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I had wanted to embrace my Destiny as soon as I returned home from work that day, however I ran into a bit of a predicament which made that difficult. I forgot my camera at work. With no camera on hand to document the build I would not be able to post a WIP on the site and that made me think that putting off starting the Destiny was a good idea. But Destiny waits for no man! I couldn’t resist the urge to start building so I came up with a workable solution which would allow me to both 1)start on the newest Real Grade right away, and 2) document the process so no one would have any idea about the missing camera issue (except that I just detailed it in writing). When I do an WIP I will take photos of the first thing the manual has you assemble, which is usually the right arm/leg, etc) and then if the process is the same for the opposite limb photographs are not necessary. For the Destiny, I left the right leg, arm, shoulder, and hand alone and built those from the left side first. Then, after the long weekend when I had my camera, I built the right side. So I didn’t follow the instruction manual, but the reader will never know. muawhwahah

The Destiny build start with the right foot. (wink)

Due to this being an RG, which means that cool, molded-as-one-piece frame, all I needed to do was slap on a small frame type piece and then put on the armor.

I should note here that the Destiny build is very similar to the RG Freedom and other RGs so if you’re familiar with those kits you’ll know exactly what you’re seeing here.

There is no frame for the ankle armor. Instead it goes together as two parts similar to how the HGs work.

The leg frame is also much the same as that found on the Freedom and while I don’t remember all the specifics of the Freedom leg frame I did see some things on the Destiny which seemed fresh and new.

(remember: before putting any parts on give that frame a bit of a workout to loosen it up.)

First a couple of frame parts.

Before you can put the large frame part on you have to move this frame part down slightly.

Here’s the manual detailing the steps:

Notice the little groove at the bottom of part F11 that is meant to fit on a peg on the frame? Keep this in mind because I’ll be mentioning it again soon.

With the large frame part in place you can attach a little vent to that little flap you moved out of the way a second ago.

Now for armor. First the front and back at the top.

Then small armor parts the sides of the leg just below the knee.

And then the rest.

But, uh oh, wait a minute here…

The armor part for the back of the lower leg fits on very well with a tight fit.

But this front armor piece…

You can see the little grooves that have been created.

These fit right onto little ridges molded in the frame.

But when you get that part on…

You notice that it doesn’t fit up against the rear armor part and there is a gap, but even worse you can see that there is a big empty space where the front armor part should meet the side armor parts.

Worst of all you can see a little tab on the end of the armor part that seems to be meant to fit underneath the side armor parts. Why is there this gap? Given how they’ve designed the front armor part to go on there is no other position to place this part in. If you somehow could move the part up so it met the side armor parts then the bottom wouldn’t be in alignment with the armor piece for the back of the leg. You have no way of getting that back armor part into a different position as well because it is already snug against the side armor pieces.

I pondered over this for some time looking at the photos of the kit on the box and in the manual and it seemed to me that the front armor part on the kit in the pictures is snug up against the side armor parts of the leg so I thought perhaps my side armor parts were not in the correct position, however there is no other position for the large frame part you slide on earlier (here’s the picture again)

That little groove fits around the peg on the frame and that’s it. So why is there a noticeable gap on my Destiny’s leg?

I guess that’s just the way it is, so I continued on.

Gotta add the blue parts to the side and the front knee armor.

When you look from the front doesn’t it seem like that front armor piece should be further up under the knee part?

Moving on…

Time to chase some skirts. (Please note, I do not advocate chasing skirts with the same enthusiasm with which you should chase your Destiny. You could get into some trouble).

We’ve been here before.

Front skirt parts.

The front skirt armor goes together very easily and looks cool.

The rear parts are put on exactly like those on the front.

At this point here is what you have.

Now take those torso frame parts.

Put them together…

And you’re meant to pull them apart again after you’ve moved the torso frame 90 degrees but I’ll get to that later.

Here are the doors for the cockpit hatch.

Right now they kind of sit there loosely but they’ll be secured in position soon enough I imagine.

Now for the large chest armor piece. The manual warns you of an undergate.

But it didn’t warn me about what is the biggest gate mark on the whole kit.

That thing is massive.

The parts for the rear of the torso also hold the shoulder joint armor pieces.

It was at this point I removed the lower torso frame part. I couldn’t get the bottom red armor part on with it in the way. You also add the large collar piece here.

Then the light blue parts are slid on both sides.

That looks sexy.

And that looks sexier!

Don’t forget side skirts!


My Destiny is looking hawt!

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  1. Sherwin Yu says:

    I dissected my freedom’s leg to find out the source of your mystery gap x. Shall I spoil the surprise for you? 🙂

    • Sherwin Yu says:

      Eek. Time to spoil it: The gap is due to the joint on the shinn(pun pun). The gap will close if you move the foot forward! 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Looking at various builds I saw at Gundam Guy all have the same gap. Official Bandai’s photos vary – some have it, some not.

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    So….many….”destiny” puns….XP

  4. Chris Kuwajima says:

    I looked at all the builds online so far even e custom paint jobs seem to have that gap.

  5. JS LEE says:

    Hi Syd!!Firstly, Love your blog 😀 I drop by everyday
    About the leg armor gap, it’s pretty standard for Gundam type Real grades. All Gundam type RG’s (except zeta) has this feature where if you bend the ankles enough the front and/or back lower leg armor moves up and/or down.
    This was a feature that I first saw on PG Strike which I found AMAZING!!! And when the RG line came out and I saw it had this feature too I was MIND BLOWN!! Even MG’s don’t have this feature.
    Just thought I’d let you know as you haven’t seem to figure this out yet considering that you’re still talking about these gaps in your RG WIPs and reviews.
    Can’t wait to see the next WIP.

  6. seppe says:

    Sid the gap in the leg closes if you move the foot forward :p

  7. Zetaone71 says:

    Looks Hawt man! I look forward to your review….

  8. roccondil says:

    I know you’re probably aware of this, and just building up suspense (syd, you tease!) but the shin armor slides up and down with the ankle, has others said. Every Seed RG has this feature, including the strike (in this case, the back armor also moves)

  9. Michael says:

    Just checked – both Freedom and Justice use “Advanced MS Joint 4”. I guess Destiny uses it as well.

  10. Richard K says:

    thank you so much for this post you helped me figure out where i was going wrong with the leg joint… (was just too afraid to bend it because it was so stiff)

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