Gaijin Gunpla

I’m not such a fan of grunt suits aside from those awesome Zaku IIs. The designs of the GM or Nemo and kits like it don’t do too much for me but I do find myself drawn to the Jesta and waited patiently for Bandai to release a Master Grade version of it. Well, that day has arrived and now I have in my hands the 1/100 MG Jesta. Let me show you.

Gundam UC artwork is always high quality but maybe that’s a given seeing as they all portray massive space battles.

Upon opening the box…

If you look to the bottom left you’ll see a runner that is not sealed in a plastic bag. Well, I didn’t do that. It came that way. Tucked in the bottom of each Jesta box is that lonely runner.

Why this is I have no idea but it’s fun to speculate. Perhaps there was a problem with a mold on the F runner and they had to hastily redo it. That’s one theory.

Also worth mentioning!

Yup, Nu Gundam Ver Ka/Sinanju Stein type hands. Interesting that they’d use it on a small box kit like this but does that suggest that every newly designed MG kit coming in the future comes with these hands?


One thing that I forgot to photograph but need to mention is that this guy is designed to be able to use the Bandai LED but this one is meant to be red. It looks like Bandai will be selling, or at least selling like parts, the red LED that they produced back when they put out the Gentei 00 Raiser Trans AM mode kit.

I’ve got plans for most of this weekend but I hope to still get a chance to get snipping on this guy.

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  1. Josh says:

    Oh nice! I was really wanting this it, mainly because I think it is a good kit to paint. Time to get creative! Syd have you built any of the NU Gundoom units?
    I am on the fence on this

    or the MG Jesta

    • syd says:

      I’m familiar with these kits but I won’t ever build one. Bootleg stuff without paying for the rights to do so is bad.

      • Josh says:

        Yea, I am feeling the same way about it. That’s why I was on the fence. Just dig the design. Maybe I will try to mod my Nu then.
        Will be looking forward to this review!

      • Zenstrive says:

        Well, they’re not bootleg per se, but an unofficial kit of an unofficial improved design…

      • syd says:

        Let’s not lie to ourselves. They are designed to look like a Gundam and even have the same sounding name. Or is it a coincidence it’s called Gundooom? I think they do look cool, but to profit off another company’s product line without paying the same kind of licensing fees seems awfully underhanded to me.

      • Kefka says:

        I see it honestly being like 3rd party Transformers occupying a niche Bandai probably won’t fill

      • Bocalt says:

        They are extremely cheap for the stuff and the amount of plastic they provide, let’s not forget they are hg, and I think of them more of kits by fans for fans unlike the TT Hongli kind of stuff…

      • Woodfish says:

        Fans don’t take your money for the stuff they make. And good money at that. Stealing rights (which this is actually) doesn’t appeal to me all that much. To me, that stinks to high heavens, but hey, that’s my two cents. And besides, the quality of these kits isn’t any better than your avarage garage resin kit. The price isn’t all that low as you may think it is. Bottom line, too much work needed for an expensive fake. Besides, Bandai doesn’t make Transformers. 😛

      • Kager says:

        @ Bocalt

        TT IS MC…..

        MC is the “new” TT. Bandai went after all the bootleg companies for copyright issues. So now they decided to bootleg Bandai “legally” by making slight changes their models calling it “Custom Design” under MC, and calling it Gundoom cause they can’t use the word Gundam.

        Your Hi-Nu is a bootleg of VP’s Hi-Nu resin design. All they did was make it into plastic form.

        All in all, MC is a bootleg company working in the gray area of copyright by copying 99% of other people’s design whether it resin conversion or Bandai’s own kit, then make slight changes to it and calling it custom design. They’re not made by fans for fans, they’re made by I believe One Designer, copying and pasting ideas from other people’s design and calling the kit their own in order to make a profit.

    • Bocalt says:

      I’ve built the Hi Nu Gundoom edition, it is to this day one of the best kits I’ve ever built, it had better waterslide decals than Bandai’s, for a great price it was taller than some MG (wing), had great gimmicks (a sword like none other), lots of details for panel lining, a hell of a sharper head design than Bandai’s and wings of light effect parts, this one is the last variation of the frame they have been using for quite some while now, I don’t think it can ever reach the epic proportions of this
      But it was great training as it was one of my first kits, so enjoy, if its cheap, go for it 😉

      • lupes says:

        worth noting that later runs of that hi nu gundoom don’t have the sword or effect parts and the plastic feels worse, as well as having minor deformities in it.

  2. Paul Emical* says:

    I too found, some time ago, a runner not sealed in a plastic bag. It was either in the RB-79 Ball “Shark mouth” or RB-79K Ball MG kit.

    The box was sealed and came from a respectable seller, though… I remember thinking myself that maybe it was a last minute change.

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    Are there any available on hlj. Last i checked iy was on order stop

  4. cipher says:

    ok..i’m buying this kit
    sorry BF4 i can’t reach you

  5. Agent_Chooster says:

    I’m thinking only new UC Earth Federation mobile suits will come with those new hands. As Zeons and other gundam series like age all have different hand designs.

  6. Bocalt says:

    Gosh now i have to choose getting RG destiny and this kit or MG Sinanju oav -_- , I’ll be looking forward to your review, got the HGUC and due tot he design it failed miserably to hold its weapon properly (both normal and Cannon) so knowing about the past problems of the hands I feel this kit even as a MG might have the same problem 🙁

  7. Adrian says:

    I hope this doesn’t become another “Delta Plus”. :\

  8. Evan says:

    Nice…I really like the Jesta. Just has the look of a ‘spec ops unit’ MS. But to be honest, I’d really like to see a MG Jegan and Geara Zulu series.

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