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I didn’t wait around Thursday evening when the bell chimed to signal the end of the day. Sinanju Stein in hand I set a quick pace down the expressway towards home (Do you know how hard it is to drive with an MG box in your hands?). Upon my arrival I was delighted to find that both Mrs. Gai-Gun and Jr. were out having dinner which left me the house to myself. Not even taking off my jacket I sat down at the table and opened the Stein’s manual to the first pages. Then, side-cutters in hand, I set out on my adventure.

A lot of what you see here with this kit will be very familiar to those who have built the Sinanju Ver Ka and for those who haven’t yet experienced the joy of that suit I will highlight some similarities. Speaking of which, most of the torso is the same.

The chair for the pilot is the same and then you get this runner.

No clear green here.

This is exactly how the Sinanju Ver Ka starts but with the Stein and its lighter, more flexible frame, the assembly of these pieces together is really easy and you don’t have to exert much force or fear damage.

The shoulder joints are, not surprisingly, the same (but softer).

But this is different.

Instead of one black part that slides onto the bottom, as was the case with the Sinanju, the Stein has these two pieces that you put together and then slide on.

And the front chest piece is also of a different shape than you find with the ‘previously released as a Master Grade model kit the Sinanju Ver Ka’ (I wrote all that so people don’t get on me if I call the Sinanju older than the Stein).

A lot of people will be wondering about this part.

The top frame part for the torso has these two small blue parts that slide on.

And the hollow in the back is meant for these parts.

Let the comparisons begin! Here are the torsos through the same stages of assembly.

Yes, I disassembled my Sinanju Ver Ka just so I could take these pictures. I must be crazy.

The neck connection for the Stein looks like this.

Which is quite a bit different from that found on the first Ver Ka.

Two small blue parts go onto the bottom of the torso.

Then the front vents and side armor are put in place.

For the cockpit hatch doors you use these two armor parts and their respective frame pieces.

In this photo those vents look like eyes and the cockpit looks like a beak. You read it here first, Stein is a bird.

Comparison of two completed torsos. (Yes, for this shot I reassembled the first Sinanju torso. I must be crazy.)

The head starts completely differently from that of the Red Comet.

Eye stickers? On a Sinanju? Cool! (Though seeing sticker #3 does concern me. Using foils to cover a color is sooo HG).

A clear eye part?! On a Sinanju?

When I first saw that foil sticker #3 I thought it would be used for the little chin on Mr. Stein but that’s not the case. It comes later.

Now for these!

Why am I so excited? On the previous Sinanju MG these little vulcans weren’t separate but part of the facemask.

Many moon ago when I was creating the Yellowbird I actually removed the vulcans from the facemask so I could paint them a different color. I don’t have to do that here. I just put them on!

Same? Or different?

The Red Comet has the mono-eye so it came with the same gimmick that also can be found on the Zaku II 2.0 kits. With the Stein there is no need for that inside.

Not same. But not so different.

That gives me an idea!

Which is which?

With the Stein a little piece is added which allows it to fit into the helmet.

The foil!


Yes. It’s smexy.

Who’s for white and who’s for red?


The arm frame is almost the exact same as on the first Ver Ka. First you build the shoulders.

But then Bandai has you use these two pieces.

The trick is to slide the back end of it under the protrusion on the inside of the back of the armor part. I think…


Then this small part is put on.

This thing you just constructed is the Stein equivalent of the very artistic wrist guards you find on the Red Comet Sinanju.

No change for the arm frame.

The same? I didn’t notice that the upper arms of the Stein were the same as those on the Sinanju Ver ka. Probably because it’s such a small part of the kit when you take in the whole picture.

Frame part for the forearms are, of course, different.

Square armor. Quite a contrast from the red Sinanju’s curves.

The assembly for the area on the back of the lower arm. Add some grey.

Now to put all these segments together.

As we all know now the hands on the Stein are the same design as those on the Nu Gundam Ver Ka

Comparison shot incoming!

With both arm frames being the same the Stein gets extra length from the bigger hands.

For the shoulders you start with these.

Then add just two armor parts to either side.

Shot showing the contrast in color.

The last part of the arm/shoulder assembly is this.

Two parts that make this.

This fits into the underside of the shoulder.

This is quite bland compared to what you see on Big Red. Hmm. That gives me an idea.

I like what I’m seeing. But let’s just stick with the straight build for now.

Just experimenting…

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  1. Reehdus says:

    That’s a really good comparison, but so far, other than the hands, bazzoka, probably the waist peg and the separate vulcans, I don’t see much difference between this and the Sinanju. Seems like a very similar build eh

  2. Moog says:

    You could totally build Two-Face as a mobile suit, by the looks of it.

  3. Tony says:

    Haven’t built the Sinanju Ver Ka (take that people demanding proper identifying!), but feel like the Stein might bump its way in front of the Sinanju Ver Ka in my “want but not necessarily ever gonna get around to buying” list. I like the vibe I get from the Stein, which to me is kind of industrial…. odd, but that’s just the word that keeps popping into my mind, while the Sinanju Ver Ka brings to mind words like “flight” due to its swoopy, almost bird-like lines and curves. I dunno, its late and I’m tired. This might all seem like the rantings of a fever dream tomorrow. Either way, me likey. Oh, and the Stein is made of that newfangled stuff that seems really awesome.

  4. cipher says:


  5. Hypnos says:

    hmmmm that white foil sticker for the head piece … i´ll rather paint it…

  6. Josh says:

    Cannot wait for them legs! My Sinanju has been in my shelf since summer begging me build it, but idk if I want to build this or the Sinanju first.

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