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With the ReZEL Type C ready for it’s Defenser Units I got to work first on

Defenser Unit B (cuz that makes sense or something).

First step is to construct a couple of these. A sticker is involved but, like I usually do, I opted to skip it for now.

Then you assemble two of these scopes.

From there you assemble the first section of what will be an arm that connects the giant beam rifles to the backpack.

And then those enormous rifles. That is one long.. piece of plastic.

Once the main body of the rifle is done you add the white parts starting with this small one (that doesn’t stay very well).

Then the longer one (which fits fine).

Before attaching it to the backpack you first set the arm into position.

There’s actually a tiny piece of plastic that sticks out and the arm clicks onto that.

Then build the other arm and plug them in.

Then add the previously assembled areas.

Onto the backpack you attach these little pieces into which you plug the connecting arms for the rifles.

And then, you build a couple of these.. um.. things.

This little piece of plastic fits onto the end.

Followed by a couple of white parts on the other end of the unit.

For some reason I had a hard time getting one of them to stay, but the companion part on the opposite side gave me no problems.

Into tiny openings on the backpack you constructed previously you attach these two small parts that act as covers.

Then mount the assembly to the backpack giving you a completed side.

Attach the monster-rifle-assembly to the back of the ReZEL.

There is a small tab that is supposed to clip into the side of the center backpack unit though getting both sides to line up can be tricky.

Ready for the wings.

That looks pretty awesome and it can stand up on its own. Sweet.

Now for…

Defenser Unit A

Similar to how you assembled the large sections on B you do likewise with A but you need these little suckers.

The manual shows exactly how they need to be put in place

Add the large armor parts and you’ve got this.

Now add a touch of white.

You then assemble a second frame unit.

And these things.

I originally though these would be fuel canisters similar to what we see on suits such as the Sinanju but it turns out these are beam saber handles (!?)

Add some armor.

Then assemble this section.

You can now mount that massive handle.

Now for these things which look like stand adaptors and that’s kind of what they are.

These fit into the hollow that was covered up by the small armor parts when you built Unit B and are used to hold the beam saber handle assemblies.

The manual indicates I need to swap out the pieces on the center backpack block.

The two large rifles aren’t meant to be part of Unit A but I really like them and didn’t want to remove them so I decided I’d first try leaving them on.

And here is something that you’ll definitely need if you make a decision like mine.

That large piece used to support the ReZEL when you have it standing.

It clips onto the back of the skirt and fits nicely into place while still being firm enough not to move around.

You replace the largest pieces of B unit and in their place attach the missile pods of A.

And here’s what I ended up with.

It looks sexy with those rifles there. I think I will call this Defenser Unit B Alpha.

But we’re not done. We still have to assemble a rifle.

And a shield.

I’ll play around a bit more with this guy as he was quite the fun build and one of the transforming kits I actually feel works but I’m eager to get back on the Steingeese. Or was it Tallstein?

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  1. Zenstrive says:


    And yes, MG ReZEL Type C is a lot of fun! Lotsa plastics, but little repetitions unlike FAUC, and it looks good on an action base and can actually have (almost) all of its weapons mounted on it!
    I chose to skip the the wing-binder rocket pods and plan to attach them to the legs later…if I dare to drill through the leg’s sides to put some polycaps as base of rotation…

  2. db9911 says:

    this white parts in mine rezel always fail off 🙁
    how about your ?

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