Gaijin Gunpla

The great thing about HG kits is how quickly you can put together and enjoy a completed model and in some ways HGs are more suited to being played with than MGs. I’m eager to get my HGUC Shin Matsunaga together to have some fun.

To start the feet you first build the frame and follow that up by putting the foot itself together.

It’s really simple, you just slide the poly-cap into the foot and then put on the put the larger armor parts together.

Then plug the foot frame you assembled into that poly-cap.

Then just put the ankle armor on to finish.

Once the feet are out of the way you build both hip joints.

For the leg itself, you start with the knee frame part, inserting a poly-cap.

This assembly then slides into the back upper leg armor part.

Then, those little round armor parts that protect the sides of the knee.

These are just smooth round pieces of plastic and lack the details you find on the corresponding parts on an MG.

Add the front knee armor part.

Now for the ankle joints.

These then fit into the frame parts for the lower leg. Lower leg frame parts? On an HG?

Fit that into the back armor piece.

The front piece takes a sticker.

Placing the edge of the sticker snug against the side then push down on the edges of the sticker to fit around the curve.

The bluish pipe is then put on the back of the leg. It is molded perfect and you don’t need to bend this one.

Then thrusters.

I like these Zaku legs better than the others. Who’s with me?

With the thrusters in place there are three small armor parts to put on.

Now for that length of pipe found on the outside of the Zaku’s legs.

Place it in from the side…

Then turn it up.

Once in this position there is no danger of it coming out. I kind of wish it was this simple with the MG.

Then attach the other end of the pipe to the upper leg.

Then just put the upper and lower legs together.

Oooh baby.

Now for those weapons.

That was easy.

That was also easy.

While here I assembled the extra hands.

And just cut this from the runner.

But what’s this thing?

Apparently it is a way for the Shin Matsunaga Zaku to carry all his weapons together.

It just slides onto the shield from below.


Now I just need to put the markings on.

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  1. fury-s12 says:

    id love to see a RG version of this

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    Fo’ shizzle my ‘nagga……

  3. Tony says:

    One extra mean looking Zaku.

  4. Bocalt says:

    Very happy to see this kit, it seems to be selling quite well, I guess the other final ace pilot of Zeon will be coming sometime soon 😀

    BTW i know it may not be the place but which would you recommend between those two side cutters models, Tamiya 74093 or 74035, and do they really make a difference?

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