Gaijin Gunpla

I just realized that I introduced this kit back on December 28th. Well, okay. I don’t really have an excuse for the two month interval in between WIP posts. Oh wait. Ya, I do! There was Christmas and New Year. There was the MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka and a Group Build to go along with it. There was the Tallgeese, the Strike Freedom Full Burst, and an RG Zeta to complete. There was also this thing called work. Blah! While I hadn’t written about the Zaku II Tr-Stars in that span I hadn’t written him off, either. I had been doing little bits of work here and there, followed by some painting, and then the biggest part of this kit, the decals. The decals on this kit in some ways are more demanding than those on the Nu Gundam Ver Ka. Well, I finally got everything done and while I try to find time to take pics for the gallery I’ll leave a little post talking about some of the work I’ve done. Starting with this.

While I’ve built quite a few of the Zaku II 2.0 kits I haven’t yet built the Char’s which is one of the kits which comes with the lift. So now I get a chance to show something new! Take it easy, folks. It’s just a lift.

To build it you first build the base with these two parts.

Then you have to add the tiny tires.

Then the arm. First there are these two pieces to make the second of the three arm sections.

Then the first and third of sections of the arm are identical.

And lastly you make the platform which is quite small (good thing there’s no HG version).

This is the part where I show you the completed lift, but I can’t do that. I never actually assembled it fully but instead took these pictures as I prepared the parts for painting. While I’ve done minimal paintwork on the Zaku itself I have fully painted the weapons. Here’s the axe.


I thought this Zaku II 2.0 would be my last, though I admit to having a secret fondness for the White Ogre, and then Bandai announced a Yuma Lightning and Johnny Ridden. Oh, my poor wallet.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    OMG ITS A LIFT!!!!!!

  2. Shaid says:

    “Baku the Zaku” might have worked better, lifting the pun above the height of all your other pun headings, though it might not have masked any problems that might have resulted from pronunciation differences.

  3. Tim says:

    I love the white ogre. really glad I got one, probably one of the better looking zaku II varients

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