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After a fun weekend (more or than later) I sat down with the MG ReZEL C Defenser and started on that huge mass of plastic metal that is the backpack and for that you need the this new runner.

With this I can build the rig that allows the huge backpack parts to attach to the ReZEL and the first step towards that is found with these pieces.

These two assemblies are built into the main piece that connects to the back of the ReZEL.

And then you need this screw.

In my previous post I wrote about how there is a new main torso frame part for the ReZEL. This piece has a hole to accommodate the screw.

With that screwed onto the back you then move on to assembling the base which will be used in both the a and b backpack variations.

Seems easy enough. Now for these arms. They are quite sturdy and they need to be to hold up the sides of this big fella.

The arm then attaches to a larger piece that will be the main part of the side of the backpack and what will be the connecting point to the base you attached to the back of the ReZEL.

Then armor and because it’s a new MG design that means new runners.

These parts are actually quite large.

And then thrusters! Two large and one small for each side.

A wing that will attach to the larger side unit.

The small white piece actually stays on the tip really well.

With the wings on you seal them up with some armor sides.

Then attach that to the main side assembly.

This is followed by a small piece sliding on around the wing.

So I’ve got these things.

But that’s more or less the start of the craziness. I’ve still got the unique sections of both two types of Defenser unit assemblies to put together.

So for that I first build the center assembly which should be familiar to anyone who is familiar with the ReZEL.

‘Dose Thrusters.

(final parts)

And this is where I stopped as I needed to get around to recovering from the weekend and getting ready for the next week, though I did get back to building the ReZEL before I actually had to get serious cuz of work and adult things like that. More on the ReZEL soon.

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  1. Butagami says:

    It looks like it’s going to be quite a beast. Good thing they added that screw, I don’t see any way that backpack would stay on without it.
    Any ideas on which Unit you’re going to build, Syd?

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    Oh the grammar….such horrid grammar :o…… Lol jk im waiting for the jesta for my grunt of the year

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