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How do you improve on perfection? The 1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver. Ka kit from 2008 is one of the better, if not the best Gundam model kits ever produced and yet Bandai has gone ahead and put out another version. The 1/100 MG Sinanju has just been released coinciding with the theatrical release of the Gundam UC Episode 6 OVA. So what’s different? What’s new and improved? Is it better, worse, or the same as the previous MG Sinanju? These questions have been asked many times over along with, probably the biggest question, ‘Which one should I buy?’.

In this review I hope to answer some of those questions and give Gunplars out there enough information they can feel confident making their own choice. Because a huge part of this review would be the same as that for the Sinanju Ver Ka I won’t need to go into a lot of detail for some categories so I will refer to previous reviews, but will provide as much as I can in the areas I deem important. After all, they are the same kit molded on the same runners.

The major difference? This:

Instead of ABS we get poly-styrene.

Overall Look: 10/10

See the MG Sinanju Ver Ka Review for my thoughts on this gorgeous creature.

Colors: 9.5/10

I gave the MG Sinanju Ver Ka a 9 in this category and complained about the yellow, however the OVA gets and extra half a point so what exactly is the difference? Well, the OVA color version is slightly different and you’ll have to take my word on that because I can’t get photographs that will properly show what I’m getting at.

See the difference? Ya, me neither.
[note: I’m not going to indicate which kit is which because I don’t want to color (pun intended) people’s perceptions. Can you tell?]

At the time I and my Gunpla TV co-host Ryan were shooting video for the upcoming Sinanju episode we put the kits side by side and were able to see the oh-so-slight difference in color. Where the Ver Ka has a shiny, plastic look the OVA version is a little flatter which despite being hard to tell from photographs makes this plastic kit look less like a toy. Multiple attempts were taken to try and get photographs to illustrate this, using a variety of angles, zooms, and lighting setups but it wasn’t successful. Oh how I tried.

So you’re going to have to take my word for it or pick it up and see for yourself. (If the general consensus is that they are the same then I will have to think about seeing an eye doctor.)

The Sinanju OVA also comes out ahead of the Ver Ka when it comes to the included waterslide decals for the gold trim.

You can see the OVA (on the left) is darker than that yellowy-gold of those for the Ver Ka. I wasn’t aware beforehand that these would be changed but I noticed the difference immediately upon placing them side by side, it’s that apparent.

The gold trim water slides for the OVA are superior in my opinion and may lead more people to use them as I think right now most Sinanju builders go for the foils. For the record I could detect no difference in the foil stickers. And while we’re on the topic of stickers I guess it’s a good chance to show the difference in the included marking sets.

Sinanju Ver ka.


Sinanju OVA

Weapons: 10/10

See the MG Sinanju Ver Ka Review for the review of the Ver Ka’s main weapons. Everything is the same for the OVA but you do get this addition.

The Bazooka. I can see a lot of people getting excited for this. I don’t feel the same amount of elation because I have had the Sinanju Bazooka for a few years now. It is awesome.

Articulation: 8/10

[See: MG Sinanju Ver Ka Review.] As it’s the same kit it features the same mount of articulation. And yet…

Build Design: 9/10

[Epic shot is epic!]

I’m going to use this section to write about the biggest difference I found between the two kits and I will have to be very descriptive because this isn’t something I can show in a few images.

The issues I encountered with the OVA are, as to be expected really, exactly the same as those with the Sinanju Stein. Is the poly-styrene frame too light for the Sinanju OVA? That’s hard to say. I’ve weighed both kits and the OVA comes in only 10 grams lighter than the Ver Ka. The issue seems to be the rigidity. The ABS used on the Ver Ka makes the joints stiff. This means it will take more pressure to move a limb or bend a leg but it also means once it’s moved it will stay there. The poly-styrene is much easier to move around but makes the joints looser than that on the Ver Ka. This will affect how the OVA stands.

Here are some comparison shots:

Sinanju Ver Ka

Sinanju OVA

The same? Well, yes. The difference that you don’t see is that it took me longer to get the OVA to stand in such a pose.

Sinanju Ver Ka

Sinanju OVA

Again the OVA can take the same poses as the Ver Ka. And it should given that they are the exact same kit. But again it took me more time to get the OVA in this pose than it did the Ver Ka.

To test the sturdiness of the joints I conducted an experiment. A very expensive, and scientific experiment. I picked the kits up.

Basically, I grasped the kit by the lower leg
And picked it up and when I had it upright off the ground I then slowly rotated my wrist outwards observing how long it took for the weight of the kit to overcome the strength of the knee joint and fall backwards.

Sinanju Ver Ka.

Sinanju OVA

The Sinanju Ver Ka held out for 0.032 seconds longer than the OVA. Of course, I’m being facetious here. I don’t have any times recorded or anything like that. But I can say, that when I picked up the Sinanju Ver Ka it felt like a brick. It was solid the whole way through and I could feel the resistance in the joint as I slowly rotated my hand letting gravity act on the kit. With the OVA as soon as I picked it up the whole kit started shaking and pretty much as soon as I rotated my wrist it gave in and fell backwards. The Sinanju Ver Ka is just more solid and you can feel it.

A second ‘experiment’ consisted of me again picking the kits off the ground but rotating my wrist so that the kit leaned sideways instead of backwards. I then observed the action of the free leg. The Ver Ka leg simply stayed in place.

While the OVA leg succumbed to gravity.

In the big scheme of things this difference means almost nothing as many people will put their kit on a stand, stand it on a shelf, and/or forget about it. But in the long run the Sinanju Ver Ka would ‘outlast’ the OVA. However, one big positive for the poly-styrene frame is, and this is true with the Stein as well, the problem of the torso peg breaking should be pretty much eliminated.

(Note to anyone with both the Ver ka and the Stein; take the unused K1 and K10 parts from the Stein frame runner and use those on your Sinanju Ver Ka and you’ll get the forgiving skirt peg found on the Stein and OVA combined with the joint rigidity of the Ver ka. Winner!)

Fun Factor: 10/10
[See: MG Sinanju Ver Ka Review.] It’s the Sinanju. It’s awesome. And there’s a bazooka.

Extras: 10/10
[See: MG Sinanju Ver Ka Review.] All the goodies of the Ver Ka plus you get a bazooka! But I wonder, can you really call it an ‘extra’ when Bandai is charging you 500 yen more for it. This is the same Bazooka that they included with the recent MG Sinanju Stein but it’s back to using the old handle.

People who have purchased the Sinanju Ver Ka and the Stein won’t need to purchase the OVA Sinanju. For the Bazooka, anyway.

So can I answer the big question; Which one should I buy? Well, not really. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. For example, someone like me who paints his kits might not care that the Ver Ka is more shiny. And someone who is worried about breaking the torso peg might not care that the OVA’s joints are looser. Both kits have their appeal to different types of builders. By highlighting them I hope to help someone who was still undecided about which to pick up.


1/100 MG Sinanju advantages:

*Looks less like a toy.
*Better gold water-slides (if you use them).
*Included Bazooka
*No worries with skirt/torso connection breaking
*Badass box art (if you’re into that kind of thing).

1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver. Ka advantages:

*Stronger joints.
*Longer ‘shelf-life’.
*Bandai at one time released official waterslides (not something likely to be said for the OVA).
*Ver Ka manual (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Personal thoughts not related to comparison of the two Sinanju:

Bandai wasted a great opportunity by not giving us the new type hands found on the Nu Gundam Ver Ka and the Sinanju Stein Ver Ka. All they would have needed to do would be to redesign the two parts that make up the wrist frame and then add a little new-type handle, with tab, for the rifle. This would have worked much better on the Sinanju OVA than it did on the Stein and its massive rifle and given people much more reason to pick up the OVA even after building the Ver Ka.

So it’s up to you. As one of the best Gundam Model kits ever you can’t go wrong with either one. I hope I’ve helped people to make an informed decision. Good luck whichever path you take.

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  1. Kefka says:

    They would need to make whole new hands in order for the Sinanju to work since the Stein has square fingers while the Sinanju has round

  2. Kefka says:

    Also apparently PS is easier to paint and I think half of the reason for the switch is to make holding the weapons easier or something (a lot of people had issues with the hands)

  3. TimmyJ says:

    Was waiting to hear your thoughts on the kit.

  4. Derringer says:

    Syd you need to include that the reason Bandai changed the material in the first place was for painters. ABS plastic can potentially interact negatively with paints by GSI Creos(Mr. Color), the brand that Bandai promotes for use with their model kits. PS is less reactive to these paints.

    • syd says:

      I’m aware of the issues with painting ABS however, personally, I would take the ABS frame and its stiffer, stronger joints over a Polystyrene frame that will not react to GSI Creos paints, but that’s because I use Tamiya 😉

      • PlymTim says:

        Same with myself, but to be honest, I would allways use tamiya, over other brands here in the U.K such as humbrol or revell. oil based is so much messier than acrylic

  5. chetario says:

    One of the reasons for not including the hands included in Nu ver. Ka and Sinanju Stein may be due to the fact that the Sinanju has “round” fingered hands, while the two previously mentioned kits have the “flat” fingered hands. Just a thought

    • Derringer says:

      No it has nothing to do with that. This has always planned to just be a repackaged kit with a bazooka as a tie in for the latest OVA.

  6. Zip says:

    A very subtle difference here that wasn’t mentioned is that all of Sinanju’s inner frame parts are now in a darker gray platic than the ver Ka. It doesn’t matter unless you paint it, but I think that the color just works much better, especially if you compare the belts on the two models. Of course, I wouldn’t go to the point of sacrificing the ver Ka’s solidness for it.

  7. Bocalt says:

    Okay first off thanks alot for your review,its the first one out and the one people like me, who have waited a long time for both versions to be out to make a call, need.

    BTW did you find building this kit for the Th time still enjoyable? (you probably don’t need the manual anymore right?)

    My question is relevant to your review of the stein. The stein, you mentioned couldn’t stand properly even in flat poses, does this happen to the Sinanju as well? I mean the Sinanju does seem more back heavy, and has different feet…

    Can it hold its weapons as well as the former frame enabled or does the frame reduce posability with weapons too?

    I guess it ends up being on looks, the OAV seems better OOB which is a great plus. Gosh it doesn’t provide a clear cut answer and i feel one should buy either a combo of both Sinanju kits(inside of the first and outside of this one) or the original ver ka and the stein at his point -_-

    • syd says:

      You’re right. After building this kit about 5 times I didn’t need to really look at the manual but I still had a good time with it. I really love how the Sinanju looks and how the Master Grade version of it comes together.

      As for recommending which to buy I tried to stay away from choosing one and instead list the advantages to both. Having said that…

      If you have or will buy the Sinanju Stein, then buy the Sinanju Ver Ka and replace parts K1 and K10 from the ver ka with those extra found on the Stein. You’ll then have the torso peg fix along with the Ver Ka’s stiff joints.

      The OVA like the Stein takes some extra ‘work’ to get it to stand in poses the Ver Ka seems to have no problem with and that just comes down to looser joints.

      • Bocalt says:

        Okay thanks, will ponder till my suppliers display their prices next week.
        The Stein’s bazooka can be attached to the Sinanju’s gun? As for the weight of the gun + bazooka and the weight of the shield with accessories okay for the arms and hands?

      • Andre says:

        I just bought and finished building sinanju stein and i am planning to buy the sinanju but i am really stuck between the OVA or ver. Ka fromm all those review and broken waist joint. But with this review I think I’ll go with the ver. Ka. luckily I haven’t thrown away those excessive parts from stein.. hehehehehe..

  8. GundamReviews90630 says:

    Syd if you would decide to buy one of the sinanjus what would it be Ver Ka or OVA?

  9. Steve says:

    Nice review,I’m really interested in getting a mg sinanju, but what would be the easiest way to paint the gold parts, by masking off with masking tape then using enamel gold tamiya paint with a brush on the bare plastic then finish it off with an acrylic flat topcoat?

  10. Michael says:

    In the end I ordered this one instead of fixing ver.Ka. Considering there are no polycaps, I’m going to stiffen the joints with Tamiya thread lock.

  11. monoeyeboy says:

    What was the problem with the original ver ka? i heard mentions of waist peg breaking. Was that because of painting or was it a problem even without painting?

    • Bocalt says:

      Yeah i recall the Infinite Justice has the same issue and the internal frame thus shouldn’t be painted… it was never clear to me for the Sinanju…

    • Derringer says:

      ABS plastic has the potential to react negatively with paint products by GSI Creos (Mr. Color) and other lacquer paints. This is a problem because that company’s products are partnered with Bandai (the paint guides use Mr. Color paints) and are used quite extensively throughout Japan and the rest of Asia. The change was a response to people complaining that the paint Bandai says they should use can crack parts.

      Obviously most people on this blog don’t live in Japan nor do they use Mr. Color products. Syd himself only uses Tamiya so he’s never really experienced these paint cracking problems.

  12. ClayCannonII says:

    Well know that its out i can just order the P plate from genteikits to give my ver ka a bazooka

  13. Steve says:

    Weak joint problems can be easily fixed with a bit of school glue on the pegs or in the holes it self, sure it would be nice to be strong out of the box but little fixes sure help the whole figure a lot.
    Only problem I have is I hate those gold parts(I’m sure everyone does) but don’t know any easy way to paint them that would look great..

  14. Tango says:

    What a scientific review… awesome.

  15. Trevor says:

    Nice job, Syd! A very in-depth review indeed.

  16. Kikomachi says:

    Thanks for the review, Syd. This helps me decide which to pick and that’s Ver.Ka. Sturdiness matters most.

  17. Jeff says:

    After taking my Ver Ka( which had a broken torso peg, but was superglued back together poorly by my father) and realizing how much damage the super glue did to the rest of the kit, such as damage to the piece that the skirt armor connects to, the large black bottom piece of the torso, and the piece the torso peg plugs into, I’m starting to lean towards getting the OVA version instead of buying the Stein for the replacement parts I needed. If I get the OVA version, is the Stein still worth buying?

    • syd says:

      Hi Jeff,

      There’s a lot of differences between the OVA and the Stein so the Stein is worth getting if you’re interested in it.

      • Woodfish says:

        Jeff, Syd, my respect to both of you. As for the subject, oh I agree 100%! It’s a whole new kit. Sure it has it’s similarities but so does the Zeta gundam with any other Re-GZ, ReZEL or Delta which doesn’t make them any less interesting! What’s more, I’d recommend the Stein, to complete your Sinanju collection. 🙂
        Best regards gents

  18. Chris says:

    I am wondering something as I get ready to build this kit (I too did the Ver Ka last year). I am going through my head to find a way to strengthen the joints and the hands so they may last a little longer. All I got in mind is clear acrylic paint in a couple coats… (thin.)

    Any ideas aside from spray painting these joints?

    • Jeff says:

      I heard clear nail polish works well. That way you only have to paint the joints.

      • Chris says:

        Hmm. I did build the kit. Painting the joints in spray paint *the shoulders* was a bad idea it is too tight. But the wrists are terrible I need something heavy duty.

  19. Jeff says:

    With mine I didn’t see any joint looseness, in fact the joints seem tighter than the Ver Ka. And with the torso peg fixed, my only real issue is with how loose the hands hold onto that sexy beam rifle. Good thing the bazooka was included as it fits much better.

  20. JC says:

    I checked your PROs for each version. On my book, I would say that the Sinanju ver. OVA is more preferable than Sinanju ver. Ka except for the inner frame. I prefer ABS frame, but as you’ve mention in the ver. Ka review, the torso peg has the tendency to break. I would like to confirm that you could mix-and-match the parts from both kits if you buy them both.

    Say for instance, I’m planning to take the inner frame of ver. Ka, save for the waist part of the frame, which I would take from ver. OVA. Then all the other parts would be from ver. OVA.

  21. Bocalt says:

    Finally it happened, after years of gunpla building and fantasizing about the MG Sinanju and always feeling it was too expensive and investing in 2-3 kits I wasn’t as fond of, I decided to buy myself this OAV MG Sinanju…
    End of the day, the bazooka, looks, decals and no fear of breakable do it for me.

  22. PaulSG says:

    Hmm this got me thinking, Why not just make the Joint parts in ABS and then everything else in PS?

    Oh and great review BTW! Hoping to see more in the future

  23. Desmond says:

    I really hope to see MG Rezel Type C review

    • syd says:

      Hi Desmond, I hadn’t considered doing a review because I felt this was just a pimped out version of the previous ReZELs and didn’t feel it warranted one.

  24. ed_customz says:

    Hi Syd,
    How about gaianotes? Does this paint will do damage on sinanju ver ka inner frame when i paint it? I want to paint my sinanju ver ka inner frame but im afraid it will get damage due to its abs form of plastic.

  25. mad says:

    nice review, but still can’t decide what version to choose hmph….. 🙁

  26. Dionysus.R.C says:

    Why not buy both kits and combine the advantages of the kits to make an even better kit?
    Have the Armor parts from the OVA,the Waterslides from the OVA and the Joints from the Ver.Ka and the Bazooka From the OVA.

  27. GundamFan22 says:

    I don’t know if this have been mentioned or thought of, but is it possible (despite the price you have to pay) to mix the advantages of Ver Ka. into OVA and vice versa? Use the frame of the ABS Ver Ka. but use the torso connection of OVA for stronger joints, OVA “shell” for it’s color and better gold slides. This way, you could have both rigidity of Ver Ka. and the better exterior of the OVA despite the harsh price tag.

  28. Tarl says:

    Do you think using putty could strengthen the waist peg for the Ver Ka kit or should one just drill a hole and put a metal rod in it?

  29. khmergod says:

    I’m thinking of picking up a MG Sinanju, but can’t decide if I want ver Ka., Titanium ver ka., or ova… The prices are in my budget, but I’m leaning towards ova for darker gold trim, but also leaning towards Titanium because reasons.

  30. Aki says:

    Hi Sid,

    I’m planning to buy this sinanju, and planned to buy the waterslide decals for it. After some research, it looks like only HLJ the only site available to buy the decals. Just for confirmation, is it true? If HLJ stated the decals as backordered and need to wait for 4-6 weeks, that means I can buy it right?

    • S2 says:

      Bandai hasn’t officially said that the waterslide decals for most kits are discontinued but they aren’t making them as often as they used to. It could be some time before they produce more.

  31. Sinanju Lover says:

    Hi Syd. .

    i was thinking of just top coating my sinanju . .

    What Coating should i paint it with? any recommnedations?

  32. NewHobbyist says:

    Hi Syd,

    Long-time reader, first time poster.

    The stein has a spare PS Peg compatible with the Ver. Ka and also has the Bazooka right? Would you recommend buying the Ver. Ka AND the Stein, instead of the OVA AND Stein? I’m only really interested with the bazooka for the giant gun for the Sazabi.

    Thanks in advance.

    • S2 says:

      If you buy the OVA and the Stein you’ll have two bazookas. If that’s your thing then go for it. If you only need the one bazooka you can go with the Ver ka and the Stein. I’ve explained the differences in the two kits in the reviews so hopefully it helps people make a decision in situations like this.

  33. Johnny says:

    Are the stickers annoying to apply?

    • Stephen says:

      Considering how big some of them were, yes, yes they were annoying to apply.

      That said, for one reason or another the adhesive is really good. Been a few years and most are still on without peeling.

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