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Away we go with the Aile Strike RM! In starting the build you have to take a moment to choose which pilot you want to put in the cockpit.

Here they are on the runner.

Can you tell which one I chose?

After that it assembles much like the other MG SEED kits particularly the Duel Gundam

One thing I thought was worth bringing to everyone’s attention is that the kit, released after the Nu Gundam Ver Ka, the Sinanju Stein Ver Ka, and the Jesta, does not use Polystyrene for the frame. It’s back to ABS.

The torso frame is so similar in assembly to that of the Duel that I don’t feel the need to go into all the details.

When the frame is fully assembled you then add the armor starting with the cockpit doors.

And then the armor.


So what happened here? When I put this piece into place like so…

…I must not have had the proper angle as the front armor did not meet with the armor applied to the back of the torso. So I went to pull it off to try again and as the piece came free it just snapped without warning. I was shocked at how fast it happened as normally it takes a bit of force to break an armor part but in this case the sections of plastic where the sides of the front armor part connect to the area of armor that covers the top of the cockpit is quite thin and that was it. Interestingly, you can see the stress mark on the opposite side from the area that broke. Handle with care.

I carried on nonetheless.

To complete the torso I just have to add the thrusters at the bottom of the back.

Now for the head.

As always, I’ll use the eye sticker but leave the others until later.

Eye sticker needed some repositioning. I took care of that after taking this picture.

The clear part goes into one of the side armor parts rather than attaching to the top of the head.

Looks pretty good to me.

Looks really good to me.

No surprise here. Arms are assembled like those of the Duel.

This runner is the same armor runner as found on other SEED MGs.

And the same with this frame runner.

X-Frame! (with the Aile Strike RM now out, will we see this runner again in the future?)

Now to add armor.

And the hands are the same as the Duel, but why? The Nu, Stein, and Jesta had the new type hands. Would it have been difficult for Bandai to make those new hands part of the assembly of the RM Aile Strike?

Shoulder frame parts.

And only three armor parts complete the shoulder assembly.


Rear skirt assembly.

Rear center block hides a poly-cap. This becomes very useful later on.

Skirt frame.

Front skirts will attach by these little parts.

Not such a fan of this design but we’ll have to wait and see how the skirts stay.

Front center.

Front side skirts.

Skirt finished for now.

And the feet. You’ve seen this before.

Upper leg frame.

The poly-cap at the bottom of the lower leg fits in there tightly but you’ve got to get the angle correct otherwise you won’t be able to close the part together.

Here are the ankle frame parts.

Then some armor to finish them up.

And the hip joints.

That finishes off the legs.

Which means I can get this Mobile Suit together but I need to build the side skirts first.

Start with these parts.

The connection for these is pretty loose. The armor parts fit around the single frame part and are meant to pivot.

Then they will clip onto the skirt frame.

Clipping them onto the skirt you can see how they hang pretty much straight down.

However when the leg is moved the bottom of the side skirt moves out while the top part pivots.

This intrigues me. Will this design allow for a lot of movement in the legs?

Here he is!

And while trying to stand him up/pose him…

That intriguing part just popped off. Easy enough to pop back on.

Now I guess I have to put together that Aile Striker Pack thing.

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  1. Bocalt says:

    Wow, it really looks better than i imagined, maybe not as sharp as the Impulse but impressive representation make that old MG and PG look so chubby.

  2. Syful says:

    Now that is really interesting,it has more articulations than the previous MGs. I might get this.

  3. colovich says:

    really a great model!
    for the chest that is broken, I suggest you to contact bandai… some time ago I broke a piece of the shoulder of a pg 00 raiser and, after sending an email to my local distributor (I’m Italian), he contacted directly bandai that sent it to my house without expenses!

  4. Mike says:

    To answer your question Syd : you used pilot A20 :p

    Just got mine in today, can’t wait to build it and get the extra sword and buster pack.

  5. Saji says:

    I had the exact issue with the chest armor. It did not meet the back armor properly so as I attempted to remove the chest piece to readjust it, the chest armor bent out of shape and almost broke off at the exact same location as yours. Mine didnt break off completely though.

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