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With how many things are we on the brink of becoming acquainted, if cowardice or carelessness did not restrain our inquiries.
– from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

I really want to thank Lupes of It’s a Gundaaam (correct number of a’s?) for suggesting we do a build-off. It was what I needed to get off my ass and actually complete the kit-bash I had up until that moment been humming and hawing over. With every kit I build I get flashes of ideas (could you call it inspiration?) but building many kits at the same time usually means I can’t bring all ideas to fruition. Being involved in a build-off or group-build really serves as not only a kick in the ass to get building but also as encouragement to push yourself above what you think you can do. I had seen pics of Lupes’ Stein on facebook and his blog and was really impressed with the designs he came up with and knew that I needed to bring my A-game for this one. Having completed my half of the build off I feel I can say that my Stein can stand proudly next to his and with this post I can declare with a sense of satisfaction my part of the Showdooooooooown complete. I’ve been posting regularly what I’ve done in regards to the kit-bash so this kit will be a summary of the areas I worked on. Perhaps it’s best to start at the top and work our way down this towering monstrosity of a mobile suit.

The Head

Here you can see the result of the mods I did to the Mohawk. in my opinion this turned out really well and was actually quite easy to pull off. Sure I had to cut down a fin from the Sinanju OVA kit in micromillimeters but once that was done I just had to glue that onto the red piece from the Tallgeese and then paint it. Once painted I simply cemented it to the head piece from the Stein but in this case that head piece was upside down. I didn’t even need to glue the head piece into the head of the Stein to get it to stay securely. I guess I can also mention here that I didn’t do any modifications to the torso other than painting it Matt Black. The markings you see on the torso in this picture (and the rest) are the stickers that came with the Tallgeese. Sure I did have all those decals that came with the Stein but as this was a Ver. S2 and not a Ver. Ka I wanted to use the decals sparingly as a way to break up a lot of the white rather than accent every corner and angle.

The Backpack

Getting the thrusters from the Tallgeese onto the Stein’s backpack was easier than I thought it would be thanks to the way Bandai designed the construction of both kits’ backpacks. It was simply a matter of cementing the arms from the Tallgeese thrusters onto the Stein backpack frame. No modifications had to be done to the armor of either kit (thank goodness). The tanks from the Sinanju OVA also went on quite easily after I drilled out quite a bit of plastic from the Stein backpack frame.

One thing I hadn’t anticipated however was the spacing once the thrusters were opened. With the thrusters at a straight, vertical angle the can’t open due to the Stein backpack being in the way. Fortunately, the thrusters pivot on the arms and obtain the angle they need to open, giving it a cool flying look. Though they do come into contact with each other when fully opened but that is something I can easily live with.

The Shoulders

Finding a way to incorporate the shoulder mounted weapon holders from the Tallgeese was something I was determined to do and I can happily say it worked out perfectly. I’ve already detailed how I went about doing it but after the paint was on it looks great and still functions as I hoped it would. All you need to do is flip open the cover and use the Tallgeese’s weapon arms and the Steingeese can hold it’s two shields and two rifles with ease and looks every bit the brother of Lupes’ creation.

The Skirt
The groin thruster from the Tallgeese was easy enough.

But getting the Tallgeese side skirts onto the Stein brought with it its own issues. After cementing sections of their respective frames together the ball joints onto which the side skirts attach were pointed inward at an angle greater than anticipated. This meant that when the side skirts were no they were pushing against the leg’s ball joint and I found that any movement of the leg caused the side skirt to pop off. To solve this problem (at the 11th hour!) I cut into the plastic of the Tallgeese frame, removing enough plastic to allow me to change the angle of the ball joint and then I used epoxy putty to hold it into place. The putty was applied to an area that is not visible so there was no need to paint over it. This solution was enough and the side skirts now stay on without problem.

The Legs and Feet
The frame was painted in combination of Gun Metal and silver so that the areas that showed through the armor such as the opening in the knee armor and the trim inside of both sides of the knees were of a different color than the majority of the frame.

But the majority of the work done on the legs all happened near the bottom such as the verniers.

They were modded in such a way that they could open and close allowing the Mica red trimmed Verniers to assume a sharp angle and the armor piece that was part of the original rear leg thruster design was instead given a home at the bottom of the back of the leg and it allows you to see the piston detail while still giving off the impression of protecting that assembly.

I spent quite a bit of time getting the side armor parts how I wanted them.

Originally I went with the easiest modification which was cutting the bottom of the armor at a straight angle but this really limited, if not totally hindered, the modification I wanted to do to the ankles so I ordered replacement parts and did the entire thing again. I masked off the majority of the armor part and then painted the great Gray.

And I’m quite proud of the modifications to the ankles. That circular detail is one of the prominent features on the Tallgeese and I feel that when doing a kitbash you want to incorporate the prominent features of both kits together where possible and I think I’ve done that here.

No modifications were done to the weapons but I did swap markings (decalbash?) around on them. The Tallgeese shield gets the big AE emblem from the Stein waterslide set, along with the bottom of a sticker from the Tallgeese markings.

Whereas the Stein shield gets the big emblem from the Tallgeese along with other markings to break up all that Matt Black.

Fumbling around with an idea and some plastic is an exercise in imagination. You have to imagine that what you’re doing will translate to a desirable finished result and in my experiences with big projects such as the Steingeese, the Musha Mk II, and even the Heavy Arms Ver S2 it’s not until you get the paint on and get it put back together for the final time, seeing it as a finished project, that you know whether or not you were successful in your endeavor. With my Steingeese finished I consider it a success.

You can check out the gallery here

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  1. Zetaone71 says:

    All I can say is………….Awesome! Great job man!

  2. Woodfish says:

    Don’t say this to anyone but yours looks beter. 😛

  3. GN says:

    Very nice job! As a synthesis, it works. It doesn’t look outlandish or cobbled together.

  4. lupes says:

    great work syd! your build does an excellent job keeping the subtle elegance of the Stein and Tallgeese intact. The addition of shoulder weapons definitely ties the two together from a hypothetical development standpoint too! I love how the Tallgeese emblem looks on the Stein’s shield along with the areas like the ankles and the headcrest (which is a total home run).

    these sort of things are my favorite aspects of build offs, you really came out with a great model. i’ve taken the extra guns off of mine so it’s floating around with just the funnels attached since i’m really much more fond of how it looks that way, haha.

  5. Striker says:

    Wow, it’s amazing.
    By the way, you missed one (a) on It’s a Gundaaaam!

  6. Vhaeroth says:

    Tallju… Two of my favorites in one kit I love it!

  7. Samuel Mwenda says:

    I had a question for you. I want to kitbash a Gun-Ez, a G-Xiphos, and a Rasveht (kit that may have not been produced?). I haven’t given up on looking for the last kit. For the Gun-Ez, it’s an early 90s kit where it’s simplistic and you’re just connecting a front/back part. Now I want the shoulder missiles that are on the chest. I have two dilemmas. I took the front part but the back is empty and I’m not sure how it will look when bashed. I could fill it in with putty or something but not sure if I’ll get the desired result. The original back part was connected to the backpack. The second part of the problem is that the shoulder missiles are fused to the chest piece, what would be the best way to remove them from the chest as accurately and delicately as possible?

    Thinking about using magnets in the case where I can’t use a manipulator/peg connector for a backpack or a weapon. What do you think?

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