Gaijin Gunpla

With the Mobile Suit pretty much complete I’ll put him aside while I work on the backpack and weapons. The Jesta immediately attracts attention.

Here’s the frame part for the Jesta.

It’s actually quite large and there’s not much more to the backpack frame.

A couple of swing arms hold the thrusters.

They clip in right here.

At this point they swing up quite far but once the armor is on they won’t be going very far.

A poly-cap is placed inside the frame at the top.

(note: Don’t put it in this way, it actually needs to be flipped over. There is an extended edge on one side that goes in first.)

Then armor.

Then put it on your Jesta.

The rifle is quite simple yet still pleasing to the eye.

Two poly-caps fit into the rifle.

Now for the sight.

You can see there is a clear part used here.

Then it goes on the rifle.

Looks like a Holographic sight. Sweet.

Though I wonder how it would look if I switched it around to face the other way.


Now for the foregrip.

And the little tab in the handle.

And lastly the ammo clip.

You’re given enough parts to make four ammo clips.

The back side of Jesta’s right forearm is meant to hold the extra three.

You get one beam saber handle, though two sabers.

The saber fits into the back of the left forearm.

The Jesta’s shield has a shape I like and it starts with that frame piece.

The small yellow piece is shoved into the armor part from behind and then the armor part goes onto the frame.

The only two white parts in the entire kit now have a home.

Then the handle goes on.

With the rifle, beam saber handle, and shield all completed you’d think we were done, but that is not the case. We now have these parts.

Then these similar parts.

You now end up with this contraption.

This then plugs into the back of the shield with the help of one small part.

This arm plugs into the side of the backpack.

With this you can extend the shield and place it in a variety of positions leaving the Jesta with his arms free to do other things.

Next up; the review!

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Cant wait to see what you give this

  2. Bocalt says:

    Yeah can’t wait for the review now

  3. Josh says:

    Happy that the shield has a separate yellow piece for the insignia instead of having to paint it or a decal. Cannot wait for this!

  4. Zetaone71 says:

    Looks awesome! I really like this design. Looking forward to the review.

  5. May be I’ll sound stupid but What are the white parts? Some smoke flash bank or something ?

    • Lechku says:

      They’re missiles. The Jegan C type can be seen using a similar weapon at the end of Unicorn episode 5.

  6. cipher says:

    yes HOLO sight,that what i always think jesta using..

  7. Tony says:

    Gai-Gun Neko returns! Neko needs his/her own section lol.

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