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The Wing releases of the last couple of years have seen some great kits such as the Epyon, the Heavy Arms, and even the Wing Gundam itself but not all were great (I’m looking at you Deathscythe EW). Now that Bandai has released without a doubt the most popular suit from the Wing series it’s time to determine just where the 1/100 MG Tallgeese I EW finds itself amongst its Wing Master Grade predecessors.

Overall Look: 7/10

I feel the need to make the disclaimer that what I write here is my own personal feelings about what I’ve experienced with this model. To put it more bluntly, I don’t think the Tallgeese I EW looks all that outstanding. Those giant thighs seem out of proportion to me and really make the lower legs and feet seem so small. Perhaps because it is so far from what I’ve used to seeing with other suits I just haven’t become accustomed to what I’m seeing when I look at the Tallgeese. Despite how odd it looks from the front I really dig the back of it.

Colors: 8/10

While most Mobile Suits feature white as the prominent color the Tallgeese I takes that to its extreme by being almost entirely white. Three other colors do compliment the white yellow, grey, and dark blue, (four if you count the red) but they are used so sparingly that they could really only be called trim and while they do accent the white in the right places it still seems the Tallgeese is a little unfinished. There’s just a lot of canvas here that isn’t being used.

Weapons: 9/10

Two Beam Sabers, a shield, and the Dober Gun make up the battle implements the Tallgeese carries and while that might seem like a minimum amount of equipment the Tallgeese doesn’t need much more (nor is it equipped to handle anything else). The perfect circle shield is the perfect compliment to the Tallgeese’s Spartan look and the Dober gun is quite sizeable and either needs to be attached to the shoulder (more on that later) or handled by both hands due to its great size. The shield also is used to carry the beam saber handles for quick extraction.

Articulation: 4/10

Due to the Suit design the Tallgeese is already hampered when it comes to movement. You just can’t get a large range of motion out of shoulders so bulky.

That large shoulder will move up to here and that’s it and the movement of the arm isn’t that much more meaning Tallgeese will have a hard time raising his arms above his head.

And while the legs are actually quite articulate you won’t be able to take advantage of that because the feet are so small making him unstable. You really notice the disproportion between the top and bottom halves of the suit when you start trying to pose him and if you were to attach that giant gun or the shield it would make posing all the more frustrating. The Tallgeese is another one of those kits that needs an Action Base to get the best out of it.

The pose you see here is about the best I could do, that said. It still looks pretty cool.

Build Design: 8/10

The Tallgeese is unlike any of the previous Wing MGs when it comes to construction and does include some good design elements, most of those being found in the backpack. Those two giant Thruster Units that make up the back of the Tallgeese expand by simply pulling on the small wing found on the outside.

Just pull that tiny fin outwards and the Thruster Unit expands to make the Tallgeese seem twice as big as it already is.

The rear skirts are also able to be opened and hide the thruster found underneath.

It’s a cool design but you probably will never see the thruster unless you’re specifically looking for it.

The knee is designed in such a way that if you bend the knee near the limits of its ability the armor splits leaving as mall piece to cover the knee cap.

This prevents a large area of frame from showing and also being vulnerable.

And the Tallgeese features a skirt design I haven’t encountered before. The side skirts attach at the bottom to the side of the thigh via a double ball joint.

Often with these models when you start moving the leg the side skirts will be pushed out of position and often just get in the way but the side skirts on the Tallgeese follow the leg around thanks to that connection and never seem to be in the way nor in the wrong place.

The head of the Tallgeese can tilt backwards quite more than you’d expect and to prevent it from exposing too much frame Bandai has designed it so a part of the torso goes back along with the head.

And one of the better design ideas found on this kit are the little arms, similar to those found on any Zaku II 2.0, which allow the weapons to be mounted on the shoulders.

One for the Gun one for the shield and the place to connect them to the shoulder can be hidden when not in use.

These work exceptionally well and that was important because, let’s face it, the Tallgeese looks way better when he’s got his weapons with him.

Then there is the head. Bandai has designed the head so that you can have the facemask other flush with the brim of his helmet or set back a little bit.

And the best part about this is that you can change it at any time you want simply by pulling off the top of his head and changing the position of the face.

That is kind of cool.

My one gripe with the design of the suit; the lower legs. The little flare of armor found on the bottom of each leg is only held on by friction. If you’re like me and hold onto the bottom of each leg as you position the feet and pose your kit you will find that quite frequently that little piece pops off.

While definitely not a deal-breaker for this kit, it is extremely annoying and I found I had to teach myself a different way of handling kits when working with this guy.

I have previously mentioned a feeling of disappointment when it came to the design of the gun and more importantly the spring incorporated into the design of the gun. When I saw the spring I immediately assumed that there would be a catch somewhere which, when released, would make the barrel of the gun jut out or expand however that is not the case. Many people have mentioned that the spring is to make the gun have a blowback action much like a tank where, when fired, the barrel moves backwards. The barrel of the Dober Gun moves backwards when you push on it which also moves the Bolt at the end of the gun move backwards and the Breach as well. On my Tallgeese the Bolt moved back but not the Breach. Even when I’d taken it apart to double check I’d assembled it properly it wouldn’t work. I suppose the only use for the spring is to make the barrel come back out after you push on it. It is a gimmick and that’s part of what the Master Grade line is about but it’s short-lived and I don’t see a lot of enjoyment to be found with that particular area of this kit. It’s more like a novelty, when it works correctly.

Fun Factor: 8/10

The Tallgeese is a new experience for Master Grade modelers so that adds to the enjoyment found in assembling this guy. The fantastic Thruster Units found on the back of the Tallgeese are the best part of the build and are a good finish to a unique kit. Being on the lower end of the MG Price Point scale there’s definitely bang for your buck here.

Extras: 8/10

With the Tallgeese I EW you get what you expect in terms of extra. All the hand parts you’ll need, the stand adaptor, and more than plenty of markings. They’ve even included foil stickers.

Still, for me, foil stickers on an MG seems like a bit of a cop-out and those large yellow ones that are meant for the wings on the Thruster Units seem kind of tacky. Stickers?!

Personally, I didn’t get the same wow factor that I got from the Nu Gundam Ver Ka nor the Sinanju, nor even the first Wing Gundam I built but I think that just comes down to my feelings towards the Tallgeese I as a character/Mobile Suit. Had I the same affection for it that so many others have I most likely would have enjoyed the kit more than I did. The Tallgeese I has more going for it than against it and I encourage fans of it to give it a try. Not every kit can be a Masterpiece but the Tallgeese is still a kit that deserves some recognition.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Hmm lower than I thought, thats for sure. Still can’t wait for mine to arrive though. Thanks for another great kit review Syd.

  2. syd says:

    Thanks Kyle,

    If you keep in mind that it received a lower score in the look and color sections simply because I’m not a Tallgeese fan then the only real drawback to the kit is the articulation. Other than that it’s fine.

    • Mike says:

      Gotta agree with you that it certainly does not have the “wow” factor of the Nu Kai or Sinanju.

      It’s more of a nostalgia thing for us Gundam Wing nuts :D.

      • Kyle says:

        Yeah makes sense, having built the Nu Gundam, the Tallgeese definitely isn’t as extravagant. What you say is true Mike. The Tallgees and Zechs have been my favourite Wing suit and character ever since I first saw it.

  3. dave says:

    Hi Syd,

    are the parts wobbly? how’s the fittings? what is the potential or other risks in having this kit?

  4. Thomas says:

    What do you think of the Tallgeese II, Syd? Does it seem more interesting to you? I believe it’s a gentei kit, so that doesn’t help, but I’ve never been a fan of the Tallgeese (and I loved Gundam Wing), and I definitely agree with the blandness of the suit.

  5. Bocalt says:

    I can only perceive that kit as flawed (articulation, looks, height and innovation factor are quite important). For the price and score i feel I’d be better off buying a mg Rezel (which I’m still debating whether to take or not)

  6. Brian says:

    I finished my Tallgeese in painting and build last night. I agree while it’s a great kit, it’s not worth going nuts over for. The thigh kinda killed me.
    Nonetheless, a good kit to start this year.

  7. noel says:

    Nice review Syd and i understand where your coming from as the Tallgeese is one of the wing mechas that took a while to like. I mean the five gundams from the series (at that time) was oozing with cool and then you have the main antagonist a white bucket of bolts. Certainly a let down at first but as the series progressed the Tallgeese became a very imposing mecha that could’ve easily taken out all five gundams but that wouldn’t be good story wise so they created the Epyon to make things more plausible.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this one as I’ve been waiting for Tallgeese to go MG ever since Bandai announced the Wing MG series. Top heavy is the main problem for me with this kit even my 1/144 versions tend to fall because of those huge thrusters and the 1/100 Tallgeese III is the biggest offender.

  8. Rick says:

    Great Review. I’m still waiting for my Tallgeese too arrive. I really like that you do more than just take a bunch of pictures. I think it could benefit from an additional weapon. The selection seems limited and boring. Perhaps a 3rd party will make the the rifle seen with the Robot Damashii Tallgeese 1 or the lance from the Glory of the Losers manga.

  9. Tony says:

    I always read through the reviews you write with a bit of a grain of salt due to there being a lot of weight given to points based on personal preferences (not saying that in any negative connotation, I can appreciate varying tastes – I don’t like Seed suits, which clashes with a lot of your preferences lol). Taking away those points based on individual taste in suit designs, it still gets a 72%, which is kinda funny. That articulation score just kills it. I’ll probably have mine on an action base though – most suits from Wing just seem to look best in the air (the series was called “Wing”, after all).

    Also, on another personal preference note – I love the Spartan look of the Tallgeese, and that the overall design is itself spartan in it’s “essentials only, nothing fancy” motif.

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