Gaijin Gunpla

Girls’ Generation came, saw, and conquered the Saitama Super Arena and I was there to witness it all. I’d show you pics but the security was strict and no photos or video of any kind was allowed to be taken. (The pics and video we took are on another PC right now). It was quite the spectacle and worth what I had to pay for that ticket. Our seats had a good view but ASM and I were basically stuck in a corner. I can just imagine the ticket people seeing the katakana/foreigner name and thinking, ‘Uh oh. foreigners. Let’s stick them in the the row in the corner that has no one behind them and no one in front of them. Right beside these two 14 year olds.’

Needless to say we would have preferred something closer to the stage (or beside some very attractive ladies) but our view was pretty good and we could see everything including that moment when Tiffany looked directly at me. Ya, I saw you checking me out, Tiffany.

After the concert we purchased some merchandise and I am thankful that the majority of it sold out hours before the show otherwise I might have done something like spend 4,000 yen on a Girls’ Generation teddy bear for Gai-Gun Jr. (or myself).

But what to do from that point on? Well, having hung out together in Akihabara only days before we opted to not go out to a drinking establishment but instead head off to my place, only 25 minutes away, and, what else?, build some gunpla. There is precedent for this. Over two years prior I and Buster of Plamo Addiction had visited ASM in Osaka and just so happened to build some Gunpla during the course of a fun filled weekend. This time I supplied the beverages and the viewing material.

(Import beer before we hit the Captain Morgan’s and coke. Lord of the Rings Return of the King Extended Edition on blu-ray.)

ASM started work on his Sinanju Stein that he picked up in Akihabara and asked me to hold at my place for him and I started on this guy.

Ya, that’s the 限定 RG Zeta 3 (karaba colors). This box is almost twice the size of the normal RG Zeta and that’s because they give you all the parts to that original kit as well as extras of some runners molded in the Karaba colors.

I should have taken a picture of the included sheet explaining what parts to leave out of the build. On one of the extra runners you use only two parts (for the shield) and then leave out everything else. You could almost build a second Zeta from all the unused parts.

With Mrs. Gai-Gun and Jr. asleep upstairs ASM and I talked about the concert, life, while enjoying some drinks and building these great kits with an epic movie playing in the background. It was a good night. Good times with good people. I think there’s a whole marketing campaign built around this kind of idea…

After a couple of hours ASM had the majority of the Stein completed while I had made it this far.

Just kidding. Could you imagine if I did that? Building it with the wrong parts. I built it this way to see how it looked mostly purple, to get some use out of the parts Bandai doesn’t intend for us to use, and to troll a little bit. I can just imagine the Gundam internetz exploding upon the uploading of these pictures.

Before calling it a weekend, I snuck a few of the included stickers on.

I’ll finish this guy up soon. In the meantime I’m going to listen to some more Girls’ Generation.

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  1. Zetaone71 says:

    Looks like a fun time Syd! Nice choice of Brew!

  2. AL says:

    GG concert, 限定kits, gunpla building with friends, imported beer…..That’s just the ideal way of life.

  3. busterbeam says:

    sounds like fun! i remember that night well. great times! i hope no sloppy gunpla action was going on. i wish i could have been there this time… but the real question is what would i have built? probably mg tallgeese… i may have done a stein as well. its a good looking kit.

  4. cipher says:

    the box looks soo…thick & big..

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