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I finally got around to getting the stickers onto the 1/144 HGUC MS-06R-1A ZakuII Shin Matsunaga Custom and it’s looking pretty good especially for an HG kit. I’m not going to do a proper review on any HGs from now on I think because they have no way to stack up against the Real Grade line and I don’t build enough of them any more to make rankings meaningful. That said, check out these pics I got of this beauty.

Of course, he’s no MG version but he’s a good kit for a third of the price. However, when putting the stickers on and viewing the final product I noticed some things I thought were worth sharing.

I noticed that the large sticker that was used for the shoulder was coming off.

While unexpected I guess it’s not too surprising considering the contours of the shoulder armor but it is a little disappointing.

I don’t know if using the three stickers instead of just the one large one would have remedied this issue.

And check this out.

Here’s the image from the front of the manual. I direct your attention to the legs. The inside of the manual shows how you apply the stickers to the kit.

Look at sticker #23. It is applied to the bottom part of the piping and in the manual images is clearly white.

Yet, on the kit it is black! If I put it on the piping you would hardly notice it at all. Instead I decided to put it across the panel directly below the piping.

I just want to go on record and say that I hate that. Don’t provide an image on the side of the box, in the manual, and in your promotional materials for the kit that shows something that isn’t included in the final kit. That is terribly misleading.

I like the extra piece the provide to allow you to attach all the weapons to the shoulder.

Well, I liked it until I tried to put it on after applying all the stickers to the suit. That piece fits so tightly around the shield that when yo utry to slide it on it actually messes up the sticker at the bottom.

And once again hurray for the Shin Matsunaga custom hands!

Though the do look odd when attached to the arm.

Did something happen to your wrist, Mr. Matsunaga?

Great kit for the price but, you know what they say, ‘Once you go MG…’

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  1. Zenstrive says:

    I have no qualms about size, 1/100 or 1/144 is no problem. But I found that HG 1/144 is easier to manage and pose than MG 1/100 but MG 1/100 is definitely more satisfying to assemble.

    But 1/144 HG is approaching MG’s number of parts so it’s 50:50 no

    • Woodfish says:

      I wouldn’t say that. Even though Hg’s are getting better and better this one serves as an example of how they do things for High Grades. HG may be more easy to pose due to the lack of moving parts (which also makes them harder to pose too :P) but an MG’s and MG when it comes to posing and doing stuff with it. It may take more time to pose those legs just the right way but they look oh-so-much-beter that an HG should ever look. And that’s ok. There should be a significant difference between those two, especialy because of the price tag. An HG goes for around 1500 yen where an MG goes for around 3500 yen. And the number of parts. HGs do have smaller parts but they still come in a much smaller box than the usuall MG. Aprox 3-5 runners for an HG while an MG usually go for around 10. The Full Armor Unicorn I did a couple of months back had 33 runners of parts. So I’d say thats 6-7 times worth of your typical HG, just in parts. I’m an MG kind of a guy too but I do get an HG for kits that I’m interested in that don’t come or won’t come out as an MG.

  2. Victor says:

    I must say that HG’s sure have come a very long way. They have this unique appeal. I especially like the HG Sinanju. I mean I haven’t built it but it looks cool. What other HG’s do you think are worth building? Is the HGUC Nu Gundam a good start?

    • Tony says:

      My personal favorite HG (that I’ve built) is the Gundam X Divider. Beautiful colors in that kit, great articulation and a lot of weapons for an HG. Got the Gundam X as well, haven’t yet built it, but looks like it’ll share the same good qualities.

    • logansan says:

      If you like the ms design then go for the HGUC kampfer.
      Is a really good kit and comes with lots of weapons.
      Nu and sazabi are pretty good HG. If you wanna go with Nu i’d say go for the heavy weapon version, you still get the normal version for just some yen more.

  3. I actually just built this. I’ve encountered MAJOR problems with this thing…
    One of the thrusters on the legs snapped off. I’m away from home right now, so I can’t super-glue or whatever. One of the hands broke weirdly as well. The thinner, inner part of the right trigger hand broke, so the thumb is disconnected from the continuations of the fingers. Have any of you experienced those breaks?

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