Gaijin Gunpla

I received a message from someone asking me if I did custom work and I had to answer both ‘No‘ and ‘Yes‘. ‘No‘ as in I’ve never done one and ‘Yes‘ as I’m not opposed to the idea and like challenges. So he asked me if I could make his 1/100 MG XXXG-01H Gundam Heavy Arms EW Ver. into the Heavy Arms Custom with the paint scheme similar to that of the 1/144 Gundam Heavy Arms Custom. As it turns out, I just so happen to have some experience customizing an MG Heavy Arms EW, so I accepted the job reminding the customer that I work with spray cans so colors may not be a perfect match to the reference material he provided.

(images from Gundam Guy which were scanned from a hobby magazine)

This is going to be fun.

The client only needed the paint done as he planned on doing the panel lining and markings later on which means I only need to worry about the not screwing up when painting. A few days after I accepted the parts arrived in the mail.

They were packed so perfectly into such a small box. There’s a whole MG kit in there.

He even separated and packaged all parts by color.

This definitely makes my job easier.

He has done a good job removing the nub marks so not much was needed from me in that regard. This past weekend I actually had some sunny weather, though probably too windy, and I managed to prime and paint the first parts.

Look forward to more updates as my work on this continues.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Im doing a commission for the same model but he wants the two double gatling guns like.on the hg 1/100

  2. SavviMaple says:

    That’s pretty cool! show us how it turns out!
    This is exciting.

  3. Kikomachi says:

    That makes your job easier, parts already separated and nub marks free.

  4. NightAngel says:

    hey syd, i was wondering if you could give me the colors you used because i would like to do this to my own Heavyarms

    • syd says:

      Hi NightAngel,

      The main blue is Tamiya TS-15 Blue while the darker areas like the feet and skirts are Tamiya TS-55 Dark Blue. The bright blue is Tamiya TS-41 Coral Blue and the white was done over with Mr. Hobby 97 Gray #9. Good luck!

  5. NightAngel says:

    hey Syd,
    I’m just wondering but how do you normally paint you’re models? spray paint? airbrush?

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