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After completing the Strike in mostly one sitting I now turn my attention to that large protrusion that juts out from his back. He should get that thing looked at. Many people are probably wondering what are the differences between the Striker Pack for the MG Aile Strike RM and those of the PG and RG versions. Well, you can see the PG version here and the RG version here. But before the Aile Striker Pack it’s the weapons that get assembled.


Very quick and less parts than the RG counterpart.


Again things are not very difficult here.

And Armor Schneiders!

Once you’ve got the weapons out of the way it’s the Aile Striker Pack’s turn and this is how it begins.

Two poly-caps are dropped into one long armor part.

Now for the K runner! The frame part for the bottom of the pack hooks up with the white part.

Then you’ve got to assemble the propulsion units.

Rather than two units that attach individually to the main body of the Pack you instead connect them to each other using a small frame part.

Frame parts are used in the construction of the pack as well.

You assemble one unit for each side. Notice the sliding mechanism.

These are held in place by being sandwiched by the top and bottom armor parts.

And now for this important piece.

This is what allows the Pack to connect to the Strike. A long, thin peg in the center of the piece slides into the first poly-cap you dropped into the white frame part.

Two very small red parts find their homes at this stage of the build.

With the main body of the Striker Pack assembled the wings are now the center of attention, starting here.

That little peg will be what connects the wing to the Pack. Speaking of the wing. Here it is.

Even with the wings assembled the Aile Striker Pack still needs a little something to finish it up. Well, actually a couple of big somethings.

You know what I’m referring to here.

These will connect to the Aile Strike via a ball joint and a very uniquely shaped poly-cap is used for that.

The fit is very tight and if you’re like me you’ve encountered times when the poly-cap doesn’t fit into place properly but instead starts to warp from the pressure being applied to it. I nipped that in the bud by altering the shape of the poly-cap slightly.

Just trim a tiny amount to round the corners and it will go right in.

A couple of fins are then put on and that wraps it up the actual building.

It’s then just a matter of putting together your completed sections.


Yet, it’s missing something. Oh ya, these.

When you connect the beam sabers to the Aile Striker Pack the manual indicates you are to put them in so the hollow for the hand grip points outward.

Why would I want to show that? I ignored those instructions.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

But that’s not all!

This big runner is used along with that giant base to make the stand.

First up, the footrests.

These fit into the openings on the stand and are secured in place from below using a single piece.

Then this thing which comes into play a little later.

And now for this wire. The first step is to slide the quite small plastic part onto the ends keeping the wire doubled up.

Then at the center of the wire use these parts.

It’s a very tight fit given the resistance of the bend in the wire but that first small part you slid on actually slides the whole length of the wire and hold the three-part assembly together.

Add a couple small flaps just cause they look cool.

Into the center of the stand you snap these parts.

Then you run the cable through the large piece at the back of the stand.

There are actually two grooves that are made to hold the wire.

The bottom of that piece also has an opening so you can run the unused length of the wire underneath the stand.

And with all that done there are still some things for you to assemble.

These are meant for use with the upcoming Launcher/Sword Strike pack for MG Aile Strike RM so I’ll put these to the side for now and look forward to building them later.

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  1. kris says:

    cool its already my birthday in japan, sadly it looks like the sword/launcher pack is an eclusive

  2. Michael says:

    The totally redesigned the Aile Pack and I really like what they did with it. It looks much more streamlined.

  3. Bocalt says:

    The review i’ve most looked forward to since… euh i actually wait for each one fervently…

  4. Zetaone71 says:

    Awesome kit Syd. Looks like it was a fun build.

  5. Kiko says:

    Can’t wait for the review.

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