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The MG Jesta justa released and I justa got home so I’m gonna put on some Jazzta listen to while I put this guy together. Justa kidding.

As this guy is a Gundam UC kit that isn’t a Unicorn, Sinanju, or ReZEL I’m excited to see how this new Master Grade goes together.

Like almost every other MG the Jesta build starts with the pilot and his little chair. But from there you grab some pretty uniquely shaped pieces.

The cockpit of the Mobile Suit is a sphere like that found on the Sinanju but it’s not clear.

Frame part for the lower hatch slides into a groove in the bottom of the cockpit frame and extends outwards to open up.

Next step in the assembly is the shoulder joints.

These joints are very similar to those found on the MG 1/100 RX-78-2 2.0 frame and its variations.

The torso frame parts for the Jesta are quite large given the smaller size of this MS.

It’s here that the first of the armor is applied.

No chest vents on the Jesta.

The torso has symmetrical pieces for both the front and back.

Once all the armor is on the front of the Jesta you then put on the frame part which will allow you to put the top hatch armor on.

Here are the frame and armor parts for the top hatch.

You snap it on from below.

Then flip it up.

Then you push it downwards into place.

The bottom of the torso features these frame parts.

With one armor part attached.

Now here’s a design element we’ve seen before.

The torso is completed by assembling this removable LED housing just like that found on the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka.

I think my LED is still in my Nu Gundam so I’ll have to pull that out and replace the battery and give the Jesta a go.

Here are the clear runners with the parts for the head and here is the start of the assembly.

The way the frame is shaped you slide the clear parts in from the front.

And the neck joint a clear part to allow the light from the LED to get up to the eye.

Orange part goes in from the top and then from the front.

Then the front armor jaw part goes in place.

Looks like Halo to me.

Large armor parts go on from the front and back.

Then the upper head part.

The sides of the Jesta’s head are not symmetrical but the assembly for both is quite similar.

The right side actually uses a sticker (which I leave off for now).

Head is done.

Now for the arms and first up are the shoulder connections.

Then the upper arm which uses these three frame parts.

From there the pistons for the back of the elbow, the armor on the front of the elbow, and the circles on each side of the elbow are all put on.

Up until now you assemble both arms at the same time but from this point on the assemblies diverge. The right side is first using these lower arm frame parts.

Here’s a shot showing the range of motion.

Then armor!

Now for something else we first saw with the Nu Gundam Ver Ka.

I justa finished working with these hands on the Nu Gundam and Stein.

The left arm’s lower frame parts are designed differently from those for the right.

And these little parts are put in the left side.

Then armor!

Now for the shoulders.

But at this point in the documenting of the assembly my camera indicates that its memory card is full. So.. the rest of the build will have to wait.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Cant wait to get mine. It says its being “double-checked” whatever that means

  2. Josh says:

    Ditto! I cannot wait! Looks to be a solid build so. Wonder what colors I should paint it. Loving that orange vizor. Hmmm maybe iron man color would work.

  3. Hypnos says:

    i would love to do a custom paintjob on this jesta too.

    btw, there is a socket on the top of the backpack that is covered with a piece. im pretty sure that bandai is going to release the Jesta cannon parts for this MG 😛

  4. Zetaone71 says:

    It looks awesome. Will def. have to build one.

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