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Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.
from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Having taken the plunge and mutilated a bunch of plastic I’ve lost the hesitation I first experienced and thus proceeded to make further structural and cosmetic changes to my Sinanju Stein/Tallgeese EW kitbash.

One of the aspects of the Tallgeese I wanted to bring over to the Stein was the headpiece/mohawk.

That was easy.

Some people probably think I’m being facetious but it actually was quite simple and the first thing I tried ended up working too well for me to look for an alternative method.

What I did was to remove the part of the headpiece that has the opening which connects to the piece on the top of Tallgeese’s head and then place the part from the crown of Stein’s piece in the hollow upside down.

(tape used to hold test fit in place)

This works right away though I will trim down the tab on the crown piece to allow give me the angle I want for the ‘Spartan Hair’. One thing bothered me about this method though and that was the seam line very visible on Stein’s forehead. Normally this is covered by the crown piece but because it’s upside down it no longer does. Luckily for me, I’ve got a piece just like it.

Of course, I don’t need that whole length.

Nor the little tab that plugs into the head of the Sinanju.

As well as some excess plastic that just is in the way.

So the Sinanju fin now looks like this.

But even that isn’t enough. I’ve got to trim some more plastic and I did so fearing I would slip and cut myself deeply with my design knife as I held the tiny part between my thumb and forefinger.

(Oh.. glue spot on the table. Mrs. Gai-Gun is going to get angry.)

Using some extra thin cement I put the pieces together being attentive in trying to get the small piece centered correctly.

Then a little later I went back to check out the overall look.

I find this satisfactory.

While in the groove I focused again on the backpack. I had previously heavily modified it to work with the Tallgeese thrusters but I still wanted to make some changes and give it back its Sinanju feel. For that I used these.

Yes, these are the fuel tanks from the Sinanju OVA. They don’t work with the Stein backpack, which is fine because I don’t like how that backpack is constructed, so I’ll be using the parts from the OVA.

For those who don’t know these attach to the OVA by the simple method of sliding the peg into the hole.

The Stein’s backpack doesn’t have this hole.

But that’s okay because I have tools for making them. Using my drill I first drilled a pilot hole and then redrilled with the proper size bit. There was a lot of plastic to get through and the angle wasn’t quite correct after the first go so I widened the hole.

I’ll have to go back and fill the hole with putty and redrill the hole at the correct angle but for now it looks promising.

The big question was if these fuel tanks got in the way of the Tallgeese Thruster packs. I did measure and test before drilling any holes in the plastic so I wasn’t worried.

So let’s try it out.


And here’s where I’m at so far.

I dig it though there is some mods I still want to do on the feet and perhaps may rethink what I’ve done to the sides of the lower legs.

One thing I definitely wanted to make happen was to bring over the Tallgeese’s engineering which allows the rifle and shield to attach to the shoulders. Here’s the shoulder of the Tallgeese.

The weapons and shield connect to the shoulders by these arms.

These arms simply plug into a poly-cap on the underside of the shoulder, hidden by a little flap.

So all I really need from the Tallgeese are the parts that hold that poly-cap in place which just so happens to be these two yellow parts.

I cut away the excess plastic and was happy to see that I could easily use this single white armor part that goes over top.

But I wanted to use the little flap as well.

That was pretty simple as well. I simply cut away the plastic I didn’t need.

So far it looks like all will go according to plan.

I just need to get it cemented into place on the underside of the shoulder.

While test fitting I checked out the range of motion allowed to the arm if I go through with this mod and it actually doesn’t reduce that range of motion by much.

I prepped the part from the second Tallgeese shoulder following the method I came up with when working on the first.

And then cemented them to the underside of the shoulder.

When it comes time to paint the frame the yellow will be gone and the modifications (hopefully) unnoticeable.

I’m eager to back to work on this soon.

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  1. XZF says:

    Hey Syd, I think that the spartan hair is not ‘level’ it seems to be tilted to one side 🙂

    • syd says:

      Remember, it’s just a test fit. I won’t be worried about perfect alignment until after it has all been painted.

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    This looks awesome my friend

  3. Woodfish says:

    I find shoulders a bit too bulky for the Geese design all together. May just be me and my point of view. While the original Tallgeese shoulders are too old school, cutting apart another kit for this kit bash custom build would be a pity beyond all telling. Even though, I like what you’re trying to do and the fact that more or less you have a clear vision of the finished thing. Gaijin power is strong within you! 🙂

  4. Wow, I like the Trojan Stein head.
    Wonder how it looks a Tallgeese’ sheild and Cross bone’s curve beam sword.

    This is Sparta!~

  5. Jeff says:

    Since you’re already cutting up a Sinanju, why not use it’s leg thrusters on the Stein to add to the high speed design you’ve got going?

  6. Huey says:

    Great call on adding the fuel tanks. It does a good job of “completing” the gaps and space behind the Stein with that back pack.

    I saw a “Full Armor Sinanju” Custom that used two Sinanju backpacks (one on top of the other.) It was AWESOME!

  7. Syberio says:

    Mother of God


    this already looks so amazing… it will be legen… wait for it… dary!!!

  8. Zenstrive says:

    You need some kind of wings

    • ClayCannonII says:

      Hes giving you a run for your money man

      • lupes says:

        I’m finally done with mine, just gotta take a few more pictures of it. I can’t wait to see where Syd’s goes once he gets to painting and attaching some weaponry!

      • syd says:

        Hey Lupes,

        I think I’m reaching the end of my modifications though I may have a second go on the legs. I’m hoping to get the painting started (and finished) during the golden week.

  9. Karu says:

    The head reminds me of a chicken. 0_0

    Can’t wait to see more progress… 🙂

  10. Josh says:

    Maybe get the Darkhounds lance to complete the whole “Sparten” look. Think it would look slick with the shield.

  11. Zetaone71 says:

    It looks awesome Syd! The beast is being created!

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