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After the craziness that was the transforming RG Zeta the 1/144 RG ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam seems like a bit of a return to the RG ‘roots’ similar to what we’ve seen with the RG Justice and Freedom kits. How does the newest Real Grade stack up to those and the rest of the series?

Overall Look: 10/10

I haven’t built the Master Grade version of the Destiny Gundam mostly because I usually have two or three kits on the go at any one time so no real room for more, but also due to the fact that the look of the Master Grade Destiny never really appealed to me. However, oddly enough, the RG version of the Destiny totally gets my attention telling me I can’t afford to pass it up. And while it looks great in a neutral pose, check out how it looks with the wings out!


And you know what might just be my favourite part of the kit? Dat face.

Colors: 9/10

While the Destiny is the standard White, Blue, Red with some Yellow they certainly work on this kit and remind me of another kit I like the look of, the Force Impulse (another kit I should really get busy building). While the wings are predominantly red the large black parts actually make the wings look more imposing than just a solid color would. I like ’em. The two main weapons molded in those rare, for gundams anyway, colors really add to the overall look of the kit when it’s all decked out.

Weapons: 10/10

The Destiny has some unique weapons and Bandai has done a great job of producing these in the 1/144 scale but with the design quality we’ve come to expect from the RG line. The rifle is pretty much the same as that found in with the Justice but that’s actually the least impressive of the lot. The MMI-714 ‘Arondight’ Anti-Ship Sword and M2000GX High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon are both designed to fold up and fit onto that backpack but that gimmick doesn’t take away from the solidity of both designs.

They can be used freely without worry of having them come apart or break and, well, they just look awesome.

This is the part where I talk about the shield and, more importantly for many, the beam effect piece or lack thereof. The shield is a simple construction but it can open.

Bandai making the beam effect piece from clear plastic gives the builder, should he/she choose to do so, to paint the effect part in any color he or she wants and before this we were unable to do so. This is pretty cool, however, the alternative to this sees the builder having to use stickers to complete the beam shield and while the stickers are perfectly sized and cut it does mean that you’ll have to put four large stickers into the perfect position to get it right and if you’re out of alignment on one sticker somewhere during the process you may end up with a less than stellar result.

I can’t imagine the number of people who wanted to paint their shield outnumber those who would go with it out of the box so for the majority of builders this new idea from Bandai just makes people spend more time stickering a kit already heavy on markings.

Articulation: 8/10

Despite having much the same design as the Aile strike and most other Real Grade kits the ability to pose the Destiny is hindered mostly in two areas. The first is of course that huge backpack which adds quite a bit of weight to the back of the kit but the other area which obstructs movement is the side skirt armor which can’t move far enough to allow the Destiny’s legs their full range of movement.

If you move the leg past this point the side skirt will come off. That said, you can still get some pretty great poses out of this guy!

And the movement of the arm is in no way hindered by the shoulders.

Just be careful when you’ve got the weapons on the back as it adds even more weight back there.

Build Design: 8/10

It’s an RG so it’s great, right? Well, actually, that is true and because it shares so much with its predecessors I don’t need to go on about the frame so I’ll go right to the things that belong to Destiny alone the biggest of these being the wings.

I love these things! I was a little apprehensive before starting this kit as my experience with the wings on the RG Freedom has been both good and bad but the wings on the Destiny work perfectly. They are easy to assemble but that doesn’t mean they are lacking in detail or function.

They are quite sturdy and stay in position, though that may change as much time passes. I like the inclusion of the small frame parts inside to give them some depth.

Another good design to be found on the Destiny is that of the weapon mounts on the backpack.

The weapons actually slide in from above and are held in place by little tabs or grooves on the weapons catching on something on the inside of the mount.

You just have to drop the weapon in from above and it will stay there until you lift it out. It works really well.

The blade handles are easy to remove from the shoulder and return when not used and fit tightly on the beam effect parts.

The shield also fits easily onto the armor part for the hand.

And while we’re talking about hands, the hands molded with the fingers are true to the Destiny Mobile Suit Design.

One area I had a little trouble with was that of the head. When I put the two side armor parts on I couldn’t get them to meet in the middle leaving a noticeable gap.

Anyone else experience this?

Speaking of gaps I should thank everyone who pointed out that the issue I found with the lower leg isn’t an issue at all. The armor on the lower front of the leg is meant to slide up and down as the joint at the bottom of the lower leg is bent, however I still find that gap unsightly. While other RGs had the same design, such as the Freedom, the side knee armor was designed in such a way to cover the majority of that gap. In the end this isn’t a detriment to the design of the kit so I can’t really deduct marks for it.

I do however want to mention that I have a bit of a problem with the feet. Well, not really a problem so to speak but something that does irk me particularly when it comes to posing the kit. The kit has that large backpack and one should expect that to factor into how well the kit stands but I’ve found that due to the design of the RG frame the large armor parts that make up the heel of the foot aren’t really used when it comes to supporting the kit as it stands upright. To get it to stand you need to lean the kit forward a bit to compensate for the weight of the backpack and that makes the heel come off the ground slightly. I wonder if they had designed the feet frames slightly differently if they could have used the entirety of the foot to support the weight of this bad boy.

This leads me to another point I’d like to make. While the frame design is exactly the same as that of the other recent SEED RGs such as the Freedom and Justice in fails a little it one area due to having to hold up those large wings. That area is the point where the torso frame plugs into the skirt frame. The RG frame being so thin and light doesn’t have the strength in the connection, I have found anyway, and often my kit may lean in one direction or another. With the extra weight on the back from the Wings, and the weapons, maybe a slightly different design was needed there.

Fun Factor: 8/10

Being so similar in design to the Justice and Freedom kits I can understand builders getting a little bored of this design by now but the construction of the Wings revitalizes the RG design and makes you forget that you’re basically building the same frame again and again. Add to that the weapons which are unique to the Destiny and you’ll be spending much of the Destiny build in unfamiliar territory. It’s great to be back on the RG train and if you’re like me you will feel it’s been too long. Which it kind of has. The Zeta came out back in November!

Extras: 10/10

Like the Justice you get the beam effect parts. Actually, you get even more! On top of that you’ve got the extra set of Destiny hands complete with all the armor parts you need to complete them (no swapping).

Of course, you’ve more than enough markings, too. Ha!

There are so many good models in the Real Grade line and I would still put the Destiny near the top. There is something about it that has won me over and I just hope that the GP01 kits coming in the near future can continue to give me the same kind of enjoyment the Destiny has. I’m eagerly awaiting my Wings of Light. It’s a good time to be a Gunplar.

Epic shot is epic.

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  1. Kefka says:

    Hmm the issue I have is actually it compared to the MG. Any issues with the frame being PS?

  2. fury-s12 says:

    is it just me or is the blue really, i dont know, bright and bold, i find it very jarring against the red, id love to see a built of this in a darker color palette (especially weathered)

    • syd says:

      I did hit the ‘enhance’ button on iphoto when I thought the pics were too dark. Perhaps that made a noticeable difference.

      • fury-s12 says:

        It doesn’t look fake or over saturated, but yea perhaps it bumped it up into the realm where my eyes hate it lol, I do much prefer the darker themes more anyway

  3. Ryan Edgar says:

    Great review Syd, looks like a fun little kit. Personally im a fan of the MG and i think based on this review id still choose my MG over this RG, i mean yes its much more expensive, probably 3 times the price is what i paid for my special editon version, but im so happy with it.

    Oh and regarding its design, interesting little factoid, the Destiny design was one of the finalists for the design of the Freedom Gundam, but lost out to the design which became the Freedom. The destiny design was ment to be “Strike with all the packs equipped” which is why its got the cannon on its left side and sword on the right like strikes packs. The shield was ment to also originally have the launchable hook like Sword Strikers shield. With the release of the “Perfect Strike” you can really see the similarities in function.

  4. Zetaone71 says:

    Great review Syd! I really like this kit! I think it is their best one yet. But like you I am still very partial to the rx 178. It’s just a mean looking machine!

  5. roccondil says:

    I haven’t built mine yet, but since the frame is exactly the same as the Justice and Freedom RGs, I would assume you can rotate the side skirts backwards, like you can on those, preventing them from obstructing the legs from moving sideways, and effectively improving the articulation. I actually think that this is the first RG that doesn’t surpass its MG counterpart, from what I can see here. It still looks very good, and like the more “real” design of the wings, but the MG looks a bit more complex on the whole. I like this a lot, and can’t wait for mine to arrive, but I still think RG MK II reigns supreme. We’ll see when we get the GP0s^^

  6. Huey says:

    Hey Syd, I have a small question regarding the Action Base 2 and this model. I can’t seem to use it easily since I can’t make a solid connection to the crotch. Any tips?

    • syd says:

      I found the adaptor worked fine to attach it to the base supplied for the Wings of Light which is an action base 2, I thought.

      • Huey says:

        I see, maybe I should have just attached the connector to the crotch first then mounted the whole thing on the action base. As for the head, mine’s the same (split down the middle). You could probably use cement on that and hide the seam line as well, but since the thing is already so small, you might ruin the piece.

        I also looked at the gallery (great job as always). Will Mark Softer remove the “stickery” look on the decals?

      • syd says:

        I have seen people suggest mark softer but I found using a topcoat can take some of that sticker look away.

      • Huey says:

        Thanks syd. Was your model top coated when you created the gallery?

        I already have the back pack and mobile suit assembled. I’ll only have to do the weapons next. My plan after that is to do some panel lining, decals (I’ll use mark softer here) then top coat. And just for kicks, I’ll probably try dry brushing before I do the top coat.

        I gotta say though, RG kits look wikked kewl straight out of the box 🙂

  7. Shin says:

    Just one thing. While I do appreciate what Bandai tries to do for us gunpla builders with every release in every grade, and what you reviewers do for us non reviewers, I can;t help but notice that despite the number of people pointing a few molding mishaps out, Bandai still doesn’t try solving, or for a better term, correcting the issue. Put simply, this is a Real Grade. So why on earth did Bandai mold separate hands for the palm beam cannons? Wouldn’t it have been better if if we just had one pair of hands ha could do everything, at lest for the Real Grade line? But then again, it might just be me. Great job anyways. Thanks!

  8. Karlo DC says:

    I also experienced the gap in the head. It really irks me! However, great kit overall. I did not use the stickers except for the one for the eyes and the shield. Great review sir! Keep it up!

  9. tyron says:

    Im reading this coz i want to get one for myself, its really a good kit ,but my concern, is the gap in the head is by chance or its a factory defect?

  10. Brodie says:

    I really like this kit, but the silver stickers on the backpack/wings keep popping open and fail to stick round the curved bits. Will CA hold them down? I have tried tamiya ultra thin cement but I guess it won’t bond with the sticker.

    • syd says:

      top coating your model will help. That’s what I tend to do, though I guess could also use mark setter/softer and they could help as well.

  11. Stairmasternem says:

    So I ended up getting this as my first gunpla kit (helped my cousin in law with a HG Deathscythe Hell previously) and I have to say, this guy is amazing. Awesome pose ability and quite a bit of fun trinkets to go along with it.
    That said, I have a big hate for the wrists of this guy. That grey square piece that’s supposed to cap the gauntlets kept popping up, so I resorted to gluing them on. Now I’m finding out that it was the inner frame preventing them from stay on, so the wrist bits – white part and grey- will not snap on fully. It’s annoying, but livable. Also annoying is the little blue flaps that sit on top of the shoulder joints on the chest piece. They liked to pop off a lot.

    Love the guy though, definitely need to get more at some point. I think I’ll stick with RG and MG though. I really like the complicated builds.

  12. Tails says:

    Thanks for this detail review , it help me alot

  13. Inno says:

    I was bothered by the gap on the head. Here’s what I found:

    “It was due to the head camera enclosure piece not being seated all the way.”

    Here’s the link to the page where I found the remedy:

  14. Ton Lang says:

    A great review.. everything that was said here is the same as what I experienced with my RG Destiny.. The gap in the head I think is a standard issue because I also have it on my kit. kinda turns me off but hey super glue is just around. I actually, meticulously placed almost all the decals and in my case, the silver stickers for the wings always pops out on the bent part so i’ll be removing those. over all good kit.

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