designs don’t need to change. If the wheel ain’t broke…

Rear armor parts.

Once all that is on there is one thing left to do. Fill that little hollow in the bottom of the frame.

You use this to do it.

Once that’s done you can connect the legs.

And now we have a complete humanoid Mobile Suit.

Of course, there is a certain something that makes the Strike Freedom the Strike Freedom. Well actually eight somethings. Dragoons!

Having been through the tedium that is the assembly of the Dragoons for the PG version of the Strike Freedom I can say I wasn’t really looking forward to this part of the build. Luckily for me, the MG version doesn’t have the gimmick that the PG had so this should be a lot simpler. The instructions:

A lot of this is almost identical to what we saw with the PG so I’ll be brief with the descriptions and let the pics do the explaining.

Down to the rotating peg that will connect to the opposite Dragoon the MG insides are just like the PG’s and function in the same way. This pleased me. Being the Master Grade, and the earlier of the two kits, I expected there not to be this kind of engineering on the MG Dragoons.

Now for that sexy coated frame.

This runner holds all the pieces you need to assemble all the dragoons. The parts here are what is most visible on the Mobile Suit.

Even these smaller parts are coated.

With no gimmick these are assembled in seconds!

They attach to by this large groove found on the side.

One down…

Again almost identical to the PG.

From here it’s the same so I’ll just stop there.

Now that you’ve got this pair assembled you have to connect them together and more importantly to the Strike Freedom. For that you need these parts.

Even the peg is coated, ahem (cough,cough) PG?

Look at that thing. Even in 1/100 Master Grade scale they look huge. Now do it again for the other side.

After you’ve got all Dragoons assembled you finally construct the backpack.

The backpack on the PG was something I really enjoyed putting together thanks to the design which allowed the sets of thrusters to move independently. You won’t find that on the MG version.

But it still looks good.

Very good.

But I’ve still got the Beam Rifles.

This front section slides forwards and back.

Add that large white armor part and a couple of extras.

Then the manual states I’m to apply a sticker.


Thank you for your support.

With everything done I wanted to put Mr. Strike Freedom on a stand to see the how it looked.


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  1. spardin says:

    I have the same problem cats seem to like gunpla mine fight like mad to get in the box

    • ClayCannonII says:

      But there are two halves to the box so why fight

      • spardin says:

        I use both sides keep the spures in the bottom and keep my tools and build in the top part.
        Also i have four cats all who love boxes XD

    • Tony says:

      I use the bottoms of my boxes as work areas as well, so they get filled with the nub trimmings. Luckily, my cat isn’t so much a fan of boxes as she is a fan of sitting right on my lap. Her sister loves boxes and bags, but luckily tends to not come in my room too often since she keeps busy being an attention whore to the rest of the family lol (although with my family gone this week, and me the only one home, box cat has taken lap cat’s place in my room as has been hanging out on my bed).

      And for the record, I think we all love Gai-gun Neko. And holy cow is that cat a cow. But fat cats are happy cats, and are also squishier and therefore better for cuddling.

      • ClayCannonII says:

        Gai-gun Neko i like the name

      • Tony says:

        Haha, thanks. I take full credit for taking the nickname for his kit and swapping out “Jr” and replacing it with “cat”, but in Japanese so it doesn’t sound stupid… because Gai-Gun Cat just sounds like a weirdo, but Gai-Gun Neko sounds way legit. It was a lot of work. Meow. Also, fun cat fact – never saw more stray cats in my life than when I went to Okinawa. They basically overran a parking lot near our hotel. Adorable, but sad so many didn’t have a home.

  2. Karu says:

    I wanna see a review of this. ASAP. XD

  3. Mathias says:

    Oh man, it’s all coming back to me… This was my very first kit! Such great memories 😀
    One thing though, do be careful with that action base! It’s made out of clear plastic which is more brittle than opaque plastic. Just sayin’ because after about one year the connector between my Strike Freedom and the base broke. Luckily the kit didn’t fall of my shelf! :O
    Naturally this counts for all other clear action bases as well and not just for this one!

  4. Ben says:

    You have done something with those legs once you were done before taking the pic 😉 this is like the most undynamic pose i ever saw 😀

  5. cipher says:

    that cat it HUGE!!

  6. Kyle465 says:

    Dear syd,
    How long should I wait for the Tamiya Gold Leaf to dry when I spray it on the Strike Freedom Full Burst because I have a temptation to spray the entire frame with Tamiya Gold Leaf when I get the Strike Freedom Full Burst.

    • Kyle465 says:

      Also is it better to use the Gold Marker or the Tamiya Gold Leaf?

      • syd says:

        Hi Kyle,

        It’s always a good idea to wait at least a day or so to allow paint to fully dry. The gold marker is okay but doesn’t give the same kind of shiny gold look that the gold leaf paint does.

      • Kyle465 says:

        Dear syd,
        Would one bottle of Tamiya Gold Leaf that has 23ml enough for the entire frame of the Strike Freedom Full Burst?

      • Kyle465 says:

        Oh, forgot again, is it best to use Acrylic paint, gloss, or enamal paint?

      • Kyle465 says:

        Sorry, again I forgot something. Is it best to spray it while it’s on the runner or after assembling the piece?

      • Kyle465 says:

        After reading a comment I wonder if the frame of the Strike Freedom Full Burst is the Tamiya Gold Leaf or the Titanium Gold? Does anyone know the actual color of the frame (the ones that were already coated)?

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