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Having finally completed my Nu Gundam Ver Ka I took it into the studio in order to try and capture it for posterity. Well, not exactly. My goal with a gallery is to show not only the kit in its entirety but all the little details that go into making the finished project. For the Nu that amounted to 167 images! This is just too many for a gallery post so what I decided to do was write about and show the details in this post and also explain what I did when it came to taking pictures. This will make the Nu Gallery much smaller when it goes up in a couple of days.

So what did I end up doing to my Nu Gundam Ver Ka? Allow me to show you.

Here’s the Mobile Suit on its own, without any weapons or fin funnels, etc. You can see it’s not in the standard Nu color scheme. When it came to painting I went with these Tamiya colors:

* Dark blue found on the torso, feet, legs, wrists, backpack, shield, Bazooka, rifle, and Fin Funnels is Dark Blue

* Light blue for the stickers on the feet and legs as well on parts of the backpack, rifle, Bazooka, Fin Funnels is Tamiya Racing Blue. It’s the first time I’ve used this color and I like it quite a lot.

While I did paint the blue stickers I didn’t do so for the gray stickers as I never planned on using them.

* The center block and chin are Metallic Black while the pistons are Chrome Yellow.

* V fin is Orange Clear over Silver Leaf.

* All thrusters are Bright Red and Dark Gun Metal.

* All yellow parts were painted with the same Gold I used on the frame of the PG Strike Freedom
. This color was also used on the Fin Funnels and even on the ammunition for the Bazooka.

* Psychoframe was painted Candy Green and no stickers were used.

* Lastly, the frame was painted in a combination of Light Gun Metal and Gloss Aluminum with pistons being Silver Leaf.

That’s the breakdown but just text won’t give you the proper idea of just what went into the Nu Gundam in terms of painting. When it comes to showing the work on the frame probably the best image was one I posted on facebook.

So where to start? I guess start from the bottom and work our way up.

Here is the foot and you can see the difference in the blues. I think they work well together though sometimes in dim lighting it’s tough to see the contrast between them.

Looking into the ankle frame you can kind of see the difference in the metallics. Viewing from behind you can see them easier.

For reference the majority of the frame is the Light Gun Metal so the lighter color is the Gloss Aluminum. You can also see that the stickers took the paint pretty well.

Here’s a shot showing the Chrome Yellow and Silver Leaf done for the pistons in the knee.

I really like how this turned out. The yellow is quite striking compared to the darker colors of the kit but is hidden well behind the large knee armor until you expose it by bending the leg.

Looking up at the skirts from below you can see the Gold parts hidden inside.

And those funky Nu hands took the paint really well.

By painting one piece of the elbow joint assembly I was able to get a good effect.

For some reason this is one of my favourite areas to look at on the completed kit.

There’s more to show regarding the frame work but it will have to wait until Nu goes through its psycho frame exposing transformation. Before doing that I wanted to get photographs of him with his weapons.

The shield wasn’t touched except for the panel-lining though I did paint the parts on the back.

The rifle also had some silver included in its paint work.

The Bazooka saw just the Dark Blue though the piece that allows the Bazooka to attach to the backpack is the Racing blue.

But the Bazooka rounds were done in both Silver and Gold.

And the Beam Saber handles just needed their decals applied.

The lighter blue part on the left side of the image was originally yellow. I didn’t like that yellow and preferred using the lighter blue so the arms had some of the same contrast found on the legs.

Now I’ve got to explain myself regarding the Fin Funnels.

The larger center piece is the Dark blue while the small rectangular piece that juts out is Racing Blue. Gold was used in place of yellow.

The back of the funnels are also the Dark Blue and even those little joints were painted.

Of course, the panel lines were done and decals applied.

I’ve written about the fix that I came up with for the Funnels and did state that I could with relative ease take apart the Fin Funnels when it came time to display them on the stand, however, I went ahead and assembled, painted, panel-lined, and decaled a second set.

This isn’t the Fin Funnel set that Bandai sold separately. These actually came from a second MG Nu Ver ka. I’ll be writing more about that one some time in the future.

Maybe I’m just lazy (or really strange?) but I felt using the second set when it came time to posing Nu on his stand would be easier than taking apart the Fin Funnels I’d modified (even though I modified them in such a way they could be disassembled in seconds).

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not great when it comes to photographing and posing Gunpla but there were a couple of poses I wanted to get right, if possible, for my Nu Gundam.

The first is one I saw in the Gundam Musou 3 video game. When playing as the Nu Gundam (which is great fun, btw) there was one special move he had wherein most of the Fin Funnels detach and form a protective pyramid around him as he reaches for the sky. Well, I could get the reaching-for-the-sky part down.

To get the Fin Funnels in the correct position I had to use parts of two stands (good thing I had a second Nu).

The first I laid down and positioned the arms so the Fin Funnels pointed up then the second was positioned behind the Nu holding up the single Fin Funnel to complete the pyramid.

Did I capture what I wanted? You’ll have to wait for the gallery and decide for yourself.

The other pose I really liked is the one found on the Nu’s box.

That looked simple enough (and really cool!)

Could use some tweaking.

Before I put Nu through his transformation I took some shots of him with his Fin Funnels on.

These still can cause Nu to lean a little bit but if you’re aware of it you can adjust easily enough.

For the psycho frame pictures I first had to take off the unnecessary parts.

Once the transformation was complete Candy Green could be seen.

When I removed the part on the back of the lower leg it exposed the section of the frame I really like. The Gloss Aluminum contrasting with the Light Gun Metal.

It also made the thrusters easily visible.

It’s now that the modifications I did to the thruster housings on the legs show their worth. That post detailed how the thruster housings only opened slightly leaving the thrusters barely visible. My modifications changed that.

What I hadn’t anticipated when I modded the frame was the effect the armor parts would have on my mod work. The armor on the top thruster housing actually comes into contact with that found on the bottom thruster housing.

This prevents the bottom thruster from opening to its maximum. However, but pushing in slightly on the edges of the armor I was able to slide it inside of the higher armor part and get it opened all the way.

The gallery will show more of the outcome of these modifications.

Having spent all this time on the Nu for the gallery I’ve come to an even greater appreciation of it. It is one of the best Master Grades around and I hope that my images and gallery can do it justice.

My part of the GAF Nu Group Build is concluded with this post but I encourage everyone to head over there and see all the great Nu Gundams people have produced and are still working on. The Nu will be shown in all its glory in its Gallery which should be up in a day or two. In fact, it was the sheer volume of images taken for the Nu Gundam gallery which caused us to reconsider how we display galleries on

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  1. Tony says:

    Did you do all of this with spray cans? Because this is fantastic. HAHA, TAKE THAT AIRBRUSH!

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    It’s so sexy good work

  3. Josh says:

    Me gusta. Liking the Green and those pistons. Bold color. How did you paint the psycom frame pieces? Did the paint just stick for you? Having a hard time with it :S newbie

  4. Bocalt says:

    Hi, I’m guessing there’s no fix for the hands even if you paint them or put a slight amount of glue?

  5. Michael says:

    I got the Double Fin Funnel set and the best thing about it is that it has the effect parts, and gives you 2nd stand and a full decal sheet as well.

  6. Asterisk says:

    Honestly, I’m not a fan of the psychoframe color. The rest, however, is simply gorgeous.

  7. Kyle says:

    Wow looks pretty slick Syd. Here I was just wondering what became of the GAF build and you wow me with these amazing photos of a spectacular Nu gundam. Great job!

  8. Thomas says:

    That’s awesome, Syd. I’ve been painting my Nu Gundam too, but nothing as extravagant. I’m going the pistons, the thrusters, and I dry-brushed the inner frame.

    I also modded the head because I hated that stupid green sticker on the back of the grey plastic, so I drilled a hole with a pin vide, cleared out some more plastic, and stuck a bunch of clear plastic in the head and in that little gap where the sticker would normally go, and now it lights up with the LED. It’s not perfect (I’m thinking about getting a triangular lens out of an old DVD drive to see if that’ll help increase the amount of light going to the back of the head), but it still works better than that awful foil sticker. I’ll probably post about it more once I’m done painting my Nu (I need more spray paint, and I already spent a ton of money on spray paint and some new modelling tools this month, so I have to wait for now, unfortunately).

    I’m kind of annoyed with the water slides, though. They’re great, because they’re waterslides, but one of them ripped (luckily it was one that the sheet has spares of), because I was too picky with its positioning. I replaced it and it was fine, but the next day, two of the small leg decals just fell off. I noticed because one stuck to my finger. Then I managed to knock it off and couldn’t find it. I don’t even know where the other one went. I only have one spare left for one of the sides of the knee, so I’m pretty much out of luck there. Oh well…

    Anyway, keep up the great work, Syd. I love seeing your customs. I really dig the red thrusters (I painted mine yellow – redundant, maybe, but the slightly lighter yellow is a very nice touch) and the yellow piston casings (mine are black, mainly because I was trying to avoid copying the colours that I saw everyone else using, and because it is more subtle).

  9. Steve says:

    Hey syd, great work. The paints you used are acrylic and you didn’t use a primer first? And just top coated afterwards?

  10. Zetaone71 says:

    Syd, you are the Gunpla master with the spray can! Great job and thanks for inspiring others!

  11. Rakhman says:

    Hey what a great job done…
    May i ask u a question..
    How u get that fabulous green colour on psycho frame?

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