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Continuing on with the RG Destiny build after finishing the bottom half of the suit and the torso I focus my attention on the arms.

And it is just like all other RGs, though that shouldn’t be surprising. Cut the already-molded-as-one-piece arm frame from the runner and start adding the small armor pieces.

When it comes to the hands you have even more choice with the Destiny than you do with other Real Grade kits. The first real grade kits only offered one type of hand, the one molded on the B-runner which looked awesome but was really delicate and would often break. Later Real Grades, I think starting with the 1/144 RG MS-06F Zaku II, came with premolded hands much like HG kits but the Destiny gives you these options.

Here is the bunched-up fist hand.

And here is a splayed-out hand which has a slightly different assembly.

I always go with the fist hands when first assembling a kit, and usually stick with them afterwards.

The shoulders start with these small pieces.

Then the main shoulder armor parts come into play.

Stick the shoulders onto the arms and check out the sexy.

Connect the arms to the torso in that unique RG way and you’re good to go.

Those small pieces which connected to the armor part for the back of the suit fit really well with the arms attached.

Finally the head is assembled and it starts the same way as all two-eyed RGs that came before it; you first choose a sticker for the eyes.

Then comes the facemask.

Here’s that unique Destiny face.

From here you slide on the armor starting with the part for the top of the head. It has to fit on a very specific way and I admit to having a bit of a tough time get it to line up properly.

Now add the V-fin and recognize your Destiny.

Slap that onto the body and your kit resembles a humanoid.

Now for the aspect of Destiny that separates it from many kits, the wings. First you have to construct the main backpack unit onto which the wings will attach.

Make sure the alignment is correct and everything fits snugly.

Because you’re about to lay a piece on top that isn’t secured in place until later.

Now for these frame parts which look very similar to what I remember seeing when assembling the RG Freedom.

Before using them in any kind of assembly you have to make them take a certain shape.

Then fit these onto what you have already assembled but take your time as these things still aren’t secured in place yet.

These large armor parts are what go on holding everything in place and they are shaped in such a way as to make putting them a bit of an episode of trial and error.

The little ball that sticks out through the opening juts out at an angle which makes it difficult to slide the armor over but after a few tries I got the armor piece on.

And knowing I was running out of time for this session and having a good idea of just how many steps the wings would probably take I elected to take a break for the day and leaves the wings for the next session (and I wanted to work on my Steingeese).

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  1. roccondil says:

    I’m actually impressed that it’s the 3rd time now that Bandai uses those MS joint frame parts on the wings for different purposes. They used them on the freedom, then on the Justice’s Fatum, for a very different purpose, and now here, for yet a somewhat different purpose. It just goes to show how much engineering goes into these RG models…

  2. Zetaone71 says:

    Destiny is starting to take shape! looks great!!

  3. Zetaone71 says:

    Im really excited to see whats coming next from bandai. I look forward to your coverage of the 25th Shizouka Hobby Show. I hope we see a MG Sazabi.

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