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During my time working on the RG Zeta 3, which was actually pretty time consuming given the elaborate construction of the RG Zeta, the extra work needed to make the Karaba, and all those markings, I listened to a new album from one of my most listened to bands this past year or so, Amaranthe. Yup, A European/Scandanavian metal band with a female lead vocalist. I seriously dig on this kind of music with bands like Nightwish, Within Temptation, and such not leaving my CD player for long. I actually stumbled upon Amaranthe when in Akiba once with ASM. We have a routine there that we normally follow; check out the gundam, drink, check out tower records and whatever else is in yodabashi camera. I listened to Amaranthe’s first album at a listening station and bought it without hesitation. Great album with this probably my favourite track:

(Filmed in Tokyo. I wasn’t there. sad face).

The last time ASM and I met in Akiba, a week before the Girls’ Generation concert we, of course, ventured into the Tower Records and what did I see? A new album from Amaranthe!

I picked it up without hesitation and when I got into my car the next morning for the commute to work I slid it into the CD Player and was elated to discover that this album is even better than their debut! Here’s the title track.

(I’m head-banging as I type this. Makes it difficult.)

I like their sound. It’s grittier than the likes of Within Temptation and they couple the beautiful female vocal with the masculine and even the growly voice similar to how Scar Symmetry does it.
Let me take a moment to introduce you to one of the best metal songs ever written.

But what would this site be without a Gundam in this post? Here’s the completed 限定 Zeta:

Actually, that’s all the plastic that comes in the box that you don’t use to make the Zeta 3. It’s actually quite silly. The Karaba Zeta comes with armor that is Light Gray in some areas and a darker Gray in others. Because the original Zeta is white the Karaba comes with the original white parts and two more of the same runner but one is Light Gray and the other Dark. The same thing is done for the red parts, etc.

So here’s the actual Zeta.

The colors definitely work on this Zeta and Bandai did it right by including all that extra plastic but it is the markings that really make this kit what it is.

You can see you use a combination of the original markings and the new Karaba Exclusive markings. The included marking sheet for the Karaba doesn’t indicate what markings you have to put on but instead just shows the kit with the original markings in places and you have to refer to the manual of the original RG Zeta to find out what goes where.

The new markings are quite large and actually go on fairly easily if you’re careful. The markings for the shield are just two huge stickers.

It looks great and I’m glad I picked it up but I’m looking forward to building a non-transforming RG in the very near future. I’m looking at you, Destiny.

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  1. fury-s12 says:

    what a down right fantastic way to spend the arvo working, ive been a fan of amaranthe since i found there debut album on youtube somehow, had no idea they had a new album out though, fanatastic. reminds me of one of my other fav bands mudvayne, although they have no female lead they have the same sort of mix of “scream” and softer voice, like one of the best songs ever, not falling.

    oh theres also gundam in that post, thats good too

  2. James O'Keefe says:

    Scar symmetry really hasn’t appealed to me since Christian Älvestam left. It’s really tough to pull off that vocal dichotomy, and most Göthenburg-scene bands don’t measure up to the task.

    • syd says:

      I agree. I also don’t really dig the sound without that guy. Even though they tried to keep the sound it just wasn’t the same.

  3. Michael says:

    Haha. I finished building my Karaba Zeta this Sunday and I cannot agree more. Transforming RG is cool, but too flimsy for my liking.

    Also I’d add that ideally you apply Karaba-specific stickers first and then use the standard ones on the remaining free spaces. I was really disappointed when I applied all standard stickers to both shoulders to see that left shoulder is completely covered with “A” sticker. I decided not to waste the stickers and just swapped the shoulders, so that standard markings are now at the back.

  4. Zetaone71 says:

    I like this suit. I also agree that since Christian left it just isnt the same…..

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