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There can be no debate regarding the greatness of the MG Sinanju Ver Ka kit. I love it. You love it. Every Gunplar who has built it loves it (pure conjecture on my part). So more Sinanju can only be a good thing, right. That’s what we are here to find out as we discuss the 1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka.

Overall Look: 9.5/10

Where the Sinanju sports curves the Stein has edges. The Sinanju Ver Ka’s look could be called ‘organic’ whereas that of the Stein could be described as synthetic but even that might not tell the whole tale. If the Sinanju Ver Ka is analog then the Stein is digital. While their respective looks are contrasting (mono-eye vs two eyes, etc) they both look fantastic and the Sinanju MS suit design is a winner either way.

But doesn’t this section look like a bird?

And this gap just doesn’t sit right with me.

Colors: 9.5/10

While the Sinanju Ver Ka suffered in this reviewer’s eyes due to the bland Bandai yellow used for the trim, Stein also takes a slight hit for not having any trim at all. While the White, Dark blue, Gray, and Red in the thrusters work great together, the huge amount of surface area on the Stein lacks something to break it up. Still, for an almost all white suit, I can’t really complain.

Weapons: 10/10

Like its red MG predecessor the Sinanju comes with its large shield and rifle. When you think about it, it seems the emphasis for these weapons has switched. For the Sinanju Ver Ka the shield was overwhelmingly large while the rifle was sleek and slender. The Stein’s shield is noticeably smaller than that on the Sinanju Ver Ka but the rifle is over twice as big!

Some nice detail can be found on that enormous rifle, though.

And let’s not forget that it is designed to work with Bandai’s new type of MG hands.

There’s also that Bazooka, but we’ll get to that later.

Articulation: 8/10

As this is the same frame as found in the Sinanju Ver Ka it’s only fitting that it gets the same score in this category. Here is what I wrote about the Sinanju Ver ka in it’s review:

For such a big kit the Sinanju articulates really well. There is a lot of movement in the hips and knees and the only thing that hinders the movement of the lower body are the ankles. They flex forward quite far.

Yup, no problems there with the Stein.

Though the side and front armor parts will hinder the leg movement which is an issue I don’t remember having with the Sinanju Ver Ka.

Regarding the arms I wrote,

The arms articulate very well but of course will be hindered by the spiky armor part underneath the shoulders.

While the Stein lacks the spikes found on the Ver ka shoulder piece the range of movement is pretty much the same.

And yet… Well, I can’t praise the Stein the same way I did the Sinanju Ver Ka. There are certain aspects of the kit that work against it which is exactly what will be discussed in the next (and arguably the most important?) section of this review.

Build Design: 8/10

For the Sinanju Ver. ka, I wrote this:

This is probably the most solid Master Grade kit I have ever assembled. I really can’t find any fault in the design. The decision to do away with poly-caps for the Sinanju’s frame and go with tight-fitting ABS can’t be overlooked. This kit is massive and poly-caps wouldn’t have been able to hold the weight of the arms, weapons, backpack, etc. After I finished assembling this, my second MG Sinanju, I was reminded just how solid everything is with this kit and that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

This statement doesn’t seem to apply to the Stein and I’m thinking it comes down to one thing; the new type of plastic used for the frame. For some reason, the Stein just doesn’t seem as sturdy. While I was posing and enjoying my time with the Sinanju Ver Ka, I found myself having problems getting the Stein to stand up in various poses. Even trying to get the feet flat on the floor sometimes were an issue.

The Stein doesn’t sport a backpack as massive as the Red Comet’s but I still faced difficulties in him falling in one direction or the other. Perhaps it is because the frame is just too light? And while we are discussing the backpack, I really don’t like the design of the Stein’s.

I love the look of it, so aesthetics aren’t the problem. The issue comes from the design of the backpack itself. The Sinanju’s backpack was massive, had the opening wing gimmick, but even so was pretty simple when it came to connecting the wings to the center. When connected the wings could pivot up or down at the connection point and also swivel side to side where the wing itself connects to the peg used to attach it to the center. The Stein’s backpack construction is almost entirely different and instead of pegs uses ball and socket connections and this is, in my opinion, the problem.

Here is the connection for the part of the backpack used to hold the fuel tank.

You can see the ball and socket clearly there. When in the proper position, it lines up like this:

However, when you start moving the piece around (voluntarily or no) because the plastic is less dense with more give that connection can start to come apart quite easily.

With ball and socket connections used to connect the wings to the center of the backpack and also the top armor piece to the top of the thruster assembly if you’re not careful you can find yourself with a backpack that looks like this.

There’s just far too much movement allowed to pieces whose connections aren’t as secure as they should be. This is also evident in the fuel tanks and their connection to the backpack.

This ball joint only partially plugs into the hole meant to hold it and will easily come out. Where previous MG kits and their heavier frames would give a satisfying ‘click’ when things snapped into place, that’s a sound you almost never hear on the Stein with its lighter plastic.

And while we’re on the topic of connections, there’s a terrible one found on the back of the Stein’s legs.

Here is the fin hiding the thruster on the back of the leg. Normally it’s in this position but it is designed to open.

The problem however is that the connection is this type:

That little rod of plastic fits into a semi-circular groove and the rod can turn which allows you to open up the fin. The issue with the Stein’s design is that, due to the thruster being under the middle of the fin, if you press on the bottom part of the fin (and you will!) the connection comes undone at the top.

There is a piece of armor that fits on over top of this connection but it doesn’t touch the plastic rod at all and doesn’t hold it down meaning there is nothing stopping the connection from coming undone. And this happens a lot! If you’re like me you start positioning your kit by first holding the lower legs. They are the biggest part of the kit and once the legs are in the desired position and the kit is standing you can then position the arms. When you handle the Stein you have to be mindful of this the whole times you are positioning him and there will be plenty of time you have to reconnect that lower leg fin part by gripping the bottom of it and pushing up and in.

Such a simple thing and yet it has caused me lots of frustration. So much in fact that I stopped trying to pose the Sinanju for pictures for the review and just went with what I had.

The next design thing I need to complain abou.. I mean mention are the hands. Yes, they are the new type of hands as found on the Nu Gundam Ver Ka and of course they look just as amazing, however, because Stein has that enormous rifle, I expect the life expectancy of these hands (for lack of a better term) to be fairly short.

There’s just no way it will be able to maintain this type of position for any length of time. This was an issue with the Nu Gundam and now is an even bigger one with the Stein. We need a hybrid and I already suggested what it should be – use the new type of hands for the movable digits but the old type of wrist connection, like that of the Sinanju Ver Ka.

I also found that I had to remove the whole wrist section to be able to get the tab from the weapon into the hand.

There’s also the design Bandai used to to house the Bazooka. This little hunk of plastic…

Fits into a hollow in the bottom of the opening on the back of the skirt.

Not quite. While you can get it in there, the connection is so tenuous it won’t really stay.

Because the backpack tends to droop thanks to those previously-mentioned ball and socket connections I found it easier to remove the backpack when trying to fit the bazooka into its spot.

But it’s not all doom and gloom with this new plastic frame. I’m happy to report that the issue with the torso peg that caused much dismay with the Sinanju Ver Ka is a thing of the past.

That more giving plastic means you can put it together without much effort and take it apart just as easily.

Stein’s head is also great too, kinda. The vulcans are separate parts (yay!) but you need a sticker for the chin? (boo!)

Fun Factor: 9/10

It’s the Sinanju design so it is awesome and it was quite fun to fit on the industrial-type armor and watch it take shape, but with there being no gold trim stickers to apply nor those armor collars to fit around the torso/skirt it felt like Sinanju-lite. A few more parts for trim would have made the Stein look better and also provide another level to the build.

Extras: 10/10

The Stein comes with waterslides which is something you needed to purchase separately on the Sinanju Ver Ka so thanks go to Bandai and while the Stein lacks all the effect parts that came with the Red Comet, it makes up for it by including that special item that was previously only available to those who managed to buy the Gundam UC comic #8, the Bazooka!

This thing is almost a kit unto itself and is a fantastic addition to the Stein. If only they’d do something about the connection to the back of the torso. Bandai did, however, include a new grip which allows the new type hands to easily secure the Bazooka which is something the previous Sinanju had issues with. And if you want to count the unused old Sinanju hip parts as extras we can! It’s actually cool that these weren’t left out because it means that people who have bought both the Sinanju Ver Ka and the Stein have a way to fix any torso peg problems.

I would have liked the Stein to rank higher and many of my gripes could be called minor but compared to the greatness that is the Sinanju Ver Ka the Stein seems like a step backwards. However, if we use the Stein as an indicator of what to expect in the upcoming Sinanju OVA version kit, it’s likely that kit will end up being the best of the bunch. The old Sinanju look/design with all those effect parts, but with Stein’s new type hands, torso peg, rifle and bazooka and the tabs used to grip them. I’m actually excited!

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  1. Bocalt says:

    Thanks alot for this review, still not sure what to choose between this, the oav sinanju, the normal sinanju ver ka and the Nu ver ka 🙁

    The issues pointed out are clearly important for things to come… the Sinanju oav:
    1) Won’t it inherit the inability to hold standing poses like this kit due to the new frame?

    2) Are the hands connections sure to improve the overall posability with weapons?

    3) Won’t the new material make it so that the tanks fall off? His are longer and bigger than those of the stein and from what i understand these don’t hold well.

    4)Will it even be able to reproduce the oav boxart pose?

    Ultimately was it more or less frustrating than the Nu ver ka (which had quite a few flaws too)

    • Steve says:

      I just built up the nu gundam ver ka, only flaw for me was the fine funnels and some gloss clear coat fixed it. Perfect kit in my opinion and shouldn’t stop anyone from buying or building it if you like how it looks.

      • Bocalt says:

        Interesting point, what do you mean by using coating to fix it?

      • Steve says:

        Sorry, fin* funnels, because the connections were loose and they fall off easily while on the models back, but clear coat.(you know the stuff you should be putting on your finished gundam kits to protect it or give it a nice matt look) made the funnel connections stronger and now they aren’t loose.

  2. Skyler says:

    Every kit has it’s flaws. While I agree with a lot of the issues Syd mentioned above, I still personally think that this is a great kit. I just finished building mine today. I’m sure a lot of the issues you had with posing (Keeping the feet flat on the ground) will go away if you put it on the stand. Which is what I plan to do with mine in a few moments.

  3. Reehdus says:

    Syd, according to what I read from gundamguy, looks like they’re calling the internal frame a paintable ABS frame. Don’t think it will be this PS frame. And the hands seem to still be the MG 2.0 ver hands.

    • Reehdus says:

      The new Sinanju ova that is

    • syd says:

      Interesting. I wonder what the point of it is then. The unicorn ova had new parts to address some issues with the Ver Ka. What will the ova Sinanju have? Other than different markings.

      • Reehdus says:

        It has the bazooka I guess, and I don’t think it will come with waterslides. Probably it will address the flaws with the original ver Ka (tight joints), but other than that I don’t think it will be much different. Thing is, the Unicorn ver Ka is no longer in production. I think this Sinanju OVA version is going to replace the ver Ka.

    • Kikomachi says:

      I’ve been building gunpla for 2 years now and I don’t know what’s ABS frame is. What is ABS frame exactly? And does all frame were paintable?

      haha, sorry. I don’t really know. ^^,

      • Reehdus says:

        ABS is a type of plastic, acro-something buta-something styrene, as opposed to PS, polysterene. It’s a tougher plastic than the one used for the armour of the Gundams and is typically used for the internal frame and weapons.

      • Steve says:

        The frame on the nu gundam ver ka is poly? it sure is softer than the rest of it, and the armor parts are abs?

  4. Kefka says:

    Well the new Sinanju will have ABS for the frame so yay?

  5. Kefka says:

    It’s looking like they’ll use the new hands for the Sinanju OVA

    • Reehdus says:

      Likely not..that would mean they’d have to remold all the weapon handles. And seeing as how they’re providing all the weapons I doubt they’ll do that

      • Skyler says:

        They’ve already remolded the bazooka for the stein here. That’s one weapon down.
        Really think about it though. Bandai having to change a couple weapon handles really doesn’t mean a lot of work on their part. It’s much easier than having to add completely new runners. They just have to slightly tweak what was already there.

        I think it’s more than likely that these new hands will become the standard for all MG kits, and not just limited to Ver Ka. releases.

      • syd says:

        Remolding weapon handles is quite easy nether could simply supply one small runner with the angles and the tabs to replace those that come with the kit.

      • Reehdus says:

        Yeah, you guys are right, they would probably do that, and I hope they do

      • PoweredGM says:

        Sinanju OVA will NOT have the new hands. This has been confirmed for a few weeks now.

      • Steve says:

        What will it have other than the bazooka? I was hoping it would have a nicer red and nice gold on it already(Only thing that turned me off from buying the ver ka was my ability to paint kits nicely, and it looks pretty bad not painted.)

  6. Jack says:

    Oh,hey. I’m planning to build the Sinanju Ver. Ka. Any suggestions so that I can avoid the broken waist connector problem?

    • syd says:

      You can sand down the peg just a little and don’t attach the arms and backpack to the torso until after you connect the torso to the waist. It’s easier to grip and apply pressure in the right direction without the bulky arms/shoulder/backpack in the way.

      • Jack says:

        Thanks a lot. But I hear that the new Sinanju will be using a Polystyrene frame, I’m concerned about the overall heft, solidness, and posing properties of the new Sinanju… and if they would fix that waist problem on the new kit.

  7. Dan says:

    I enjoyed reading your review Syd and thought all your points (negative and positive) were valid for the Stein. However as I was reading through the review it seems this new PS plastic for the frame is causing more issues than it is worth.

    After reading both the Nu Gundam and Stein review it seems that Bandai needs a mix of PS and ABS frame parts. Frame parts that at as joints should be ABS to support the weight of armor and weapons. All other frame parts could then be PS for the reduced weight.

    I would like to hear your opinion on having a mix of PS and ABS frame parts. Sadly I have not built the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka, Sinanju Ver. Ka. or the Sinanju Stein. I am basing my opinion on your reviews and others.

    As a side note the WIP posts with the comparison shots of the Sinanju and the Sinanju Stein were my favorite posts you have done.

    Keep up the great work Syd!

  8. Bocalt says:

    Hey there, would you get this kit as a HGUC, considering it would lose most of its flaws as a MG?

    • syd says:

      Yes, I would get it as an HGUC. The HGUC Sinanju is an amazing kit for its size so the Stein, I imagine, would be just as good.

  9. kager says:

    Can you list out how many extra parts left over from the Stein, that can be used on the sinanju?

    I recently picked up a sinanju but its not in perfect condition, so if the stein comes with the parts I need it would save me a lot of time and money ordering the parts.

  10. Tim from Plym(outh UK) says:

    I think Syd got it right not using that seal for the head. been looking round the box ard for my Stein and its in grey. think I’ll be omitting mine.

  11. Konrad says:

    With all its flaws, the Sinanju Stein looks great standing straight up. With a slight head tilt, the rail gun lowered to its side, and a stiff shield arm, you have a GREAT looking pose (albeit limited) that will stay firm.

  12. Harith says:

    The only negative I really felt about this kit is the inability to hold up the huge rifle. Keep getting that limp-wristed look and it harms the display ability of this otherwise amazing model kit.

  13. khmergod says:

    Hey Syd, I wanted to know if this is a variant of the MG Sinanju Ver Ka variation or a new mold?

  14. Bocalt says:

    Am I the only one wondering how this is still not a HGUC yet? I mean it would sell heaps, right?

    • beige says:

      probably less than you’d think – the HG line gets most of its sales from casual-ish fans of the gundam media, and a suit that appeared only for a short time in a hard to access prequel isn’t in that appeal range

      add in much lower sales for the stein compared to the base in MG, and their probably not going to make it any time soon – the development costs would be hard to recoup form the sales

  15. Jonathan says:

    Great review. I love the Sinanju Stein, I love how it looks. I recommend it to anyone who wants a Master Grade gundam. I prefer the MG over the HG, though my first few kits were HG.

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